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June 30th 2022: Myanmar: End executions and other human rights violations
June 30th 2022: Four Yangon court buildings bombed
June 30th 2022: Nine killed in junta raids on Myanmar villages near China-backed copper mine
June 30th 2022: Japan’s Kirin to sell Myanmar Brewery to sanctioned partner
June 30th 2022: Prisoner beaten to death by prison officer in Ayeyarwaddy’s Myaungmya Prison
June 29th 2022: ‘They are our revolution partners’: TNLA general secretary
June 29th 2022: World Can’t Fail To Repatriate Rohingyas In Myanmar From Bangladesh – OpEd
June 29th 2022: NLD slams junta transfer of Suu Kyi to prison in Myanmar capital
June 29th 2022: Chinese embassy in Myanmar makes donation to school for the deaf
June 29th 2022: ASEAN Special Envoy on Second Visit to Myanmar; No Meeting With Suu Kyi
June 28th 2022: Nearly 700 organisations have written to Penny Wong about Myanmar. Here’s why
June 28th 2022: France concerned about Burmese decision on Aung San Suu Kyi
June 28th 2022: ASEAN Envoy Calls for Release of Aung San Suu Kyi from Solitary Confinement
June 28th 2022: China FM to visit Myanmar this weekend: junta spokesman
June 28th 2022: Karen Groups Battle Myanmar Military for Control of Key Outpost
June 27th 2022: Poor suffer as junta policies ‘starve’ the edible oil market
June 27th 2022: Why Has the World Forgotten About Myanmar?
June 27th 2022: As Myanmar Burns, Junta Pours Money Into ‘World’s Tallest’ Buddha Image
June 27th 2022: PEACE CALL FAILS: Two-pronged strategy with scorched-earth policy getting the junta nowhere
June 27th 2022: Three men found dead after attack on Myanmar military convoy
June 26th 2022: Myanmar seizes, torches drugs worth half a billion dollars
June 26th 2022: Cover Stories and Burner Phones: How Myanmar Journalists Report Under Military Rule
June 26th 2022: A tale of two defections
June 26th 2022: Shanghai reports zero Covid cases for first time in months
June 26th 2022: Ousted Myanmar leader Suu Kyi’s solitary confinement: what we know
June 25th 2022: Kachin public calls on KIO to address gold mining crisis
June 25th 2022: Teachers in Myanmar caught in crossfire as conflict rages
June 25th 2022: Never give up hope, says Myanmar’s Cardinal Bo
June 25th 2022: Challenges faced by female reporters in Myanmar post-coup
June 25th 2022: Myanmar reports 15 new COVID-19 cases
June 23rd 2022: Junta soldiers overrun multiple Mandalay wards following the killing of army sergeant
June 23rd 2022: Scam City: How the coup brought Shwe Kokko back to life
June 23rd 2022: Aung San Suu Kyi trial ‘moved to prison in Myanmar’s capital’
June 23rd 2022: Myanmar civilian death toll surpasses 2,000 since coup-NGO
June 23rd 2022: Internet shutdowns hide atrocities: people in Myanmar need global action
June 22nd 2022: Is Myanmar’s Military on Its Last Legs?
June 22nd 2022: Disappearance of teachers in northern Rakhine sparks manhunt
June 22nd 2022: Who is Behind Myanmar Junta’s Ye-U Massacre?
June 22nd 2022: Sellouts and false prophets: Cinema in the Myanmar revolution
June 22nd 2022: Amnesty International: Bangladesh: “Engage with us to find a durable solution”
June 21st 2022: ‘Through our own eyes’: Rohingya refugees stage photography show
June 21st 2022: Myanmar’s Suu Kyi celebrates birthday with cake in court
June 21st 2022: The World Must Hear the Rohingyas Chanting “Go Home” in Bangladesh Camps
June 21st 2022: Covid-19 halts tin conc deliveries from Myanmar into China
June 21st 2022: How Will Myanmar Junta Chief Play Military Proxy Party for His Presidency?
June 20th 2022: Under pressure: why Yangon’s groundwater is slipping out of reach
June 20th 2022: Evidence of atrocities found on soldier’s phone in Sagaing’s Ayadaw Township
June 20th 2022: Thousands of Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh Rally to Return to Myanmar
June 20th 2022: What Message Did Myanmar Military Get From The Massive Rohingya Rally ‘Go Home’ In Bangladesh?
June 20th 2022: Pope Francis hears Myanmar people’s ‘cry of pain’
June 19th 2022: Myanmar’s democracy icon Suu Kyi spends her 77th birthday in junta detention
June 19th 2022: Justice For Myanmar welcomes added UK sanctions on arms dealers
June 19th 2022: Washington’s Rohingya Genocide Declaration Is Symbolic But Meaningful – Analysis
June 19th 2022: KNU will not participate in peace talks whilst military is involved in politics
June 19th 2022: Vow to execute cultural figures and activists shows Myanmar junta’s disdain for human rights and rule of law
June 18th 2022: Pleas for help as Myanmar awaits high-profile executions
June 18th 2022: Myanmar junta rebuffs executions criticism, says it is ‘required action’
June 18th 2022: Myanmar’s Democracy Activists on Death Row Must Be Allowed to Live
June 18th 2022: Two youths killed as bomb blasts hit Yangon
June 18th 2022: Checks on overnight guest registrations in Yangon
June 17th 2022: Rigging the system: the junta’s PR makeover
June 17th 2022: Myanmar’s military coup: the world must act
June 17th 2022: Myanmar jails Aung San Suu Kyi’s colleague
June 17th 2022: Military junta using Mytel SIMs to track deserters
June 17th 2022: Rohingya refugees are stuck in limbo a decade after violence forced them to flee
June 16th 2022: Myanmar Financial Sanctions Notice (UK)
June 16th 2022: Editorial: By invoking the death penalty, the junta only condemns itself
June 16th 2022: Political prisoner executions would backfire on Myanmar junta, say analysts
June 16th 2022: Participants in Civil Disobedience Movement found murdered following junta raid in central Myanmar
June 16th 2022: Myanmar: Plans to carry out arbitrary executions must halt immediately
June 15th 2022: Police officer arrested for alleged social media post insulting junta chief
June 15th 2022: Myanmar’s Bishops call for respect of human life in ongoing conflict
June 15th 2022: Rampant Violations in Myanmar Could Constitute Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes
June 15th 2022: Myanmar: Ensuring sustainable livelihoods for all
June 15th 2022: Amid Conflict, Travel Flickers Back to Life in Myanmar
June 14th 2022: Myanmar Prison Authorities Beat At Least 10 Political Prisoners in Insein
June 14th 2022: One prisoner killed and two injured in riot at Mandalay’s Obo Prison
June 14th 2022: Resistance forces reject junta’s call to surrender 
June 14th 2022: Mae Sot tipped for potential Thai casino
June 14th 2022: Myanmar Junta Soldiers Kill Three Civilians and Take 60 Hostage in Sagaing
June 13th 2022: Remarks at a UN General Assembly Briefing on the Human Rights Situation in Burma
June 13th 2022: Myanmar’s multidimensional crises have ‘deepened and expanded dramatically’
June 13th 2022: Mandalay doctor believed to have been killed during interrogation turns up in prison
June 13th 2022: ASEAN and the Cycles of History
June 13th 2022: Bangladesh charges 29 Rohingya over activist’s murder
June 12th 2022: Cambodia’s Hun Sen asks Myanmar to call off political executions
June 12th 2022: UN Special Envoy addresses Myanmar’s critical importance at Singapore meet
June 12th 2022: His Majesty receives outgoing Myanmar envoy
June 12th 2022: Myanmar junta can’t beat rebels, should restore democracy – U.S. diplomat
June 12th 2022: Job search tough for young women in wake of coup
June 11th 2022: Defector group says 4 combat weapons in production for fight against Myanmar junta
June 11th 2022: Guards deny female inmates drinking water after protest in Myanmar’s Insein Prison
June 11th 2022: Myanmar’s Media Under Pressure but Still Reporting
June 11th 2022: Myanmar: Death sentences ‘vile attempt at instilling fear’, rights experts charge
June 11th 2022: Sri Lanka Strengthens Diplomatic Ties with Myanmar’s Junta Despite International Condemnation
June 10th 2022: Myanmar condemns ‘reckless’ statements on activists’ executions
June 10th 2022: WHO Employee Killed in Myanmar (AFP)
June 10th 2022: ‘The junta will bear full responsibility if my husband is executed’: Nilar Thein
June 10th 2022: Sean Turnell’s trial to proceed, rules Myanmar court
June 10th 2022: PDF attempts seizure of junta police station following officer defection
June 9th 2022: Don’t help the junta rewrite history
June 9th 2022: Facebook fails test to detect violent hate speech in global ads – again
June 9th 2022: U.N. calls for justice after fatal shooting of Myanmar WHO worker
June 9th 2022: ATOM to spend big on Myanmar 5G launch
June 9th 2022: Karenni Resistance Ambush Reportedly Kills 10 Myanmar Regime Soldiers
June 8th 2022: Junta kills second student in a month at checkpoint
June 8th 2022: Fighting the Fear: The Execution of Members of Myanmar’s Opposition Must be Stopped
June 8th 2022: Myanmar: Junta Vows to Enforce Death Sentences
June 8th 2022: International Community is allowing the junta to weaponise aid
June 8th 2022: Running on fumes: Fuel importers denounce new forex policy
June 7th 2022: Lessons in defying the junta: parallel education systems emerge
June 7th 2022: Myanmar junta slams France over ‘illegitimate’ snub, threatens ties
June 7th 2022: Resistance forces intercept junta convoy, seize military trucks in Karenni State
June 7th 2022: Nearly 100 homes torched and three civilians killed in Myanmar military raid on Sagaing village
June 7th 2022: Cambodia as ASEAN Chair: A Mid-Term Assessment on Myanmar
June 5th 2022: Myanmar bank blacklists 137 companies for violating regulation
June 5th 2022: National Unity Government and EAOs express concern over junta-controlled aid plan
June 6th 2022: Myanmar junta seeks to divide and rule in EAO peace talks
June 6th 2022: Nearly 60 Rohingya found abandoned on Thai island: Police
June 6th 2022: Why thousands have left Myanmar’s military—and why most stay
June 6th 2022: Strife Series: Colonial legacies and the shaping of political institutions in Greater South Asia: from decolonisation to modern-day – Introduction
June 6th 2022:  Forty per cent drop in Myanmar student enrollment for 2022-23
June 5th 2022: Myanmar military says activist, lawmaker to face death sentence
June 5th 2022: Myanmar Violence Has Displaced More Than 1 Million, UN Says
June 4th 2022: 45 Myanmar junta soldiers killed in ambush near Sagaing’s Pale Township
June 4th 2022: Myanmar says it will carry out first executions in decades
June 4th 2022: Myanmar villagers accuse junta troops of burning spree
June 4th 2022: Death penalty around the world
June 4th 2022: Myanmar military accused of torching hundreds of homes in three-day blitz
June 3rd 2022: 500 days of spring: The Kalay protesters who never quit
June 3rd 2022: Pro-military death squad rallies openly on social media
June 3rd 2022: Daniel Fenster, Michiganian
June 3rd 2022: Myanmar begins new school year amid conflict
June 3rd 2022: The Wizards of Myanmar
June 2nd 2022: Shadowy pro-military militias target Myanmar’s anti-coup movement
June 2nd 2022: Resumption of conflict would put millions at risk in Myanmar’s Rakhine state: report
June 2nd 2022: Resistance force assassinates local staff member of military mouthpiece
June 2nd 2022: Military carried out ‘collective punishment’ on ethnic civilians in eastern Myanmar
June 2nd 2022: More than one million people displaced in Myanmar, UN says
June 1st 2022: Myanmar’s junta shuts down publisher for distributing book on Rohingya genocide
June 1st 2022: Myanmar Military Carries Out Atrocities in the East, Too
June 1st 2022: War crimes in Myanmar: Junta uses air strikes as ‘collective punishment’ (Amnesty) • FRANCE 24
June 1st 2022: Clashes Expected in Chin State as Junta Deploys More Troops to Western Myanmar
June 1st 2022: What’s wrong with this picture? The UN Human Rights Council hears the military Junta as the legitimate government of Myanmar