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February 28th 2022: Myanmar backs Russian invasion as ASEAN urges peace talks
February 28th 2022: Australia was quick to sanction Moscow. Why not Myanmar?
February 28th 2022: Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals in Bangladesh : A View from the Ground
February 28th 2022: Films on human rights abuses and courageous opposition in Myanmar
February 27th 2022: Views of Russian invasion of Ukraine mirror divide in strife-torn Myanmar
February 27th 2022: Junta thrusts knife into the heart of Myanmar democracy
February 27th 2022: Myanmar question is forcing ASEAN to remake itself
February 27th 2022: Myanmar’s Drone Wars
February 27th 2022: Myanmar’s ‘reluctant’ resistance fighter
February 26th 2022: Danny Fenster describes his detention in Myanmar
February 26th 2022: EU Adopts Fourth Round of Sanctions over Human Rights Violations in Myanmar/Burma
February 26th 2022: The complexities of post-coup Myanmar
February 26th 2022: Myanmar army lieutenant colonel defects to the resistance
February 26th 2022: Fuel Shortages Hit Parts of Myanmar Due to Road Closures, Global Price Hikes
February 25th 2022: Myanmar’s Military Council Supports Russia’s Invasion 0f Ukraine
February 25th 2022: Thousands flee air strikes as fighting erupts in Myanmar
February 25th 2022: Pakistan to Provide Weapons to Myanmar as China Backs Ties
February 25th 2022: Why Southeast Asians Should Care About the Ukraine Crisis
February 24th 2022: Dozens arrested during strike as Myanmar military expands retribution campaign
February 24th 2022: Rights advocates urge jet fuel sanctions against Myanmar
February 24th 2022: Myanmar Rohingya Genocide Case Is Legitimate, Gambia Tells UN’s Top Court
February 24th 2022: Myanmar: EU Needs to Enforce New Sanctions on Junta
February 24th 2022: UNHCR says number of displaced people in Myanmar at new high
February 23rd 2022: ‘Is the world listening?’: the poets challenging Myanmar’s military
February 23rd 2022: Myanmar Junta Turns to China for Help Policing Internet Use
February 23rd 2022: Myanmar gets new bishop amid political turmoil
February 23rd 2022: Inside the global drive to fund a revolution in Myanmar
February 23rd 2022: Junta forces kill civilians and torch homes as they move through Kani Township, PDF says
February 22nd 2022: Large ‘Six Twos’ crowds protest Myanmar junta, marking resistance anniversary
February 22nd 2022: ASEAN’s Year of Misery
February 22nd 2022: Global Witness welcomes significant new EU sanctions, including on Myanmar state-owned oil and gas company MOGE
February 22nd 2022: It takes tea to tango: meet the duo championing Burmese cuisine in the capital
February 21st 2022: The Dilemma Facing Myanmar’s National Unity Government
February 21st 2022: Myanmar junta to take place of Suu Kyi at ICJ hearings into Rohingya genocide claims
February 21st 2022: Mitsubishi, Petronas to exit Myanmar gas
February 21st 2022: Myanmar junta troops burn medical equipment in Wanma Thu District Hospital
February 21st 2022: Myanmar junta urges ASEAN envoy not to engage with ‘terrorist’ groups
February 20th 2022: Philippines rejects Myanmar’s inclusion in trade pact
February 20th 2022: ‘No good alternatives’ to sale of Myanmar operation, says Telenor 
February 20th 2022: Military Violence Emboldens Myanmar’s Ethnic Resistance
February 20th 2022: Junta set to defend Myanmar at ‘genocide’ hearing in the Hague
February 20th 2022: Myanmar’s NUG to launch alternative fiscal system
February 19th 2022: Resistance forces attack military camp in Kalay after troops pressure locals to fight for junta
February 19th 2022: A No-Fly Zone Won’t Fly In Myanmar – Analysis
February 19th 2022: Junta Watch: Military Throws a Party as COVID Rages; Another ASEAN Snub and More
February 19th 2022: Multiple youth members of local defence force killed in Sagaing battle 
February 19th 2022: Poverty and Vulnerability Dynamics in Myanmar
February 18th 2022: Philippines, like New Zealand, rejects Myanmar in trade pact
February 18th 2022: Audio file: Is the Civilian Resistance Tipping the Balance in Myanmar?
February 18th 2022: Our engagement with Total leads to sustainable action
February 18th 2022: UK retailer Tesco to exit Myanmar
February 18th 2022: ASEAN envoy to attempt meeting with shadow government in Myanmar
February 18th 2022: Dare to struggle, dare to win: Workers’ resistance since the coup
February 17th 2022: Thai soldiers, Border Patrol Police on alert as fighting erupts between Karen, Myanmar army
February 17th 2022: Asean foreign ministers meet amid friction over handling of Myanmar crisis
February 17th 2022: Myanmar’s military guilty of war crimes including use of human shields and mass killings, rights group says
February 17th 2022: Medical support worker scheme enables 127 doctors to join NHS after escaping Myanmar coup
February 17th 2022: Myanmar’s military numbers
February 16th 2022: Temporary closure of Yangon General Hospital departments
February 16th 2022: Citizen Journalists Fight Back Against Myanmar Military’s Crackdown
February 16th 2022: ‘We were so scared’: military airstrikes target IDP camps
February 16th 2022: Anti-junta guerrillas draw outrage for killing respected democracy activist 
February 16th 2022: Myanmar to introduce draconian new cybersecurity bill
February 15th 2022: Paleontologists find 110-million-year-old new species of lizard in amber in mine in Myanmar
February 15th 2022: Myanmar Junta to Spurn ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting
February 15th 2022: Power outage in Ayeyarwady Region closes some businesses
February 15th 2022: Myanmar junta says ‘easy to substitute’ Japan’s Kirin after exit
February 14th 2022: Meet one of the journalists fighting to keep press freedom alive in Myanmar
February 14th 2022: Blinken calls on international partners to address Myanmar human rights abuses
February 14th 2022: Kirin to exit Myanmar beer market over human rights
February 14th 2022: How to Dislodge Myanmar’s Generals
February 13th 2022: Kachin tycoon draws controversy over gold mining at Myitsone
February 13th 2022: PPST calls all stakeholders to implement the Panglong Agreement for Union Peace
February 13th 2022: With a parade in Naypyitaw, Myanmar junta shows off its military strength
February 13th 2022: Number of internally displaced in Myanmar doubles, to 800,000
February 13th 2022: Rights groups release report on war crimes perpetuated by Myanmar junta in Karenni State
February 12th 2022: Lawyer for Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi says gagged by junta
February 12th 2022: Myanmar announces Union Day amnesty for 814 prisoners
February 12th 2022: Identity of over 100,000 newborns causing concern among Rohingya in Bangladesh
February 12th 2022: Telenor board members and Norwegian authorities may be ‘aiding and abetting crimes against humanity’ in Myanmar, says top judge
February 12th 2022: Omicron wave threatens to overwhelm Myanmar’s health system
February 11th 2022: Myanmar activists call for ‘Black TV Day’
February 11th 2022: Junta soldiers burn homes, crops and livestock during stay at village in Taze
February 11th 2022: Education and Federalism in Myanmar
February 11th 2022: Prominent Myanmar filmmaker arrested after a year on the run
February 11th 2022: By the book: Junta’s education policy follows 60 years of military strategy
February 10th 2022: The Karenni Human Rights Group and The Network for Human Rights Documentation – Burma Release a New Joint Report Calling for Accountability for Human Rights Violations Committed in Karenni (Kayah) State
February 10th 2022: Myanmar asks Interpol to help fight ‘terrorism’; global body says it will not interfere
February 10th 2022: Myanmar watches a mother’s grief as junta soldiers claim another victim
February 10th 2022: Afghanistan, Myanmar rank worst in world democracy index as Australia keeps ninth place
February 10th 2022: A year ago, Facebook contributed to a military coup in Myanmar. Its response has been an appalling failure.
February 9th 2022: Australia Won’t Rule out Further Sanctions on Myanmar
February 9th 2022: Myanmar: Japan Construction Giant Should End Military Partnership
February 9th 2022: Myanmar junta destroys the economy: report
February 9th 2022: Hun Sen Apologizes as Myanmar Gamble Backfires Over Sean Turnell
February 9th 2022: NGO: International community must start talks for 3rd-country Rohingya resettlement
February 8th 2022: Hundreds of homes razed amid scorched earth campaign in Myanmar’s Sagaing region
February 8th 2022: Are multi-nationals abandoning Myanmar merely supporting China’s ambitions?
February 8th 2022: Biden says situation in Myanmar still poses security threat, extends national emergency
February 8th 2022: Date complaint filed against plan to sell Telenor Myanmar
February 7th 2022: Crisis, climate and emerging roles for armed ethnic groups
February 7th 2022: Myanmar junta chief said ASEAN envoy can meet Aung San Suu Kyi party members – Cambodian minister
February 7th 2022: Revolutionary roads: how the army tried to crush Yangon’s most anti-coup district
February 7th 2022: How does Myanmar military keep functioning so boldly?: Daily Star contributor
February 7th 2022: UN Special Envoy to Myanmar ruffles feathers with her remarks about junta
February 6th 2022: Yangon’s Savoy Hotel shuts its doors in wake of Myanmar crisis
February 6th 2022: Myanmar reaches a political impasse
February 6th 2022: ‘The village is a wasteland’: Junta forces step up arson attacks
February 6th 2022: Australian professor faces 14-year jail term in Myanmar
February 6th 2022: A year of revolt in Myanmar against a brutal regime
February 5th 2022: More than 250 Myanmar citizens arrested for illegally crossing into Thailand
February 5th 2022: From bookworm to bomb maker: The evolution of a Myanmar revolutionary
February 5th 2022: Myanmar Villagers Accuse Junta Troops of Burning Hundreds of Home
February 5th 2022: The Civil Disobedience Movement, Myanmar’s longest-running non-violent movement
February 5th 2022: A tribute to a human rights defender killed by Myanmar’s junta
February 4th 2022: Rising dragon: TNLA declares ‘victory’ in northern Shan
February 4th 2022: Thousands of refugees cross back into Myanmar, as conditions on Thai side prove unbearable
February 4th 2022: Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi faces new charge amid fresh violence
February 4th 2022: One year after Myanmar’s coup, the fight is not going well for the generals
February 4th 2022: Secretary Blinken’s Meeting with Pro-Democracy Activists from Burma
February 3rd 2022: Myanmar villagers say army troops burned hundreds of houses
February 3rd 2022: Teacher taking part in CDM shot dead while riding motorcycle with her child on her back 
February 3rd 2022: Myanmar’s UN envoy under fire for proposing ‘power share’ with military
February 3rd 2022: New Burma Poll Shows Voter Commitment to the Election Despite Concern about COVID-19
February 3rd 2022: One year on from Myanmar’s military
February 2nd 2022: Myanmar’s Spring Revolution: a year in photos
February 2nd 2022: The CDM: Anxiety, hardship and sacrifice but no regrets
February 2nd 2022: Myanmar Church leader seeks international help to end stalemate
February 2nd 2022: Pope, Myanmar activists among Nobel Peace Prize nominees
February 2nd 2022: Monks’ association accuses junta of politicizing religion
February 1st 2022: I photographed Myanmar’s protesters one day – and their funerals the next
February 1st 2022: Myanmar Study Group: Final Report
February 1st 2022: US sanctions Myanmar logistics company
February 1st 2022: Scottish medics pay tribute to health workers in Myanmar on anniversary of coup
February 1st 2022: Editorial: One year on, the facts remain the same