Saturday 13th July 2024


August 29th 2022: Desperate junta recruitment drive leaves delta villagers fearful – and in debt
August 29th 2022: Without a remedy: Junta policies spark medicine shortage
August 29th 2022: JOB SCAM/3 Taiwanese back from Myanmar human trafficking hotspot arrested
August 29th 2022: 13-year-old impressionist emerges with works created during pandemic days
August 29th 2022: From The Field: Restoring Myanmar’s Mangroves
August 22nd 2022: Myanmar grandfather on mission to revive juggling art
August 22nd 2022: Myanmar junta court sentences Aung San Suu Kyi to six years in prison for corruption
August 22nd 2022: Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi could return home after verdicts, junta chief says
August 22nd 2022: Was the UN Special Envoy’s Myanmar visit ‘little more than a photo op’?
August 22nd 2022: Myanmar detains Japanese journalist who covered protest
August 5th 2022: Junta drops medical school entry standards amid widespread boycott
August 5th 2022: ASEAN slams progress on Myanmar peace plan at talks overshadowed by Taiwan
August 5th 2022: Myanmar: Photographer and activist dies in military custody
August 5th 2022: Fashion Brands Have Failed to Protect Workers in Military-Ruled Myanmar
August 5th 2022: Families of Myanmar’s death row inmates live in fear of execution
August 4th 2022: The United States-ASEAN Relationship
August 4th 2022: Myanmar charges Japanese journalist with spreading fake news
August 4th 2022: Three Resistance Fighters Detained by Myanmar Junta Found Dead in Mandalay
August 4th 2022: ASEAN ratchets up criticism of Myanmar junta as Russian FM visits Naypyidaw
August 4th 2022: PDF attacks convoy on day Myanmar junta’s deputy chief Soe Win arrives in Taunggyi
August 3rd 2022: Striking civil servants still face regime’s wrath, 18 months on
August 3rd 2022: Time for Difficult Choices on Myanmar
August 3rd 2022: No value in engaging Myanmar generals unless progress made – Singapore
August 3rd 2022: Two children killed as Myanmar military fires on boat taking them home from school
August 3rd 2022: Resistance Groups Reports Failed Myanmar Junta Attack Near Thai Border
August 2nd 2022: Rare white elephant with ‘pearl-coloured eyes’ born in Myanmar
August 2nd 2022: Myanmar’s junta using Chinese facial recognition technology to track, eliminate opponents
August 2nd 2022: Five Ways to Make the U.S. Atrocity Prevention Strategy Work
August 2nd 2022: At least a dozen detained in Yangon on day of protest
August 2nd 2022: ASEAN’s impotence in Myanmar can be traced to Hun Sen
August 1st 2022: Japan demands early release of national detained in Myanmar
August 1st 2022: ASEAN Can No Longer Remain Neutral on Myanmar
August 1st 2022: Myanmar junta extends emergency rule, cites need for stability
August 1st 2022: Endangered wild monkeys for sale online in Myanmar
August 1st 2022: Junta’s ongoing effort to delegitimize Rohingya