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Myanmar Coup – February 2021 media articles

February 28th 2021: Myanmar junta use snipers to fire on pro-democracy protesters, several dead, over 50 people arrested
February 28th 2021: Shots, tear gas as police in Myanmar intensify use of force
February 28th 2021: Myanmar Army Terminates UN Ambassador After Anti-Coup Speech
February 27th 2021: Myanmar UN ambassador supports protestors with three finger salute
February 27th 2021: Western powers’ empty rhetoric is making things worse for Myanmar’s people
February 27th 2021: Police fire shots and disperse Myanmar protesters in Yangon
February 26th 2021: Myanmar’s civil servant strikes start to bite
February 26th 2021: Analysis: Can Asia help Myanmar find a way out of coup crisis?
February 26th 2021: Follow the money: Myanmar coup puts pressure on army businesses
February 25th 2021: UN Security Council Won’t Respond to Myanmar’s Coup, But the General Assembly Can
February 25th 2021: ASEAN’s Myanmar plan deserves support
February 25th 2021: Facebook bans all accounts and ads linked to Myanmar’s military
February 25th 2021: Supporting new Myanmar elections is not the solution
February 24th 2021: Twitter and SMS: Myanmar’s new frontiers of fear
February 24th 2021: Re-imagining Myanmar – The Mother of All “Critical Junctures”
February 24th 2021: Myanmar minister flies to Thailand for crisis talks
February 24th 2021: Aung San Suu Kyi tattoos flourish among Myanmar’s resistance
February 23rd 2021: Video: Myanmar faces new sanctions over military coup
February 23rd 2021: Malaysia deports 1,086 Myanmar nationals despite court order
February 23rd 2021: Video Protesters pressure Indonesia to push ASEAN on Action Plan
February 23rd 2021: Myanmar people’s wishes must be respected: Indonesian foreign minister
February 23rd 2021: US sanctions two more Myanmar generals after protest crackdown
February 22nd 2021: Myanmar’s Catholic bishops call for dialogue as tension continues to rise
February 22nd 2021: ‘No place’ for coups in today’s world, UN chief tells Myanmar military 
February 22nd 2021: Myanmar coup: Protesters defy military warning in mass strike
February 22nd 2021: Myanmar coup latest: Protest expected to be largest since coup
February 22nd 2021: Myanmar junta warns of lethal force as huge crowds gather for ‘five twos revolution’
February 21st 2021: Global backlash after Myanmar forces kill anti-coup protesters
February 21st 2021: Myanmar protesters gather again after worst day of violence
February 21st 2021: Myanmar coup latest: Facebook deletes military’s main page
February 20th 2021: Myanmar coup: At least two killed as police disperse protesters
February 20th 2021: CDM Movement Unmasks China’s Meddling in Myanmar
February 20th 2021: Authorities arrest Myitkyina CDM Participants
February 20th 2021: Myanmar’s minorities march in show of unity against coup
February 20th 2021: Myanmar coup: fresh demonstrations follow death of protester
February 19th 2021: ‘Abhorrent’: Malaysia’s plan for Myanmar repatriation condemned
February 19th 2021: Myanmar coup: Woman shot during anti-coup protests dies
February 18th 2021: UK and Canada impose sanctions on Myanmar generals after coup
February 18th 2021: Myanmar coup: Mass protests defy military and gridlock Yangon
February 18th 2021: Myanmar protesters urge China to condemn coup. Will Beijing act?
February 18th 2021: Nearly 500 detained in Myanmar, hackers target military websites
February 17th 2021: Video: Ben Rogers: Min Aung Hlaing ambitions ‘driving’ Myanmar coup
February 17th 2021: Video: Suu Kyi brought to court without any warning | Myanmar top news | Military coup |Latest English News
February 17th 2021: Fresh protests in Myanmar as Aung San Suu Kyi appears in court
February 17th 2021: In Pictures: Myanmar’s coup opponents gather for major protests
February 17th 2021: Video: ‘Terrified’ UN envoy issues warning on Myanmar as protesters face down military
February 16th 2021: UN warns Myanmar military, as internet restored after blackout
February 16th 2021: Myanmar coup: Protesters face up to 20 years in prison under new law
February 16th 2021: Video:  Myanmar army suspends laws limiting forces, hunts protest backers | Myanmar protest | English News
February 15th 2021: Myanmar coup: Troops on the streets as fears of crackdown mount
February 15th 2021: Myanmar: internet restored as Aung San Suu Kyi’s detention extended
February 15th 2021: Myanmar military tries ‘divide and rule’ in bid to cement power
February 14th 2021: Video:  What’s happening in Myanmar?| Start Here OVERVIEW OF SITUATION
February 14th 2021: Myanmar’s Premier League fans join team opposing army’s coup
February 14th 2021: Myanmar crisis: ‘All options should be on the table’, UN Human Rights Council hears
February 14th 2021: Myanmar army chiefs order arrest of leading coup opponents MENTION OF PATHEIN
February 14th 2021: Huge rallies in Myanmar for ninth day as army steps up arrests
February 13th 2021: Myanmar coup: Neighborhood groups block night arrests MENTION OF PATHEIN
February 12th 2021: US Enforces Sanctions and Redirects Aid to Myanmar 
February 12th 2021: Myanmar coup: Mass protests defy military leader’s plea
February 12th 2021: Facebook curbs Myanmar military over ‘misinformation’ as protests swell
February 12th 2021: Myanmar military releases more than 23,000 prisoners as protests against coup continue
February 11th 2021: UN council to meet on Myanmar as junta tells protesters to go back to work
February 11th 2021: Guardian Podcast: The coup in Myanmar and a fight for democracy
February 10th 2021: Myanmar protesters return to streets in huge numbers amid police defections
February 10th 2021: Myanmar: Lethal Force Used Against Protesters
February 9th 2021: Myanmar coup: Police use force as protesters defy ban
February 9th 2021: Myanmar coup: Police clamp down as protesters defy ban on gatherings
February 9th 2021: Myanmar military ruler defends coup as protests intensify
February 8th 2021: Myanmar police fire water cannon in Naypyidaw, warn protesters to disperse or face force
February 8th 2021: Three-finger salute: Hunger Games symbol adopted by Myanmar protesters
February 8th 2021: Myanmar coup leader defends action amid mass protests
February 7th 2021: Pope appeals to Myanmar leaders to serve the common good
February 6th 2021: Myanmar minorities fear renewed violence after military coup
February 6th 2021: Myanmar coup: What now for Aung San Suu Kyi?
February 6th 2021: Crowd protests against military rule in Myanmar
February 5th 2021: Myanmar coup: Teachers join growing protests against military
February 5th 2021: Video: Myanmar coup: Young Burmese fear a return to the ‘dark old days’
February 5th 2021: Myanmar coup: Crackdown tightened with Win Htein arrest
February 5th 2021: Aung San Suu Kyi aide arrested after saying Myanmar coup was ‘not wise’
February 5th 2021: U.N. Security Council demands Myanmar coup leaders free Suu Kyi as U.S. weighs sanctions
February 4th 2021: Myanmar coup: Pots, pans and car horns ring out in anti-coup protest
February 3rd 2021: After coup in Myanmar, Cardinal Bo calls for calm, release of prisoners and urges West to avoid sanctions
February 2nd 2021: House of Lords Private Notice Question on Myanmar
February 2nd 2021: Founder/Trustee’s Personal Commentary
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