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December 31st 2021: Junta issues order to ignore notifications from international courts
December 31st 2021: Cruelty for its own sake: How Myanmar’s junta uses torture as a tool of oppression
December 31st 2021: Mytel tower ‘smashed’ in Sagaing’s Chaung-U township
December 31st 2021: Myanmar court jails Aung Kyi aides for sedition
December 31st 2021: Myanmar military ‘massacring its own people and torching villages’
December 30th 2021: UN Special Rapporteur Calls for ‘New Year’s Ceasefire’ in Myanmar
December 30th 2021: Local defense force says over 20 soldiers killed in five-day battle in Gangaw
December 30th 2021: Myanmar military reverts to strategy of massacres, burnings
December 30th 2021: Security Council Press Statement on Situation in Myanmar
December 30th 2021: In Pictures: Funeral for victims of Myanmar military’s Christmas Eve massacre
December 29th 2021: In 2021, Myanmar journalists risked lives to tell world of coup
December 29th 2021: Save the Children Confirms Two Workers Killed in Massacre by Myanmar Junta
December 29th 2021: Opinion: NDAA amendment is no substitute for BURMA Act in US-Myanmar policy
December 29th 2021: Myanmar Reports First Omicron Infections
December 29th 2021: For Myanmar’s top general, a maximum-security mansion, complete with its own telecoms tower
December 28th 2021: Myanmar military ‘fighting for its life’ in face of ‘unprecedented’ resistance to coup
December 28th 2021: UN Special Envoy Heyzer Calls for New Year Ceasefire in Myanmar
December 28th 2021: About 70 Myanmar citizens are arrested at two Thai border checkpoints
December 28th 2021: Cardinal Bo condemns massacre in Myanmar’s Kayah State
December 28th 2021: Military coup fallout turns Myanmar into world’s largest synthetic drugs hotspot
December 27th 2021: Myanmar: UN humanitarian chief calls for probe into ‘grievous’ attack on civilians
December 27th 2021: Don’t Believe What the Defenders of Myanmar’s Junta Say
December 27th 2021: Over 5,000 Myanmar villagers flee to Mae Sot as clashes intensify
December 27th 2021: Some Myanmar nurses risk life by running makeshift clinics
December 27th 2021: Myanmar court defers verdicts in Suu Kyi trial to January 10 – source
December 26th 2021: Cardinal Bo, under fire for junta leader meeting, has peace message for Myanmar Catholics
December 26th 2021: Save the Children workers missing after 30 villagers reportedly massacred by Myanmar troops
December 26th 2021: Myanmar: Charity staff missing after deadly ‘army attack’
December 26th 2021: THE COUP-MAKER’S SHAME – The anger and charges grow against the general who sold out his people for power
December 26th 2021: Myanmar’s National Unity Government terms Karenni killings as ‘Christmas massacre’
December 25th 2021: Junta Watch: Myanmar Coup Leader Seeks Divine Assistance; Picking a Fight With the UN and More
December 25th 2021: PDF warns CB Bank
December 25th 2021: Uncertainty over new UN envoy’s access to her office in Naypyitaw
December 25th 2021: Local guerrilla group says 4 soldiers killed in clashes in Pale township
December 25th 2021: Chin Defense Force bans the sale of drugs and alcohol
December 24th 2021: Top Myanmar Catholic sparks outrage with junta chief Christmas cake photo
December 24th 2021: Military Helicopters rescued Tatmadaw troops trapped during the Battle of Pela
December 24th 2021: Myanmar: a coup, a civil war, a crisis and China
December 24th 2021: Archbishop of Mandalay: ‘Christmas in the forest with Burmese who fled to survive’.
December 24th 2021: Junta carries out airstrikes on KNU-controlled Lay Kay Kaw
December 23rd 2021: Suu Kyi’s future
December 23rd 2021: Mandalay NLD member and wife killed in junta interrogation center
December 23rd 2021: One dead, dozens missing after landslide at Myanmar jade mine
December 23rd 2021: Myanmar’s journalists detained, beaten, killed as junta tightens grip
December 23rd 2021: Myanmar shadow govt calls for urgent aid for refugees
December 22nd 2021: Myanmar jade mining disaster highlights coup’s deadly toll on Hpakant
December 22nd 2021: Myanmar rebel group calls for no-fly zone to protect civilians
December 22nd 2021: Victims of physical abuse inside Insein Prison denied medical treatment
December 22nd 2021: Junta Airstrikes Kill Over Ten People and Displace Hundreds in Upper Myanmar
December 22nd 2021: Five Civilians Tortured to Death by Myanmar Regime
December 21st 2021: Pathein Myoma Market Development Committee threatens shopkeepers
December 21st 2021: More than 90 sentenced to death by military courts in Myanmar
December 21st 2021: India’s Marriage Of Convenience With Myanmar – Analysis
December 21st 2021: Junta suffers heavy casualties and thousands remain displaced as military offensive in Karen State intensifies
December 21st 2021: OPINION:How Myanmar’s autocratic military rulers are being supported by Chinese businesses
December 20th 2021: Tortured to death: Myanmar mass killings revealed
December 20th 2021: At least 20 killed in air raid on Magway village
December 20th 2021: Rights group asks Japan to stop training Myanmar army
December 20th 2021: UN rapporteur urges Int’l community to come forward to resolve Rohingya crisis
December 20th 2021: Myanmar court defers verdicts in Suu Kyi trial to Dec 27 – source
December 19th 2021: UN rapporteur: Do more to resolve Rohingya crisis
December 19th 2021: Why indigenous land rights matter in Myanmar 
December 19th 2021: COVID-19 infections rise to 528,101 in Myanmar
December 19th 2021: Commitment To Democracy Must Remain Independent Of Geopolitics – Analysis
December 19th 2021:  OHCHR warns rights abuses in Myanmar increasing
December 18th 2021: Junta Watch: Failed Propaganda, Stolen Words From an Ancient King and More
December 18th 2021: UN Security Council members complicit in arms sales to Myanmar military junta: NGO
December 18th 2021: World’s refugee problem is completely man-made
December 18th 2021: Commitment to democracy must remain independent of geopolitics
December 18th 2021: Commentary: Please don’t give up on Myanmar
December 17th 2021: Myanmar’s boot camp where civilians train for revolution
December 17th 2021: Intense fighting in Myanmar’s Karen-controlled territory forces thousands to flee
December 17th 2021: Myanmar Coup: Military Regime Seeks to Weaponize Religion
December 17th 2021: Rohingya activist in Argentina testifies in ‘genocide’ case against Myanmar
December 17th 2021: Myanmar: Military starving civilians in ‘brutal’ anti-resistance campaign
December 16th 2021: Myanmar Atrocities Show Need for International Action
December 16th 2021: Cambodia’s Hun Sen names ASEAN envoy to Myanmar
December 16th 2021: Activists call for major jewellers to stop buying gems sourced in Myanmar
December 16th 2021: Blinken: Washington weighing more ways to put Myanmar on democratic path
December 16th 2021: Fighting breaks out between KNLA and Tatmadaw in Lay Kay Kaw Myothit
December 15th 2021: Blinken says U.S. to look at more Myanmar measures, plans ASEAN summit
December 15th 2021: Photographer dies in custody in first journalist death since Myanmar coup
December 15th 2021: Amid military atrocities, Myanmar public urges gas sanctions
December 15th 2021: As Suu Kyi stands trial, her judge—and Myanmar’s judiciary—come under scrutiny
December 15th 2021: Insein Prison guards beat political prisoners who joined Myanmar’s ‘Silent Strike’
December 14th 2021: UK Myanmar and human rights designations
December 14th 2021: Disreputable Commanders-in-Chief of the Myanmar Military
December 14th 2021: Military arrests NLD lawmaker in KNU territory
December 14th 2021: 10 Rohingyas, in Jail for 7 Years, Appeals to HC for Refugee Status or Be Sent Back
December 14th 2021: DVB reporter Aung San Lin arrested in Myanmar
December 13th 2021: Myanmar: Junta Blocks Lifesaving Aid
December 13th 2021: NUG to replace Kyat with cryptocurrency
December 13th 2021: Cost of war: Myanmar rebels crowdfund resistance to military coup
December 13th 2021: Rights Group Urges ICC Probe of Myanmar Coup Leader
December 13th 2021: Will The ‘United States Of Sanctions’ Solve ‘Extrajudicial Killings’? – OpEd
December 12th 2021: Asia’s infamous Golden Triangle and the soldiers tracking down the drug smugglers who rule its narcotics trade
December 12th 2021: On Myanmar, Japan Alone Must Hold the Line
December 12th 2021: Empty Streets in Burma as Protesters Hold ‘Silent Strikes’ Against Military
December 12th 2021: Card Bo’s appeal: Peace and non-violence are the way of Christmas
December 12th 2021: Home slipping away, Myanmar refugee children find anchor in Mizoram schools
December 11th 2021: The world is finally standing up for Aung San Suu Kyi
December 11th 2021: Junta Watch: Coup Leader’s Confession; Bogus Show of ‘Leniency’ and More
December 11th 2021: The perils of the digital age: How Facebook failed to protect Rohingya Muslims
December 11th 2021: Statement on newly announced sanctions against the Myanmar junta
December 11th 2021: Myanmar citizen admits plotting to kill UN ambassador
December 10th 2021: 293 journalists jailed in 2021 globally, quarter from China, Myanmar: CPJ
December 10th 2021: US, UN Condemn Myanmar Junta Over Reported Killing of 11 Villagers
December 10th 2021: ‘I couldn’t kill innocent people’: Myanmar soldiers defect to join resistance
December 10th 2021: Rohingya vs. Facebook: What are the chances of success?
December 10th 2021: Human Rights Day ‘Silent Strike’ to protest junta abuses brings Myanmar to a halt
December 9th 2021: Kayan Township hit by wave of resignations, as junta struggles to retain control
December 9th 2021: Myanmar Struggles to Reverse a Coup; Democracies Can Help
December 9th 2021: Can Facebook be blamed for pogroms against Rohingyas in Myanmar?
December 9th 2021: Uzbek Plane Supplies Myanmar Junta with Banknote Paper
December 9th 2021: Art smuggled from junta-controlled Myanmar to be auctioned in New York this week
December 8th 2021: The BBC’s 100 women of 2021 includes Sister Ann Rose Nu Tawng, the kneeling nun of Myanmar
December 8th 2021: Myanmar’s scripted ‘guilty’ ruling on Suu Kyi is unacceptable
December 8th 2021: We cannot and should not be silent on democratic setbacks in Myanmar
December 8th 2021: Three Myanmar nationals killed, 15 hurt in pickup crash as driver tries to outrun police
December 8th 2021: Myanmar junta FM meets Cambodian PM Hun Sen ahead of ASEAN chairmanship
December 7th 2021: Two Myanmar journalists injured, arrested while covering anti-military protest
December 7th 2021: The mother who lost her sons to the coup
December 7th 2021: Myanmar junta seeks resumption of Japanese investment, ODA
December 7th 2021: Myanmar troops massacre, burn 11 villagers in Sagaing
December 7th 2021: Genocide lawsuit: Meta defends itself as Rohingya people sue for £150bn
December 6th 2021: Aung San Suu Kyi: Myanmar court sentences ousted leader to four years jail
December 6th 2021: Aung San Suu Kyi: Ousted Myanmar leader found guilty and sentenced to four years in prison
December 6th 2021: Aung San Suu Kyi sentenced to four years in prison for incitement
December 6th 2021: Myanmar: Unbridled destruction of freedoms as Aung San Suu Kyi sentenced
December 6th 2021: Reactions to four-year jail term for Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi
December 5th 2021: Nagaland Civilian Killings Updates: Incident To Be Probed At Highest Level, Says Army
December 5th 2021: Australian academic Sean Turnell marks 10 months’ incarceration in Myanmar
December 5th 2021: Cross border aid: A potential game changer for Myanmar?
December 5th 2021: What’s Happening in Myanmar?
December 5th 2021: Myanmar security forces ram car into protest in Yangon, deaths feared
December 4th 2021: U.S. commission dings Facebook in report calling for social media to fight religious hate speech
December 4th 2021: Hundreds of civilians dead in Myanmar’s embattled Sagaing region since coup
December 4th 2021: Don’t Be Fooled By Myanmar’s Junta – OpEd
December 4th 2021: Air Travel Ban in 2020 Forced Gold Smugglers to Shift Route from Middle East to Myanmar, Says DRI Report
December 4th 2021: Junta Watch: Coup Leader’s Wife Draws Public Ire; Suu Kyi’s New Charge and More
December 3rd 2021: Myanmar Junta Killed Around 100 Children Since Coup: NUG
December 3rd 2021: Myanmar’s junta failing despite rampant militarization
December 3rd 2021: Myanmar’s Junta Still Has Nothing to Fear From ASEAN
December 3rd 2021: Hundreds of telecoms towers downed in Myanmar coup resistance
December 3rd 2021: Myanmar Junta officer’s car hit by Landmines in Thaton Township
December 2nd 2021: Australia to face pressure to use new Magnitsky-style laws against Myanmar and Chinese officials
December 2nd 2021: Myanmar: Protesters Targeted in March Massacre
December 2nd 2021: U.N. committee decides Taliban, Myanmar junta not allowed into U.N. for now
December 2nd 2021: Domestic situation in Myanmar should be settled without external meddling, Putin says
December 2nd 2021: Myanmar (Burma) economic factsheet
December 1st 2021: The Human Cost of Myanmar’s Coup Continues to Mount
December 1st 2021: Five Striking Myanmar Government Staff Seized in Mandalay
December 1st 2021: ASEAN rebuffs Myanmar’s military junta as Aung San Suu Kyi faces long jail term
December 1st 2021: Myanmar extends entry restrictions for travellers
December 1st 2021: Taliban, Myanmar junta unlikely to be let into U.N. for now – diplomats