Sunday 23rd June 2024


February 28th 2023: Myanmar: Junta Denies Ousted Leaders Access To Legal Representation
February 28th 2023: Japan: Humanitarian assistance to the people of Myanmar affected by the coup d’état
February 28th 2023: Nestlé to Close Factory, Head Office in Myanmar
February 27th 2023: Myanmar Junta Extends Martial Law
February 27th 2023: Five people related to activist teacher gunned down in their home
February 27th 2023: Beyond the Headlines: China’s special envoy meets ethnic armed organisation representatives on Myanmar visitFebruary 26th 2023: The empire struck back: Oliver Slow’s ‘Return of the Junta’ reviewed
February 26th 2023: Myanmar junta restarts an online passport booking system for Yangon residents
February 26th 2023: Myanmar’s UN rep Kyaw Moe Tun one of 305 nominations for Nobel Peace Prize
February 25th 2023: Moderate mag. 4.9 earthquake – Bay of Bengal, 125 km west of Pathein, Ayeyarwady Region, Myanmar (Burma), on Saturday, Feb 25, 2023 at 3:36 pm (GMT +6:30)
February 25th 2023: Evicted Yangon residents pushing to return face threats
February 25th 2023: Invitation to Myanmar National Human Rights Commission condemnedFebruary 24th 2023: How the world—including the West—helps to sustain the Myanmar military’s violence
February 24th 2023: ‘We Are Developing the Ability to Make Changes and Build the Future’
February 24th 2023: Improving Nutrition of Burma’s Kids and Moms
 February 23rd 2023: ‘My son’s future comes first’: Debating the boycott
February 23rd 2023: International support urgently needed to counter Myanmar junta air strikes
February 23rd 2023: Myanmar Landmine Casualties Surge Two Years After Coup: UN
February 22nd 2023: Myanmar junta’s confiscation of food, medicine leaves Kayah state residents at risk
February 22nd 2023: Myanmar prison guards injure more than 80 inmates when argument turns violent
February 22nd 2023: Oil, biggest single Myanmar import this financial year
February 21st 2023: Yangon, monitoring group: 3,000 civilians killed since the coup. Religious sister latest victi
February 21st 2023: Myanmar’s new foreign minister returns to the spotlight
February 21st 2023: Rohingya Repatriation Plan – OpEd
February 20th 2023: A ‘political game’: Shanni and Kachin armed groups at loggerheads
February 17th 2023: The CDM doctor performing brain surgery amid the bullets
February 9th 2023: On the water with Myanmar’s ‘river cleaners’
February 9th 2023: Letter to my parents in Burma
February 8th 2023: ‘I turned on the light and they were all dead’: Survivors recount horrors from Rohingya crisis
February 6th 2023: Military defections are dwindling but remain a valuable source of intel
February 3rd 2023: Conflicts deepen between resistance groups in Sagaing
February 2nd 2023: Prison protests: Activists fight on in belly of the beast
February 2nd 2023: Junta extends state of emergency, delaying election
February 1st 2023: Myanmar’s coup: Two years on but a long fight ahead
February 1st 2023: Voices from the coup, two years on