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January 31st 2022: Myanmar Resistance Kills Dozens of Junta Soldiers in Three Days of Clashes
January 31st 2022: Open letter to the Prime Minister of Norway: stop the sale of Telenor Myanmar to M1 Group
January 31st 2022: Myanmar: 1 year after coup, a bitter stalemate looms
January 31st 2022: Myanmar Authorities Arrest Dozens Ahead of Planned Protests
January 31st 2022: Poverty, fear and explosions: Life in Myanmar one year on from the coup
January 30th 2022: ‘Companies doing business with Myanmar complicit in murder, atrocities’
January 30th 2022: Myanmar: Why once peaceful protesters are now choosing violence
January 30th 2022: Myanmar’s PDFs in ‘phase one’ of revolutionary war
January 30th 2022: Death, danger, despair: A year in Myanmar under the military
January 30th 2022: Newly Discovered Mekong Region Monkey Endangered Already
January 29th 2022: Pullout Of Foreign Companies Jeopardizes Myanmar Economy – OpEd
January 29th 2022: Myanmar’s junta fights for legitimacy as diplomatic, battlefield pressures mount on Min Aung Hlaing and his generals, a year after coup
January 29th 2022: UN rights chief says response to Myanmar
January 29th 2022: A year after Myanmar’s coup, families of detainees search for answers
January 29th 2022: Military disinformation moves offline amid internet restrictions
January 28th 2022: Australia: Sanction Myanmar’s Coup Leaders
January 28th 2022: Myanmar: Year of Brutality in Coup’s Wake
January 28th 2022: Energy firms’ departure will damage Myanmar financially and politically: Experts
January 28th 2022: ‘Absolute hell’: One year since Myanmar military coup
January 28th 2022: How the US could counter China in Myanmar
January 28th 2022: Military disinformation moves offline amid internet restrictions
January 28th 2022: ‘Living in a Dark Era’: One Year Since Myanmar Coup, Protests and Clashes Still Go On
January 27th 2022: Myanmar’s isolation from West opens door for China and Russia
January 27th 2022: More than 100 sentenced to death in Yangon since Myanmar coup
January 27th 2022: Myanmar’s generals have united the country—against themselves
January 26th 2022: World Bank expects Myanmar growth of 1%, economy ‘critically weak’
January 26th 2022: Myanmar’s junta threatens ‘action’ ahead of strike to mark coup anniversary
January 26th 2022: Myanmar’s Military Knows Only the Language of Force
January 26th 2022: Global Positioning: New artworks by 20 international artists on view in NYC, Chicago & Boston
January 26th 2022: Deciding the future of the ‘Karen Revolution’
January 25th 2022: Myanmar’s year of turmoil since the military took power in a coup
January 25th 2022: Accor hangs onto hotels in Myanmar
January 25th 2022: China Appeals to Myanmar Opposition to Safeguard its Investments
January 25th 2022: ICG includes Myanmar to its list of 10 world hotspots
January 25th 2022: Myanmar: Urgent Action Needed to Block Foreign Revenue
January 24th 2022: Twin blasts bring number of bombings to 121 in Yangon since Myanmar coup
January 24th 2022: Crisis in Myanmar: Violent deadlock leaves millions in need
January 24th 2022: Media crackdown continues ahead of coup anniversary in Myanmar
January 24th 2022: Resistance to the Myanmar regime in Chin state – a photo essay
January 24th 2022: Myanmar’s Civil Disobedience Movement Carries On in Face of Increasing Junta Repression
January 23rd 2022: Jokowi regrets Myanmar Junta stance on 5PC
January 23rd 2022: Gas giants’ Myanmar exit unlikely to badly damage junta
January 23rd 2022: Dr Sasa says Chin people can approach world courts over Myanmar junta rights abuse
January 23rd 2022: NUG conducts military operations in Yangon
January 23rd 2022: Civilians in Karenni State fear the ‘devil in the sky’
January 22nd 2022: Myanmar sentences pro-democracy activists Phyo Zeyar Thaw and Kyaw Min Yu to death
January 22nd 2022: Kingdom, EU top diplomats discuss Myanmar crisis
January 22nd 2022: ‘I’ve never seen such solidarity… we expect the revolution to succeed this year’ – NUG Prime Minister 
January 22nd 2022: Energy giants Total, Chevron to exit Myanmar amid rights abuses
January 22nd 2022: Junta Watch: Regime Leader Repeats His Predecessor’s Palm Oil Folly, and More
January 21st 2022: COVID cover up: third wave death toll may be in hundreds of thousands
January 21st 2022: Rumour says two townships to be promoted as districts in Chin State
January 21st 2022: French energy giant Total joins push for Myanmar sanctions
January 21st 2022: Commentary: Is Cambodia up to the task of chairing ASEAN?
January 21st 2022: Four men killed at military interrogation centre in Mandalay Region
January 20th 2022: The ‘normalisation’ of the junta’s rule In Myanmar?: Jakarta Post contributor
January 20th 2022: Muslims on Edge as Ethnic Group Bids for Power in Rakhine State
January 20th 2022: Yangon professor speaks out from Insein Prison on his ‘illegal’ imprisonment
January 20th 2022: Daily blackouts in Myanmar disrupt livelihoods of rural, urban dwellers
January 20th 2022: Myanmar army laid landmines along oil, gas pipelines in northern Shan State, rights group says
January 19th 2022: Nearly 160 Myanmar Regime Troops Killed in First Half of January: KNU
January 19th 2022: Myanmar: Outlawed Group Resurfaces, Raising New Fears Of Clashes In Rakhine State
January 19th 2022: Mitch McConnell: I’m continuing my work to strengthen democracy in Burma
January 19th 2022: Myanmar Crisis and Hun Sen’s Visit: ASEAN in Disarray?
January 18th 2022: The Chinese Regime Continues to Fund the Murderous Generals in Burma
January 18th 2022: UN Envoy, Thai Leader Hold Talks on Myanmar
January 18th 2022: Crisis as 50,000 civilians displaced by fighting in Myanmar’s Karen State
January 18th 2022: Education vs. revolution: school reopenings bring hard choices
January 17th 2022: Norway’s Telenor to sell stake in Myanmar’s Wave Money
January 17th 2022: Myanmar and Ethiopia: Drawing Parallels
January 17th 2022: Soldiers kill and burn villagers during rampages throughout Myaing
January 17th 2022: The military coup in Burma can be defeated – but the British government needs to do more
January 17th 2022: Hundreds of Buddhist Monks Flee Temples in Eastern Myanmar as Violence Escalates
January 16th 2022: Junta troops release prisoners after guerrilla attack on police stations, resistance fighters say
January 16th 2022: Outspoken news anchor reports from Myanmar’s jungles amid media crackdown
January 16th 2022: Rights group calls out ‘bogus charges’ against Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi
January 16th 2022: Myanmar restaurant, started by refugees, to sell grab and go meals at Meijer, Michigan
January 16th 2022: Singapore PM backs continued exclusion of Myanmar junta from ASEAN meetings
January 15th 2022: Guns Are Being 3D Printed in Myanmar
January 15th 2022: Yangon PDF members ‘lured into trap’ with promise of weapons then arrested
January 15th 2022: Myanmar junta hits Suu Kyi with five new charges over helicopter purchase
January 15th 2022: No ‘significant progress’ in implementing ASEAN’s Five-Point Consensus on Myanmar: PM Lee to PM Hun Sen
January 15th 2022: Karen communities call on US and French presidents to sanction gas revenue to Myanmar military
January 14th 2022: Air force chief among those removed from posts as junta’s reliance on planes and helicopters grows 
January 14th 2022: Malaysia minister rebukes Cambodia’s Hun Sen for meeting Myanmar junta chief
January 14th 2022: Burmese flee bombardment as junta ‘makes example’ of city of Loikaw
January 14th 2022: Sokhonn: Singapore backs Cambodia’s move over Myanmar crisis
January 14th 2022: How Chinese demand for jade fuels a deadly, corrupt industry in Myanmar
January 13th 2022: Clashes between TNLA and Myanmar army in Shan State’s Namkham leave 5 soldiers dead
January 13th 2022: Cambodia postpones first ASEAN meeting amid differences among member states
January 13th 2022: Hopeful signs: How some southeast Asian nations are snubbing Myanmar’s military leader
January 13th 2022: Myanmar junta replaces air force chief amid bombing campaign – sources
January 13th 2022: Myanmar bishop calls for special prayers for peace
January 12th 2022: Tax revenue falls by more than a third under coup regime
January 12th 2022: Betel Nut Smuggling From Myanmar to India Booming: Report
January 12th 2022: Teak Exports Helping Fund Military Rule
January 12th 2022: Soldiers use civilians as human shields during raid on PDF base in Sagaing 
January 11th 2022: Opinion: As a civil war smolders, Myanmar’s military fans the flames
January 11th 2022: Senior Myanmar Military Official Replaced in Surprise Move
January 11th 2022: Ten Matupi township villagers allegedly arrested and killed by Myanmar junta troops
January 11th 2022: US demands immediate release of Myanmar’s democratic leader Aung San Suu Kyi
January 11th 2022: 70% of Japanese firms keep, expand business in Myanmar after coup
January 10th 2022: Myanmar junta sentences 78 people to death since coup: survey
January 10th 2022: Aung San Suu Kyi: Ousted Myanmar leader jailed for another four years
January 10th 2022: The plight of Myanmar’s people 11 months after military coup: Jakarta Post contributor
January 10th 2022: Myanmar: Junta Imposes K20,000 Levy On Mobile SIM Cards, 15% Internet Use Tax
January 10th 2022: Myanmar junta chief asks Hun Sen to be ‘Godbrother’
January 9th 2022: Myanmar to further extend ceasefire period until end of 2022
January 9th 2022: PM defends results of Myanmar trip
January 9th 2022: Issue of the minimum wage is another threat to workers in Myanmar
January 9th 2022: Min Aung Hlaing touts electric train plans as Myanmar suffers daily blackouts
January 9th 2022: Bound, gagged, shot: Myanmar’s military massacre women, children, charity workers as activists call for arms embargo against junta
January 8th 2022: Cambodian PM Hun Sen’s visit with Myanmar military chief sparks protests
January 8th 2022: Myanmar villagers seek ‘freedom’ from violence as thousands set up camp along Thai border
January 8th 2022: Burmese Photojournalist Dies in Military Custody, PEC Deplores
January 8th 2022: Yangon Resistance Fighters Step up Attacks on Myanmar Junta
January 7th 2022: Cambodia PM gets red-carpet welcome in Myanmar as visit sparks protests
January 7th 2022: Fighter jets blast Gahe village in Myanmar’s Sagaing region killing one person
January 7th 2022: ‘How can we fight without weapons?’
January 7th 2022: Rebel commanders call for international intervention in Myanmar’s civil war
January 7th 2022: Closing Schools And Bulldozing Rohingya Shops Are Cruel And Bad Policies – OpEd
January 6th 2022: Cambodian PM Hun Sen vows to hold junta to deal ahead of Myanmar visit
January 6th 2022: Why people in Myanmar don’t want the junta’s jabs
January 6th 2022: Uncertainty, Criticism Ahead of Hun Sen’s Myanmar Visit
January 6th 2022: Cambodia: PM Hun Sen should cancel Myanmar trip, avoid ‘empty gestures’
January 6th 2022: ‘No legal pathways’: Myanmar poverty pushes thousands to Thailand
January 5th 2022: Myanmar citizens find little reason to celebrate on Independence Day
January 5th 2022: What Does Myanmar’s New Chinese Submarine Reveal About its Military?
January 5th 2022: Myanmar: 20 civilians reported killed in latest military attack in rebel hotspot
January 5th 2022: Myanmar has ‘ingredients for civil war,’ says ASEAN chair
January 5th 2022: Hun Sen set for Myanmar visit as envoy warns of looming civil war
January 4th 2022: Karen forces capture seven junta soldiers near Lay Kay Kaw
January 4th 2022: ‘Unprecedented crisis’ for people of Myanmar predicted in 2022
January 4th 2022: India’s Foreign Secretary Visits Post-Coup Myanmar – Analysis
January 4th 2022: Cambodia’s Hun Sen to visit Myanmar, despite explosions near embassy
January 3rd 2022: People Of Myanmar Face Unprecedented Crisis In 2022, The U.N. Warns
January 3rd 2022: 2021: Myanmar’s post-coup bloodshed eclipsed other conflicts in Southeast Asia
January 3rd 2022: ‘A normal tactic’: Myanmar’s aid workers vow to press on despite Christmas Eve massacre
January 3rd 2022: Fresh evidence emerges of brutal torture of prisoners inside Mandalay Palace
January 3rd 2022: NGOs voice concerns over failure of US and France to block gas revenue to Myanmar junta
January 2nd 2022: Myanmar’s Most Oppressive Year Against Media
January 2nd 2022: Karenni community worldwide protest massacre in Karenni State
January 2nd 2022: Mizoram: Security forces seize huge cache of explosives near Myanmar border
January 2nd 2022: ‘We won’t give up’: Japan entrepreneurs bet on Myanmar’s future
January 2nd 2022: Myanmar military reverts to strategy of massacres, burnings, AP investigation finds
January 1st 2022: Speculation Myanmar junta will grant amnesty to celebrities
January 1st 2022: Prince Charles shares New Year’s message urging people to stand up for freedom
January 1st 2022: China’s vaccine support benefits Myanmar’s COVID-19 fight
January 1st 2022: Junta Watch: New Submarines; Junta Massacres Civilians in Southeast Myanmar; Regime Uses Christians for Propaganda and More