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Myanmar Coup – June 2023 Articles

June 30th 2023: Gambling dens ‘breaking the spirit of the revolution’, say Sagaing locals
June 30th 2023:  UN human rights office: Myanmar’s humanitarian crisis has reached ‘alarming levels’
June 30th 2023: Strikers arrested by Myanmar military
June 29th 2023: Air force’s once-proud reputation crashes and burns
June 29th 2023: Junta-aligned militia fighters defect to resistance in Kayah State
June 29th 2023: Myanmar’s resistance takes the war to the sea
June 28th 2023: Dumping the dollar: The junta embraces the Chinese yuan
June 28th 2023: Will the first Myanmar border guard defection have a contagion effect?
June 28th 2023: Myanmar’s Junta Is Losing the Civil War

June 27th 2023: Myanmar burns £350 million worth of seized drugs
June 27th 2023: Myanmar army cuts off aid to cyclone survivors
June 27th 2023: A Criminal Cancer Spreads in Southeast Asia
June 26th 2023: Myanmar Still Needs Your Help. Model May Myat Noe On Its Brutal Unending Coup
June 26th 2023: First ever video captures the adorable birth of critically endangered Burmese peacock softshell turtle hatchlings
June 26th 2023: US Sanctions Burma Defense Ministry, Banks Over Russian Arms Imports
June 25th 2023: Myanmar Insein: A rare glimpse inside a barbaric prison
June 25th 2023: The Rohingya Crisis: Challenges in the repatriation process
June 25th 2023: Myanmar’s fishing industry sinks to new depths
June 24th 2023: Myanmar’s ‘rainbow heroes’ demand democracy and acceptance
June 24th 2023: INTERVIEW: ‘We must blame those who created this nightmare’
June 24th 2023: Myanmar money changer market volatile after news of state-owned banks sanctions
June 23rd 2023: Kim Aris: Aung San Suu Kyi’s son urges army to free her
June 23rd 2023: In Myanmar, Birthday Wishes for Aung San Suu Kyi Lead to a Wave of Arrests
June 23rd 2023: Wang Kelian case: Four Thai men charged with smuggling Myanmar migrants
June 22nd 2023: Seeing the world from the hills: A study of the United Wa State Army
June 22nd 2023: ‘I will never forget the pain of being beaten’
June 22nd 2023: Myanmar junta seizes more garment workers 
June 21st 2023:  ‘I had no choice’: Military encourages – and stages – PDF surrenders
June 21st 2023: Intl community must reassess fundamental approach to Myanmar – UN expert
June 21st 2023: How to Stop the Myanmar Junta’s War On Its People
June 20th 2023: ‘Don’t know how we’ll manage to live’: Rakhine grapples with economic toll of cyclone
June 20th 2023: Thailand justifies talks with Myanmar as key ASEAN members stay away
June 20th 2023:  Burma’s Women’s Peace Network call for elimination of sexual violence in conflict
June 19th 2023: Rethinking Independence in a Time of Revolution
June 19th 2023: Magnitude 5.4 earthquake strikes near Pyapon, Ayeyarwady Region, Myanmar (Burma)
June 19th 2023: Is Myanmar the Front Line of a New Cold War?
June 18th 2023: Myanmar Prepares Flower Strike to Mark Aung San Suu Kyi Birthday
June 18th 2023: Key ASEAN members skip Thai-hosted Myanmar talks amid criticism
June 18th 2023: India raises Chinese surveillance facilities at Coco Islands with Myanmar
June 17th 2023: Junta-backed Global New Light of Myanmar editorial slams ‘rotten’ United Nations
June 17th 2023: Myanmar People’s Thoughts With Detained Daw Aung San Suu Kyi on 78th Birthday
June 17th 2023: ‘They ignore us on purpose’: Cyclone deepens Rohingya suffering
June 16th 2023: Union Leader Arrested by Myanmar Junta After Wage Protest at ‘Zara’ Factory
June 16th 2023: Snapshots of Life in Myanmar’s IDP Camps
June 16th 2023: Myanmar’s junta raids 14 anti-junta camps in Sagaing, Magway
June 15th 2023: The United Nations Needs to Stop Appointing Myanmar Envoys
June 15th 2023: Resistance forces seize weapons in coordinated attacks on junta targets in eastern Karenni State
June 15th 2023: Myanmar Junta Sentences 730 Political Prisoners in Less Than Six Months
June 14th 2023: Bitter harvest: Shan State tea growers grapple with labour shortage
June 14th 2023: Myanmar: Military Authorities Exacerbate the Suffering Caused by Cyclone Mocha
June 14th 2023: Like Ukraine, Myanmar Deserves International Aid
June 13th 2023: Myanmar’s junta met jailed NLD chief Suu Kyi twice to discuss peace
June 13th 2023: Actress sentenced to three years jail for posting black profile picture
June 13th 2023: Report claims 6,000 civilians killed in first 20 months since Myanmar coup, tally higher than earlier estimates
June 12th 2023: Myanmar’s divided art world risks leaving the public behind
June 12th 2023: Time Running Out on Indonesia’s Myanmar Diplomacy
June 12th 2023: China’s dual aims in Myanmar: Indian Ocean access, crime fighting

June 11th 2023: Bangladesh seeks stronger support from int’l community for Rohingya repatriation
June 11th 2023:  Myanmar’s military attacked healthcare facilities 139 times this year
June 11th 2023: Myanmar Junta Scaling Up Air War on Resistance
June 10th 2023: Myanmar Junta Soldiers Storm Moebye, Slaughter 5 Civilians
June 10th 2023: China ‘not aware’ of alleged spy base deal in Cuba
June 10th 2023:  Rohingya human rights advisor’s brother brutally murdered in Yangon
June 9th 2023: Why Myanmar’s Junta Chief Turns Himself Into a Pallbearer at Monks’ Funerals
June 9th 2023: Myanmar junta shuts down NGO access to cyclone-hit Rakhine state
June 9th 2023: ‘We have a common enemy’: Paletwa dispute on hold but unresolved
June 8th 2023: Israeli arms manufacturer sent equipment to Myanmar despite US embargo, says report
June 8th 2023: Lily Naing Kyaw: Killing of Myanmar singer unnerves pro-military celebrities
June 8th 2023: Myanmar: Lawyers Face Harassment, Arrests
June 7th 2023: ‘Everything was destroyed’: Families find new homes after military attacks
June 7th 2023: Over 20 Myanmar Junta Soldiers Killed in Fighting With MNDAA in Northern Shan
June 6th 2023: Legal officials say Myanmar’s Supreme Court agrees to hear appeal of Suu Kyi’s bribery conviction
June 6th 2023: Myanmar junta defends Cyclone Mocha response, as UN continues call for greater access
June 6th 2023: Migrant schools in Thailand overwhelmed by post-coup arrivals
June 5th 2023: Chinese base or wild rumour? The Coco Islands mystery
June 5th 2023: Violence in Myanmar expected to worsen as civilians given right to bear arms
June 5th 2023: Russia ‘buying back’ arms parts exported to Myanmar and India
June 4th 2023: Peace Talks in Myanmar Highlight China’s Increasing Influence
June 4th 2023: Myanmar exports nearly 1.7m tons of corn in nine months
June 4th 2023: Kalay: A Case Study of Resistance in Myanmar
June 3rd 2023: Political hypocrisy and apologism in Burma
June 3rd 2023: UN Slashes Food Rations for Rohingya in Bangladesh Camps
June 3rd 2023: Residential Real Estate Market in Myanmar 2023-2027; Segmentation by Type , Geography and Mode of Booking; CAGR accelerating at 3.97 % by 2027- Technavio
June 2nd 2023: ‘People trust the AA’: Aid restrictions backfire on the regime
June 2nd 2023: A day in the life of a Shwe Kokko scammer
June 2nd 2023: ‘They have no mercy’: War in the eye of the storm
June 1st 2023: Special envoy for Myanmar to step down, confirms UN chief spokesman
June 1st 2023: Junta clamps down on displaying photos of Aung San Suu Kyi
June 1st 2023: Myanmar troops torch Sagaing region village a second time