Thursday 17th June 2021

Myanmar Coup – June 2021 Articles

June 16th 2021: Myanmar’s Humanitarian Crisis Deepens
June 16th 2021: ‘Our only option’: Myanmar civilians take up arms for democracy
June 16th 2021: Myanmar’s Youth Increasingly Look for Opportunity Abroad
June 16th 2021: Myanmar reports first detection of 3 new Covid variants in 5 cities: Ministry
June 16th 2021: Myanmar militia group halts attacks on troops; Suu Kyi ‘confident’ in court
June 15th 2021: Trial of Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi gets under way
June 15th 2021: Two lawyers arrested in Myawaddy on charges of incitement
June 15th 2021: UN urged to investigate ‘improper’ sharing of Rohingya data with Myanmar
June 15th 2021: Myanmar, terrorism and the demands of international politics
June 14th 2021: COVID-19 cases rise to 145,603 in Myanmar
June 14th 2021: G7 leaders condemn Myanmar’s military coup, call for immediate released of detained civilians
June 14th 2021: Trial of Aung San Suu Kyi to begin in Myanmar after military coup
June 14th 2021: Anti-junta protesters in Myanmar show support for Rohingya
June 14th 2021: Covid-19 grounded planes, so drug traffickers in Southeast Asia took to the seas: Report
June 13th 2021: ‘It’s OK not to be OK’: Finding support amid trauma and grief
June 13th 2021: Rally in Australia calls for recognition of Myanmar’s National Unity Government
June 13th 2021: ‘A catastrophe’: UN warns of intensifying violence in Myanmar
June 13th 2021: In Myanmar, healthcare’s collapse takes its own toll
June 13th 2021: Coal-fired power plant in Myanmar backed by China that villagers feel powerless to oppose
June 12th 2021: Myanmar Dissident Deaths in Custody, Unapproved Autopsies Prompt Calls For Probe
June 12th 2021: Myanmar bishops seek ‘humanitarian corridor’ amid starvation fears
June 12th 2021: Kindness amid turmoil: Australian teacher recounts life in Myanmar
June 12th 2021: Bomb Explodes at Chinese-Backed Factory in Myanmar
June 12th 2021: ‘A catastrophe’: UN warns of intensifying violence in Myanmar
June 11th 2021: South Korean human rights groups donate ten million won for democratization in Myanmar
June 11th 2021: Burmese Poets to Pen New Era as Lawmakers
June 11th 2021: The Americans locked up in Myanmar’s notorious Insein prison
June 11th 2021: Myanmar Authorities Arrest 638 Suspects for Terror Acts, Illegal Possession of Arms
June 11th 2021: A Dozen Dead in Myanmar Military Plane Crash, Including Prominent Senior Monk
June 10th 2021: 12 Reportedly Killed in Air Force Plane Crash in Myanmar
June 10th 2021: Restaurant Staff Detained After Myanmar Minister’s Son Involved in Brawl
June 10th 2021: Aung San Suu Kyi formally charged with corruption by Myanmar military
June 10th 2021: Myanmar pushes ASEAN to the brink
June 10th 2021: Wounded Myanmar protesters fear arrest in junta hospitals
June 9th 2021: China Boosts Support for Myanmar Army, Countering U.S. Sanctions
June 9th 2021: Was Min Min tortured to death for banging pots?
June 9th 2021: Empty rhetoric
June 9th 2021: Myanmar coup latest: ‘Violence is spiraling,’ US’s Kurt Campbell says
June 9th 2021: Rohingya Voices Matter – Activist Toolkit
June 8th 2021: Myanmar: Red Cross ramps up response as humanitarian crisis deepens
June 8th 2021: Myanmar: Aung San Suu Kyi’s trial to begin next week
June 8th 2021: Myanmar’s National Unity Government ‘Deeply Concerned’ With China
June 8th 2021: Roughly 800 soldiers have fled the military since the coup, says defector 
June 8th 2021: Myanmar coup latest: ‘Violence is spiraling,’ US’s Kurt Campbell says
June 7th 2021: The revolution is ours
June 7th 2021: ASEAN ministers pressure Myanmar after ‘painfully slow’ progress
June 7th 2021: Villages empty, civilian armed groups rise in eastern Myanmar
June 7th 2021: ASEAN flag burns as Myanmar people lose faith in bloc
June 7th 2021: ‘The darkest days are coming’: Myanmar’s journalists suffer at hands of junta
June 6th 2021: Myanmar forces clash with villagers in delta region, media report 20 dead
June 6th 2021: Myanmar willing to work with ASEAN, highlights China’s role in maintaining domestic stability
June 6th 2021: 380 refugees sent back amid Karen, Myanmar ceasefire
June 6th 2021: Cartoonists use art to oppose TotalEnergies’ business with junta
June 6th 2021: Myanmar Junta’s Efforts to Kill the NLD Will Always Fail
June 5th 2021: At least 20 killed by Myanmar forces in Ayeyarwady delta, media reports
June 5th 2021: More Than Half of Myanmar’s Chin State Under COVID Lockdown
June 5th 2021: Myanmar’s National Unity Govt ‘No Longer Has Faith’ in ASEAN
June 5th 2021: Myanmar’s military coup leader admits not fully in control of country
June 5th 2021: Myanmar’s UN envoy tells General Assembly about corruption in Myanmar
June 4th 2021: Myanmar dispatches: ‘war right in front of our eyes is unavoidable now’
June 4th 2021: Myanmar coup latest: Suu Kyi’s whereabouts unknown, lawyers say
June 4th 2021: Souring on peace marches, Myanmar protesters seek weapons
June 4th 2021: Brands criticised for Myanmar sourcing u-turn
June 4th 2021: On Myanmar, ASEAN’s empty diplomatic rhetoric is costing lives
June 3rd 2021: ASEAN envoys in Myanmar to try and resolve post-coup chaos with military junta
June 3rd 2021: He dreamed of football glory, but died on junta’s day of shame
June 3rd 2021: Police sub-inspector dies after guerrilla attack in Kanbalu, Sagaing Region
June 3rd 2021: Elephants escape Myanmar mud pit to cheers from villagers who helped
June 3rd 2021: Myanmar: A decade of hope wasted?
June 2nd 2021: ‘I just want to cry’: Non-striking civil servants in a moral bind
June 2nd 2021: Myanmar jails two journalists for incitement and spreading false news, employers say
June 2nd 2021: Foreign travel advice Myanmar (Burma)
June 2nd 2021: Comfortable in the ‘Generals’ Village’, the UN and EU Lined Myanmar Military’s Pockets
June 2nd 2021: Myanmar Timber Auction Disappoints Cash-Strapped Junta
June 1st 2021: Myanmar Journalists Vow to Work On Despite Repression, Job Losses
June 1st 2021: Burma Junta Moves Aung San Suu Kyi to ‘Unknown Location
June 1st 2021: Five Accused of Being Myanmar Junta Informants Found Dead in Magwe
June 1st 2021: Myanmar’s Shadow Govt ‘Deeply Concerned’ for Safety of Detained NLD Leaders
June 1st 2021: ‘Boldface fabrication’: General Michael Flynn denies he endorsed Myanmar-style coup in America in viral video