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July 31st 2023:Commentary: Another failed attempt to address Myanmar conflict – what’s next?
July 31st 2023: Myanmar Resistance Groups Declare First Anti-Junta State Council
July 31st 2023: Three Myanmar students killed in military raid in Sagaing’s Budalin Township
July 30th 2023: Wang Yi Meets with Thai Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Don Pramudwinai
July 30th 2023: Mizoram begins collection of biometric details of Myanmar nationals
July 30th 2023: Why Media Outlets Need To Publish More Articles On Myanmar-Bangladesh’s Rohingya Aid Issue – OpEd
July 29th 2023:  Myanmar Reports 6,685 Dengue Fever Cases, Gears up to Combat Dengue Virus
July 29th 2023: ILO Brief: Myanmar: Labour market update 2023 [EN/MY]
July 29th 2023:  Don’t be lured by fake job syndicates run by scammers offering IT jobs in Thailand, Myanmar: Nepal to citizens
July 28th 2023: Zara owner Inditex says it will stop buying clothes from Myanmar
July 28th 2023: Rum and coke and automatic rifles: Myanmar’s Gen Z guerrillas
July 28th 2023: Myanmar’s revolution against repression
July 27th 2023: Chinese traders flock to Hpakant to buy jade on the cheap
July 27th 2023: Testing the faith: Military’s brand of toxic Buddhism backfires
July 27th 2023:‘We Starve to Feed the Kids’: Myanmar’s Post-Coup Food Crisis Bites Hard 
July 26th 2023: Myanmar military may move Suu Kyi to house arrest – media
July 26th 2023: Myanmar national convicted of plot to assault nation’s U.N. ambassador
July 26th 2023: Mobile money in Myanmar: Wave Money on financial inclusion
July 25th 2023:US Dismisses China’s Rejection of UN Accusations of Arms Transfers to Myanmar
July 25th 2023: Ambushes on Highway to Mandalay Target Myanmar Junta ‘Extortion’ Base
July 25th 2023: Over 700 Myanmar nationals enter Manipur; Assam Rifles asked to push them back
July 24th 2023: Off target: Myanmar football falters on and off the pitch
July 24th 2023: Myanmar Central Bank will issue its highest denomination banknote as the economy suffers
July 24th 2023: Myanmar army general linked to brutal massacre installed as new head of police
July 24th 2023: Myanmar’s Democratic Future Must Start Now, With Ethnic Women Leading the Way
July 23rd 2023: Myanmar’s generals unveil giant Buddha statue as they seek to win hearts and minds during civil war
July 23rd 2023: Myanmar’s government in exile throws support behind launch of crypto-based bank
July 23rd 2023: Survivors of Myanmar’s scam mills talk torture, death, organ harvesting – and the battle to escape
July 22nd 2023: Patheingyi residents face ‘farmland’ evictions
July 22nd 2023: Sexual violence is junta’s ‘modus operandi’, Myanmar activist tells UN
July 22nd 2023: Villagers say 14 killed as Myanmar violence flares
July 21st 2023: Righting wrongs in Myanmar requires justice – not retribution
July 21st 2023: Four Takeaways from the ASEAN Summit
July 21st 2023: China and the USA bid to win over the Myanmar junta
July 20th 2023: Mangrove restoration helps local communities – and the planet
July 20th 2023: Aung San Suu Kyi’s son calls on governments to impose ‘tougher sanctions’ on Myanmar
July 20th 2023: Myanmar dispatch: Supreme Court hears appeals by lawyers representing imprisoned Aung San Suu Kyi
July 19th 2023: Myanmar photojournalists continue shooting despite dangers and financial woes
July 19th 2023: Myanmar’s education system in ‘crisis’ as rebellion rages on, says World Bank
July 18th 2023: How China is using new railway line to extend influence in Myanmar
July 18th 2023: UK–Myanmar development partnership summary
July 18th 2023: Inside Myanmar: The secret hospital treating the injured against all odds
July 17th 2023: Conflict shoots up malaria cases on the Thai-Myanmar border
July 17th 2023: Inside Myanmar: Why has the crisis lacked international focus?
July 17th 2023: Burma or Myanmar: Where is Myanmar? Why is the country known by two different names?
July 16th 2023:   100 resistance fighters arrested in Yangon in last six months
July 16th 2023: Myanmar Resistance Asks US for Over $500 Million in Nonlethal and Humanitarian Aid
July 16th 2023: Teachers, students suffer opposing the military regime
July 15th 2023:  Wang Yi discusses bilateral ties, Myanmar with Thai deputy PM
July 15th 2023: Aquarium Fish Redtail Garra Listed as New Species After More Than 20 Years of First Sighting
July 15th 2023: Rohingya: The Most Persecuted People In The World – Analysis
July 14th 2023: Seeing hands: Yangon’s river divers
July 14th 2023: Southeast Asian nations renew alarm over Myanmar violence. But diplomats can’t settle on a solution
July 14th 2023: No ‘silver bullet’: Experts weigh in on America’s latest Myanmar sanctions
July 13th 2023: Myanmar refugees granted resettlement in third countries are stuck in Thailand
July 13th 2023: Compromised Suu Kyi No Longer Central To Myanmar Opposition’s Vision – Analysis
July 13th 2023: Experts condemn Thai foreign minister’s meeting with Aung San Suu Kyi
July 12th 2023: Thai foreign minister says he met Myanmar’s Suu Kyi in first foreign envoy meeting since 2021 coup
July 12th 2023: Junta banks on threats to save state agricultural bank
July 12th 2023: ASEAN chair Indonesia urges political solution to Myanmar crisis
July 11th 2023: Law and order, or frontier justice? Shan’s armed group judiciaries
July 11th 2023: ASEAN begins key regional talks with Myanmar topping agenda
July 11th 2023: Why Has Australia Suddenly Gone Quiet on Myanmar?
July 10th 2023: Two alleged assassins summarily executed in Myanmar junta custody
July 10th 2023:  US sanctions are driving Myanmar into China’s arms
July 10th 2023: Myanmar violence and sea disputes to dominate ASEAN talks joined by US, Russian and Chinese envoys
July 9th 2023: Documentary ‘Diamond Marine World’ wins top prize at 2023 Taipei Film Awards
July 9th 2023: Blinken to seek ASEAN pushback on China, pressure on Myanmar
July 9th 2023:  Escalating opposition tactics challenge Myanmar’s state administration junta in June
July 8th 2023: Anti-junta groups try their luck with lottery schemes
July 8th 2023: Christians flee fresh violence in Myanmar’s Kachin state
July 8th 2023: Chin Rebels Open New Front with Myanmar Junta on Rakhine Border
July 7th 2023: Where Transnational Crime Meets Terrorism
July 7th 2023: 15 killed in attack on Myanmar village; military says pro-democracy fighters hit civilians
July 7th 2023: Workers’ rights violations at “record high”
July 6th 2023: UN HCR53: Interactive Dialogue with Special Rapporteur on Myanmar
July 6th 2023: ‘Nothing to eat’: Onshore oil shutdown leaves workers in the lurch
July 6th 2023: UN: Myanmar junta tightens its grasp on online spaces
July 5th 2023: Myanmar: Generals who orchestrated Rohingya atrocities cling to power
July 5th 2023: Myanmar’s top court hears Suu Kyi’s appeals to cut jail term
July 5th 2023: Junta Orders Nightlife Shutdown as Narcotics Flood Myanmar
July 4th 2023: ‘We all feel the music together’: Singers bridge differences across borders
July 4th 2023: 91 more Singapore-based companies allegedly sending supplies to Myanmar military
July 4th 2023: Myanmar sentences The Irrawaddy publisher Thaung Win to 5 years prison for sedition
July 3rd 2023: A closer look into the urban resistance in Myanmar
July 3rd 2023: Myanmar Supreme Court to hear Suu Kyi appeal this week – source
July 3rd 2023: “I want my baby safe, this is all I need.” Supporting women and girls in Myanmar after Cyclone Mocha tears a path of destruction
July 2nd 2023: Assessment of child labour in the Yangon Region, Ayeyarwady Region and Kayin State
July 2nd 2023: Prominent Myanmar tycoon Maung Weik released from prison
July 2nd 2023: Myanmar Resistance Shoots Down Junta Aircraft
July 1st 2023: We Are Rohingya Americans: Establishing a Relationship With U.S. Officials To Advocate for Justice and Peace Is Crucial
July 1st 2023:  NUG says Myanmar junta sales of government securities illegal
July 1st 2023: Myanmar: Military’s obstruction of humanitarian aid could be international crime