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April 30th 2022: Junta Watch: Regime Spokesperson’s Obscenity; Electric buses but no Electricity for the People and More
April 30th 2022:  Myanmar: Helping communities displaced from Kayah State
April 30th 2022: Myanmar Film Producer Ma Aeint Jailed for Anti-Junta Activity (EXCLUSIVE)
April 30th 2022: Why Do Myanmar, Bangladesh Need Defense Diplomacy? – OpEd
April 30th 2022: Junta to counter armed resistance with ‘public’ militias, Myanmar military spokesperson says
April 29th 2022: ‘All I want is a shower’: all-day blackouts make life miserable in Myanmar
April 29th 2022: It’s Time To Move Beyond ASEAN On Myanmar – OpEd
April 29th 2022: Junta troops torch 500 homes in 3 days in Myanmar’s Sagaing region
April 29th 2022: The Latest on Southeast Asia: April 28, 2022
April 29th 2022: Myanmar casino ‘sex hostages’ swim to salvation
April 28th 2022: Myanmar/Burma: Statement by the Spokesperson on the latest sentencing of State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
April 28th 2022: More than 2,000 police officers joined the Civil Disobedience Movement
April 28th 2022: NUG settling in for long fight against junta
April 28th 2022: Internet shutdowns in 2021: the return of digital authoritarianism
April 28th 2022: Explainer-Suu Kyi’s uphill battle in Myanmar junta’s secretive courts
April 27th 2022: War zone farmers suffer disruptions and despair
April 27th 2022: Monk shot dead trying to stop soldiers burning village in Sagaing’s Wuntho Township
April 27th 2022: Star Sapphire Group brokering arms deals for military junta
April 27th 2022: United Nations shows concern for Myanmar women in post-coup crisis
April 27th 2022: Deposed Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi convicted of corruption and gets five years added to sentence
April 26th 2022: No way home: Karen refugees live in limbo
April 26th 2022: Military officers among ‘around 20’ junta fighters killed in clash in northern Myanmar
April 26th 2022: Nearly 40 Buddhist clergy killed and 40 jailed since Myanmar coup
April 26th 2022: Myanmar military court delays verdict in Aung San Suu Kyi trial
April 26th 2022: Women struggle for equal rights in the workplace in Myanmar, says labour union leader
April 25th 2022: Myanmar Junta Chief Reveals His Egotism by Awarding Himself Honorary Titles
April 25th 2022: Prison riot after prisoner beats political prisoner in Pathein Prison
April 25th 2022: BANKING UNDER THE GENERALS: Myanmar military once again cause chaos in the banking sector
April 25th 2022: Tales from abroad: the anguish of those who’ve left Myanmar behind
April 25th 2022: Pledges but no progress as military neglects environment
April 24th 2022: Car bomb rocks Myawaddy, putting Mae Sot on security alert
April 24th 2022: Fighting in Lay Kay Kaw expected to intensify after junta soldier killed in fresh clash 
April 24th 2022: Myanmar: junta seeks a deal with ethnic armed groups, not pro-democracy forces
April 24th 2022: Ukraine crisis bad news for Myanmar’s freedom fighters
April 24th 2022: Films on Human Rights Abuses and Courageous Opposition in Myanmar
April 23rd 2022: Dead body of wife of NLD Mandalay chief found on street following capture by soldiers
April 23rd 2022: Time for the International Community to Abandon the ASEAN Consensus on Myanmar
April 23rd 2022: Junta chief offers Myanmar’s ethnic armies rare in-person peace talks
April 23rd 2022: Soaring unemployment in Myanmar follows junta rollback of labor rights
April 23rd 2022: Junta Watch: Regime Chief’s Thingyan Party Backfires; Billions Wasted on Honorary Titles for Dictators and More
April 22nd 2022: Engulfed with Mounting Resistance, Myanmar Junta Boss Calls for Peace Talks
April 22nd 2022: Myanmar: Activists continue peaceful protests in face of the regime’s brutality – new research
April 22nd 2022: Myanmar junta chief calls for peace talks with ethnic rebels
April 22nd 2022: Junta announces limited exemptions for foreign currency exchange order
April 22nd 2022: There’s a Crisis Unfolding in Southeastern Myanmar
April 21st 2022: BBC Sounds: Myanmar: fighting the might of the junta
April 21st 2022: Myanmar braces for further power disruptions as solar initiative stalls
April 21st 2022: Myanmar opening for commercial flights gives families a chance to reconnect after two challenging years
April 21st 2022: Finnish company wins contract to build junta power stations
April 20th 2022: Rewards for jets, helicopters will test loyalty of Myanmar military: former soldiers
April 20th 2022: Christians bear brunt of junta violence in Myanmar
April 20th 2022: Six Rohingya dead, hundreds flee after riot at Malaysian detention camp
April 20th 2022: Myanmar, China and Saudi Arabia were the world’s top jailers of writers and public intellectuals in 2021
April 20th 2022: Junta’s Thingyan celebrations attacked
April 19th 2022: ‘Quick profits’: Activists fear for environment under military rule
April 19th 2022: Junta pledges ‘year of peace’ after Thingyan, but opposition says fight just starting
April 19th 2022: In rare comments, Myanmar’s Suu Kyi urges people to ‘be united’ – source
April 19th 2022: Myanmar Regime Soldiers Tempted to Defect by NUG’s Cash Offer
April 19th 2022: Almost 2,000 People Displaced by Junta Raids in Western Myanmar
April 18th 2022: Myanmar’s Yangon int’l airport reopens after two-year suspension
April 18th 2022: NUG claims to control half the country
April 18th 2022: Myanmar, the other nation being pounded by Russian military hardware, also needs international aid
April 18th 2022: Pope mentions Ukraine, Afghanistan and Myanmar in Easter Sunday plea
April 17th 2022: Myanmar’s purge of tycoon highlights tension within regime
April 17th 2022: Myanmar marks traditional New Year with boycotts of junta-sponsored festivities
April 17th 2022: Myanmar junta: 1,600 to be freed in holiday amnesty
April 17th 2022: Former adviser to Aung San Suu Kyi not among 1,600 prisoners freed by Myanmar in amnesty to mark the nation’s new year
April 17th 2022: Myanmar massacre: Who’s telling the truth?
April 16th 2022: Myanmar rebel troupe takes aim at junta with folk satire
April 16th 2022: At least 10 junta soldiers killed by PDF gunfire in attack on Yangon Region checkpoint
April 16th 2022: Myanmar: The Christmas Eve massacre with ‘all the hallmarks of a war crime’
April 16th 2022: ‘Trail of bodies’: defector says military’s top judge came to Rakhine to destroy evidence of Rohingya atrocities
April 16th 2022: Al Jazeera investigation ‘Myanmar’s State of Fear’ wins top award
April 15th 2022: Meet Gabar, the fragrance brand inspired by slow living, South East Asian heritage and a new way for Myanmar
April 15th 2022: Nearly 100 arrested ahead of Thingyan in Myanmar’s Yangon, Mandalay
April 15th 2022: Special extension given for people of Myanmar to remain in Japan
April 15th 2022: Moves afoot to clean up Mrauk-U in UNESCO World Heritage status bid
April 15th 2022: Myanmar deputy governor is alive after shooting – reports
April 14th 2022: Financial protest in Myanmar turns lethal
April 14th 2022: Seven Karenni resistance fighters killed in clash with Myanmar military
April 14th 2022: Myanmar’s largest cities empty amid call to boycott Thingyan festivities
April 14th 2022: Myanmar’s Army Steps Up the Fight – and Moves to Destroy Whole Communities With the World Distracted by Ukraine
April 14th 2022: Myanmar arrested more writers, intellectuals in 2021 than any other country
April 13th 2022: Ukraine Crisis Prompts China to Swing Behind Myanmar’s Junta
April 13th 2022: Thai soldiers are forcing refugees to return to Myanmar
April 13th 2022: Crony businessman-linked bar in Yangon hit by explosions
April 13th 2022: Myanmar New Year celebrations dampened by protests, boycotts
April 13th 2022: Arakan Army prepares for war against junta
April 12th 2022: Myanmar’s military reportedly suffers heaviest casualties since coup
April 12th 2022: What Is ASEAN?
April 12th 2022: Burma New Year 2022 – Thingyan Festival
April 12th 2022: Efforts to release priest detained by Myanmar junta
April 12th 2022: Myanmar: journalist sentenced under counter terrorism law
April 11th 2022: Sixty Rohingyas arrested in forest in Ayeyarwady Region’s Pathein Township
April 11th 2022: Thai authorities deport desperate migrants from Myanmar
April 11th 2022: Central Bank’s foreign currency control damages import and export industries
April 11th 2022: Digital Government in South-East Asia: Greater Collaboration Needed to Reach Regional Integration
April 11th 2022: Myanmar junta raids cathedral complex in Mandalay
April 10th 2022: Yangon PDFs announce bombing campaign to disrupt Thingyan holiday
April 10th 2022: Japan chief of Myanmar’s shadow gov’t calls for solidarity
April 10th 2022: Orrick Helps State Dept. Rule Rohingya Killings Are Genocide
April 10th 2022: Letter from Southeast Asia: Pttep unlikely to quit Myanmar
April 10th 2022: US drugs trio face charges at home too
April 9th 2022: ‘An entire generation at risk’: Myanmar’s children traumatised after a year of violence
April 9th 2022: NGO warns of Myanmar junta’s increasing use of pro-military militia
April 9th 2022: Armed by Russia, Myanmar’s military is unleashing hell on its people
April 9th 2022: Resistance group clash in Chin State costs lives of five junta soldiers
April 8th 2022: US prosecutors say alleged yakuza boss planned to sell missiles to Myanmar rebels
April 8th 2022: From Myanmar to the EU, the path of a ‘bloodstained’ resource
April 8th 2022: Myanmar junta’s ‘hit and run’ arson attacks leave cut-off villages with no source of help
April 8th 2022: No end in sight for Myanmar’s Karen insurgency
April 8th 2022: Anti-Junta Forces Shoot Deputy Governor of Myanmar’s Central Bank
April 7th 2022: U.S. House lawmakers pass bill to impose sanctions over Myanmar coup
April 7th 2022: Japanese Embassy wants Japanese companies to be exempted from new financial rules
April 7th 2022: Junta plans to bring fire department, Red Cross and Buddhist network into new ‘security force’
April 7th 2022: Smuggled sketches offer glimpses into harsh Myanmar prison
April 7th 2022: Australia stays silent on outcome of meeting with Myanmar coup leader
April 6th 2022: Thousands flee junta raid that torched 250 homes in Myanmar’s Sagaing region
April 6th 2022: UN: Human Rights Council concludes its 49th Session
April 6th 2022: Myanmar orders foreign money held by banks changed to kyats
April 6th 2022: Myanmar prison on lockdown after deadly response to inmate protest
April 6th 2022: China Will Face Rejection From Myanmar People for Working With Junta: Shadow Govt
April 5th 2022: Myanmar’s Military Junta Tightens Control Over Foreign Currency Flows
April 5th 2022: Myanmar diaspora calls for US House of Representatives to pass BURMA Act of 2021
April 5th 2022: More than 2,800 armed clashes in Myanmar over the last 8 months
April 5th 2022: Burma’s opportunity lost
April 5th 2022: China’s Support for Myanmar Further Shows the World Dividing into Autocracy versus Democracy
April 4th 2022: Authorities block UN World Food Programme convoy from reaching IDPs
April 4th 2022: Is 2022 the Year of Genocide? Recent Events at the ICJ Suggest Yes
April 4th 2022: China Pledges Support for Myanmar’s Junta, ‘No Matter How the Situation Changes’
April 4th 2022: Tourists urged to avoid Myanmar as junta prepares to reopen to world
April 4th 2022: Yale Museum turns over 13 artifacts worth $1m as part of art looting investigation linked to antiquities smuggler
April 3rd 2022: Wang Yi Holds Talks with Myanmar’s Foreign Minister U Wunna Maung Lwin
April 3rd 2022: Myanmar’s Magway region suffers under military’s March offensive
April 3rd 2022: As coup turns back the clock, many in Myanmar resist a return to ‘old normal’
April 3rd 2022: UN and ASEAN envoys meet to discuss Myanmar crisis
April 3rd 2022: Under Myanmar’s junta, art has become an act of resistance
April 2nd 2022: Illegal online wildlife trade on rise in Myanmar, WWF finds
April 2nd 2022: The World Responsible for Myanmar Becoming Failed State: NUG Minister 
April 2nd 2022: Yankin seven sentenced to seven years in Insein Prison
April 2nd 2022: Peacebuilding is a bargain versus the costs of war
April 2nd 2022: China to back Myanmar ‘no matter how the situation changes’
April 1st 2022: UN special envoy on Myanmar meets with ASEAN counterpart
April 1st 2022: Time to kick out Myanmar’s junta from Asean: Jakarta Post
April 1st 2022: EU imposes sanctions on Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE)
April 1st 2022: For Myanmar’s youth, college becomes another casualty of country’s turmoil
April 1st 2022: Spotlight – Myanmar: March 31, 2022