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April 30th 2023: Pythons on your porch? Call Myanmar’s ‘Snake Princess’
April 30th 2023: Myanmar’s Civilian Govt Slams International Inaction
April 30th 2023: ‘I Feel No Peace’ Review: The Persecution of the Rohingya
April 29th 2023: 20 Myanmar junta soldiers killed in Mobye Township, Shan State
April 29th 2023: Norges Bank Investment Management: Kogas and GAIL blacklisted on Myanmar links
April 29th 2023: Myanmar Junta Cracks Down on Social Media Posts Deemed Anti-Regime
April 28th 2023: Don’t give up on Myanmar
April 28th 2023: New footage shows last moments of slain Japanese journalist in Myanmar
April 28th 2023: The oceans and a welter of countries face new heat records: here’s what it means
April 16th 2023: Myanmar Airstrike Claims Over 170 Lives, Witnesses Report
April 16th 2023: Anger as Time Magazine features Myanmar junta leader as an ‘influential’ person of 2023
April 16th 2023: NGOs say UN move trashes Myanmar junta’s claim of legitimacy and legality
April 15th 2023: Gender Inclusion in Myanmar’s National Unity Government: Add Women and Stir?
April 15th 2023: Military violence in Myanmar is worsening amid fierce resistance and international ambivalence
April 15th 2023: Grassroots efforts in border areas address mental anguish for Myanmar refugees
April 14th 2023: Statement by Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield on the Burma Regime Airstrike
April 14th 2023: Death toll for Kanbalu massacre surpasses 160
April 14th 2023: Empty streets in Myanmar as people boycott water festival
April 13th 2023: Q&A: Tom Andrews, UN Special Rapporteur for Myanmar
April 13th 2023: Mike Phipps reviews Return of the Junta: Why Myanmar’s Military Must Go Back to the Barracks by Oliver Slow, published by Bloomsbury
April 13th 2023: Trafficked teens tell of torture at scam ‘casino’ on Myanmar’s chaotic border
April 12th 2023: Screaming people and bodies everywhere: The horrific aftermath of Myanmar junta airstrike that killed 100
April 12th 2023: Burma Regime Airstrikes
April 12th 2023: Myanmar military justifies deadly attack on insurgent ceremony
April 11th 2023: China the ‘natural suspect’ behind military upgrades on Myanmar islands near India
April 11th 2023: Blaze at Yangon power station
April 11th 2023: How internet shutdowns in Myanmar have been endangering lives and affecting humanitarian work since the coup
April 10th 2023: Cardinal Bo calls for peace, freedom in Myanmar
April 10th 2023: Burma New Year 2023 – Thingyan Festival
April 10th 2023: No homecoming for many this Thingyan
April 9th 2023: Myanmar junta sets its sights on Rohingya ahead of UN court deadline
April 9th 2023: As Myanmar seals corporate data, investors may be implicated in junta’s bid to evade sanctions
April 9th 2023: Alarm as Myanmar’s displaced rise to 1.8 million: UNOCHA
April 8th 2023: Filipina trafficking victim in Myanmar paid ransom for her release, says BI
April 8th 2023: In a wounded Myanmar, Christian communities experience (re)birth at Easter
April 8th 2023: ASEAN envoy meets UN envoy to discuss Myanmar impasse
April 7th 2023: Myanmar’s Main Airport Rocked by Explosions
April 7th 2023: Myanmar junta sentences strike leader to a further 34 years in prison
April 7th 2023: Aung San Suu Kyi’s party says ‘no’ to dissolution
April 6th 2023: Fighting in Myanmar sends thousands fleeing to Thailand
April 6th 2023: Two Years of Turmoil: Myanmar’s Spiraling Civil War
April 6th 2023: NUG welcomes UN condemnation of Myanmar junta abuses
April 5th 2023: Wanted, cancer-stricken, and forced into hiding — inside Steve’s desperate exit from Myanmar
April 5th 2023: The Myanmar junta’s war against Facebook
April 5th 2023: Rise in unlicenced garment factories fuels labour exploitation in post-coup Myanmar
April 4th 2023: Sharp drop in students sitting Myanmar’s matriculation exam
April 4th 2023: Myanmar Junta Orders Civil Servants to Participate in Regime’s Thingyan Festival
April 4th 2023: Myanmar, Kayin State: 1,000% increase in malaria cases since 2020
April 3rd 2023: Human rights in Myanmar – debate announced for April 19th
April 3rd 2023: Eighteen months in, Myanmar’s garment workers face widespread abuse under military rule
April 3rd 2023: Looting licences: Junta transfers valuable alcohol permits from Sagaing to Yangon
April 2nd 2023: Myanmar photographer wins World Press Photo 2023 regional award
April 2nd 2023: Women Seen Targeted by Myanmar Forces With ‘Rape and Other Violence’
April 2nd 2023: The UN can no longer play dumb to its manipulation by the Myanmar military
April 1st 2023: How Much of Myanmar Does the Junta Really Control?
April 1st 2023: China’s proactive approach on Myanmar is complex
April 1st 2023: New satellite pics reignite Chinese ‘spy base’ suspicion at Myanmar’s Coco Islands