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March 31st 2022: UN: Two billion people living in conflict zones
March 31st 2022: 2.2 mln doses of Sinovac COVID-19 vaccines arrive in Myanmar
March 31st 2022: Myanmar’s rebellion, divided, outgunned and outnumbered, fights on
March 31st 2022: The Little Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin Of Burma – OpEd
March 31st 2022: New law brings Myanmar police under junta control
March 30th 2022: Response to Ukraine underscores foot-dragging on Myanmar crisis
March 30th 2022: The People of Myanmar Need to Be Heard, Not Ostracized, on the International Stage
March 30th 2022: Misreading the room: Why Hun Sen is failing on Myanmar
March 30th 2022: As civil war rages, ruling junta destroys about a hundred religious buildings
March 29th 2022: Military tribunals hand down harshest sentences to young adults for opposing junta
March 29th 2022: Will Rohingya repatriation ever happen?: Daily Star contributor
March 29th 2022: Airstrikes Continue After Myanmar Junta Suffers Heavy Losses
March 29th 2022: Burmese Military ‘Special Command’ Authorized Killing Civilians Using Snipers: Report
March 29th 2022: Myanmar ruler defiant, but observers see negotiations as only way to end turmoil
March 28th 2022: Myanmar’s Suu Kyi misses court hearings due to quarantine
March 28th 2022: Public to Boycott Myanmar Junta’s New Year Water Festival
March 28th 2022: Myanmar Junta Chief’s Demands for Unity Expose Rifts: Observers 
March 28th 2022: Myanmar Fast Facts
March 27th 2022: ‘Stronger together’: Myanmar, Russia parade military relationship
March 27th 2022: UN warns of humanitarian crisis in Myanmar as violence worsens
March 27th 2022: Myanmar junta attacks on the media
March 27th 2022: Myanmar: Two journalists sentenced to prison for “false news”
March 27th 2022: A Joint Statement on Armed Forces Day in Myanmar
March 26th 2022: Nearly 900,000 internally displaced people after the outbreak of civil war
March 26th 2022: US and allies issue more sanctions against Myanmar regime
March 26th 2022: Myanmar Junta’s defense in the Rohingya Genocide Case at the ICJ is troubling
March 26th 2022: Japan’s ‘Special Relationship’ With Myanmar Has Abetted Decades of Military Rule
March 26th 2022: Brutal assault leaves man in despair over loss of his family
March 25th 2022: Myanmar: Armed Forces Day Spotlights Atrocities
March 25th 2022: ASEAN envoy’s one-sided engagement won’t yield resolution, say observers
March 25th 2022: Big oil’s slow retreat from Myanmar contrasts with fast Russia exit
March 25th 2022: Myanmar military accused of deliberately attacking civilians
March 25th 2022: Burmese photographer wins award
March 24th 2022: The US has declared a Rohingya genocide. Does it matter?
March 24th 2022: Soldiers snatch fleeing locals in northern Myanmar before setting fire to homes
March 24th 2022: Australia’s Embrace of Defectors Sends Shockwaves Through Myanmar Military
March 24th 2022: Myanmar junta courts sentence 3 journalists to prison in 3 days
March 24th 2022: Pro-military business tycoon arrested by junta
March 23rd 2022: Myanmar dismisses US labelling of Rohingya repression as genocide
March 23rd 2022: Military attacks endanger people with limited mobility in Myanmar
March 23rd 2022: Myanmar’s Omicron response falters under military crackdown
March 23rd 2022: US genocide designation seen as key step in accountability for Myanmar’s junta
March 23rd 2022: ASEAN envoy says urged restraint from Myanmar military, discussed Suu Kyi access
March 22nd 2022: ASEAN envoy arrives in Myanmar to ‘end violence,’ but won’t meet opposition
March 22nd 2022: Hundreds of children detained by the Myanmar military, minister says
March 22nd 2022: Department Press Briefing – March 21, 2022
March 22nd 2022: Deep depression over Andaman likely to intensify into cyclonic storm today
March 22nd 2022: Fortify Rights launches Myanmar rights abuses report
March 21st 2022: WATCH LIVE: Secretary of State Antony Blinken gives remarks on Myanmar at the U.S. Holocaust Museum
March 21st 2022: U.S. declares Myanmar military committed genocide against Rohingya
March 21st 2022: Myanmar’s Min Aung Hlaing briefs ASEAN envoys on current situation
March 21st 2022: Facebook fails to detect hate against Rohingya: report
March 21st 2022: ASEAN Special Envoy Will Not Meet Suu Kyi During Myanmar Visit 
March 20th 2022: Protests continues despite deadly consequences
March 20th 2022: Myanmar junta approves sale of Telenor subsidiary
March 20th 2022: Asean’s special envoy from Cambodia sets modest aims for first visit to Myanmar
March 20th 2022: Action on Ukraine exposes Canberra’s muted response on Myanmar
March 20th 2022: Japan’s Kishida, Cambodia’s Hun Sen hold talks over Ukraine, Myanmar
March 19th 2022: Myanmar to reopen to international tourists in April
March 19th 2022: Junta Watch: Myanmar Coup Boss’s Food Promise Rings Hollow; the Regime Deploys a Horrific Weapon, and More
March 19th 2022: The teacher who left the classroom to join the revolution
March 19th 2022: UN: Myanmar’s humanitarian needs grow as conflict rages
March 19th 2022: Protégé of Myanmar Junta Boss Tipped to be His Successor as Military Chief
March 18th 2022: Struggle For Democracy Continues In Myanmar Amid Deepening Violence And Humanitarian Crisis – Analysis
March 18th 2022: Australia issues protection visas to Myanmar military defectors
March 18th 2022: Soldiers burn seven villages in 12 days in Sagaing’s Khin-U Township
March 18th 2022: Statements of regret issued after murder of Ta’ang politician
March 18th 2022: Myanmar: UN Rights Body Should Advance Justice
March 17th 2022: No justice behind bars: the coup and the judiciary
March 17th 2022: Military retaliates against civilians as resistance forces strike junta supply lines in upper Myanmar
March 17th 2022: Myanmar Central Bank Moves to Dispel Counterfeit Banknote Rumors
March 17th 2022: Are multi-nationals abandoning Myanmar merely supporting China’s ambitions?
March 17th 2022: Total Energies says its Myanmar exit is responsible
March 16th 2022: 50 Years Of Myanmar-Bangladesh Ties – OpEd
March 16th 2022: 7 inmates shot dead, 12 hurt in failed jailbreak in Myanmar
March 16th 2022: UN human rights council asked to act against Myanmar army
March 16th 2022: UN says mass killings in Myanmar by military are ‘clear indications’ of war crimes
March 16th 2022: The Dragon Fishes in Myanmar’s Troubled Waters
March 15th 2022: UN urges international community to take ‘immediate measures’ to stop Myanmar rights violations
March 15th 2022: Myanmar: UN Report Urges Immediate, Concerted Effort By Intl Community To Stem Violence, Hold Military Accountable
March 15th 2022: Captain who ‘took part’ in campaign against Rohingya among latest defectors from Myanmar’s military
March 15th 2022: Foreign newspaper spills the beans: Myanmar-Sri Lanka rice deal smells of corruption
March 15th 2022: Are multi-nationals abandoning Myanmar merely supporting China’s ambitions?
March 14th 2022: ‘Watermelon suppression’: doxing campaign targets pro-democracy soldiers and police
March 14th 2022: ‘The World is Doing Nothing.’ A Myanmar Artist’s Daring Mission to Tell the Story of His Father and Their Country’s Suffering
March 14th 2022: The Rise of the Pyu Saw Htee
March 14th 2022: A Year On, No Justice for Myanmar Massacre
March 14th 2022: Myanmar And Bangladesh Must Engage As Neighbors And Have Good Ties – OpEd
March 13th 2022: In Pictures: Eight months away from home amid military offensives in Karenni State
March 13th 2022: Meet the new generation driving Myanmar’s resistance
March 13th 2022: Myanmar junta struggles with fuel supplies
March 13th 2022: World needs to impose more sanctions on Myanmar military
March 13th 2022: Myanmar’s former ambassador in London urged to vacate official residence
March 12th 2022: Armed Resistance to Myanmar Junta Holding Firm Against Military Onslaught
March 12th 2022: Lessons from Asia’s outcasts: how isolation could hit Russian football
March 12th 2022: Two dozen dead, 80 missing after jade mine landslide in Myanmar’s Hpakant
March 12th 2022: ‘Responsible investment’ fueling human rights abuses in Myanmar, claim NGOs
March 12th 2022: Junta Watch: Ministers Told to Save Fuel, Coup Leader’s Mentor Makes Rare Appearance, and More
March 11th 2022: Exclusive-UK urges ex-Myanmar ambassador to leave London home citing junta ‘pressure’
March 11th 2022: Illegal rare earth mining harms environment in Myanmar’s Kachin state
March 11th 2022: Bomb explodes at Yangon’s Shwe Pyi Thar Township Hall
March 11th 2022: Isolated leaders make terrible decisions: lessons from Russia and Myanmar
March 11th 2022: Myanmar junta concern over possible China incursion
March 10th 2022: Dozens burned to death in three regions amid junta scorched earth campaign
March 10th 2022: For the second time in one day, Myanmar junta bombs a Buddhist monastery full of civilians
March 10th 2022: How the ‘two Myanmars’ view the Russian invasion of Ukraine
March 10th 2022: ESG Investors Hold $13.4 Billion in Myanmar Military Suppliers
March 10th 2022: Fires caused by the military and electrical faults destroying houses across Myanmar
March 9th 2022: Myanmar junta leader sick in his mansion with COVID-19: report
March 9th 2022: Russia’s Continuing Ties to Southeast Asia—and How They Factor Into the Ukraine War: Part 1
March 9th 2022: US embassy pays tribute to women killed by junta in Spring Revolution
March 9th 2022: After a year of reporting on Myanmar’s military coup, I knew my luck would eventually run out
March 9th 2022: Junta roadblocks leave 10,000 refugees at risk of starvation in Myanmar
March 8th 2022: Defector pilot describes corruption, ‘brainwashing’ in Myanmar’s Air Force
March 8th 2022: PH eyes donating COVID-19 vaccines to Myanmar, African countries
March 8th 2022: Women fighters challenge Myanmar’s gender roles
March 8th 2022: Myanmar Timber Exports Continue, Despite Western Sanctions: Report
March 8th 2022: Myanmar conflict turns 16 parishes into ghost towns
March 7th 2022: Myanmar’s Democratic Resistance Can Win—the World Needs to Support It
March 7th 2022: A Russian Tzar And A Burmese Monarch – OpEd
March 7th 2022: Myanmar Junta Revokes Citizenship of Opposition Figures, NUG Ministers
March 7th 2022: Chinland Defense Force claims 17 junta soldiers killed in Hakha battle
March 7th 2022: Myanmar junta revokes citizenship of dissenters
March 6th 2022: UN: Myanmar’s Militias, Rebel Armies Ramping Up Drug Trade
March 6th 2022: Cracks in the Myanmar military armour as more servicemen desert
March 6th 2022: NGO adds foreign companies to Myanmar ‘dirty list’
March 6th 2022: NUG to put military-owned land in Yangon on auction block
March 6th 2022: Myanmar’s plight still a global issue
March 5th 2022: Myanmar junta strips shadow gov members of citizenship
March 5th 2022: 99 million-year-old rare fossil from Myanmar to feature at Taichung amber exhibit
March 5th 2022: Villages go up in flames as junta troops, militias continue central Myanmar raids
March 5th 2022: Conflicting Myanmar voices on Ukraine
March 5th 2022: Arms embargo on Myanmar’s junta would reduce, but not end, civilian deaths: experts
March 4th 2022: Measuring Equitable Access to Early Childhood Education in Bangladesh, China, India and Myanmar
March 4th 2022: ASEAN Envoy Confirms Mission to Myanmar Later This Month
March 4th 2022: Myanmar’s farmers, driven to desperation, among fiercest anti-junta fighters
March 4th 2022: Myanmar’s Pandemic Politics Goes International – Analysis
March 4th 2022: Myanmar Military Conglomerate Shifts HQ to Capital Amid Junta’s Security Fears
March 3rd 2022: Over 30 junta soldiers killed as resistance forces launch repeated attacks on military convoy
March 3rd 2022: US to Invite ‘Nonpolitical’ Myanmar Representative to ASEAN Summit
March 3rd 2022: Authorities in Yangon posing as activists online arrest dozens
March 3rd 2022: Chevron looking to sell its Myanmar assets
March 3rd 2022: ASEAN response to Ukraine crisis a show of ‘diplomatic cowardice’
March 2nd 2022: The junta’s war on humanitarian groups is bleeding Myanmar dry
March 2nd 2022: Myanmar Junta Frees Six Celebrities
March 2nd 2022: Myanmar junta to abolish six police depts, send officers to war
March 1st 2022: The online activists helping Myanmar troops desert
March 1st 2022: Dare to struggle, dare to win: Workers’ resistance since the coup
March 1st 2022: Legacies of the coup: No jobs, rising prices and all-out war
March 1st 2022: ‘Nothing is good’: Nay Pyi Taw’s quiet streets belie resentment of regime
March 1st 2022: Why the West’s state-building practices in Myanmar are part of the problem