Saturday 13th July 2024

Friday, 4th January

Shopping in Yangon and visiting the Shwedagon.


Having tossed and turned for a couple of hours, I slept soundly till just before the alarm went off. We had arranged to meet at breakfast at 8:30 and it was, to be frank, a disappointing affair with disgusting fluorescent red juice. Why can’t they squeeze fresh fruit juice here? The upside was a freshly cooked omelette, some noodles and some cake.

Andrea S had designed some ice-breakers which were appropriate and fun for our team-building – a good way of getting to know one another. We then discussed what made an effective team and Andrea saved our results to start our next team building session

Kate and I stayed behind to talk team tactics and may also have had a swim and lunch! before joining the others in Yangon later to visit the wonderful Shwedagon Pagoda.

Lucy, being more familiar with Yangon, and our beloved Orng’s kitchen (congratulations on your engagement, Orng! Hope to see you before I leave) being closed for the holidays, recommended Yangon Sailing Club. We went with some trepidation, thinking that it would be too swanky for us, but in fact we had a great evening, live music, good food and beer at very competitive prices, before taking a cab home and bed. We had first to do some juggling with our large amounts of luggage and laying out something to wear for our 5am start tomorrow.