Sunday 23rd June 2024


June 22nd 2024: Drones fired ‘seed missiles’ into the dirt. A year later, the trees are already 20 inches tall.
June 22nd 2024: In rare backtrack, junta says it will investigate senior monk’s shooting death
June 22nd 2024: Junta Watch: Wooing Public While Bombing Them; Steeling for Failure; and More
June 21st 2024: ‘Like slaves’: Myanmar workers trafficked to Laos scam hub
June 21st 2024: Myanmar’s Suu Kyi in ‘good health’, says junta spokesman
June 21st 2024: Rumors About St. Martin’s Island Amid Myanmar Conflict – OpEd
June 20th 2024: Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi turns 79 under detention
June 20th 2024: Eight Rohingya refugees among nine killed by Bangladesh landslides
June 20th 2024: Protesters arrested in Myanmar over marches on ousted leader’s birthday
June 19th 2024: UN Human Rights Council 56: High Commissioner’s Report on Myanmar
June 19th 2024: Fierce fighting breaks out near Myanmar naval base in Rakhine
June 19th 2024: Guards beat dozens of female political prisoners in Myanmar
June 18th 2024: Fresh attacks against Rohingya in Myanmar, UN decries beheadings, violence
June 18th 2024: Airstrikes on medical facilities hinder access to healthcare in Myanmar’s resistance-held areas 
June 18th 2024: Thailand recharges Myanmar policy
June 17th 2024: Myanmar: Junta Takes Desperate Measures To Stem Capital Flight – Analysis
June 17th 2024: Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi has been incommunicado for over 3 years, family says
June 17th 2024: Up to 360 Japanese companies to recruit more than 1,500 Myanmar workers
June 16th 2024: Solar provides limited relief amid chronic power cuts
June 16th 2024: Punks among grassroot groups providing hope as millions struggle with hunger in Myanmar
June 16th 2024: Myanmar’s Military is Nearing Annihilation on Border With Bangladesh
June 15th 2024: Myanmar’s regime retreats as Gen Z rebels advance
June 15th 2024: Allied ethnic forces capture junta-occupied buildings in Myanmar
June 15th 2024: Myanmar cracks down on flow of information by blocking VPNs
June 14th 2024: ‘The Ababil are flying’: Myanmar’s Muslims fight for change
June 14th 2024: Resistance forces capture outpost, prisoners near Myanmar army’s northwestern regional headquarters
June 14th 2024: Arakan Army takes key military junta border post in western Myanmar
June 13th 2024: Rebel doctors and mine hunters: Inside the Myanmar resistance
June 13th 2024: ‘We can’t afford to treat them equally’: Non-CDM students enter the revolutionary fold
June 13th 2024: Education conference must contribute to emergence of better results for State’s future
June 12th 2024:Nervy Myanmar Junta Boss Orders Alert as Alleged Assassination Plot Foiled
June 12th 2024: Soaring Living Costs to Curb Myanmar’s Growth, World Bank Says
June 12th 2024: Forced-Labor Camps Fuel Billions of Dollars in Cyber Scams
June 11th 2024:  Inside Myanmar’s Uprising
 June 11th 2024: Rohingya Genocide and the passive involvement of Burmese Authoritarian Left
June 11th 2024: Myanmar junta troops tell residents of villages near Sittwe to leave by Friday
June 10th 2024: Junta hosts junket for Chinese travel agents in bid to attract tourists
June 10th 2024: ‘Piles of Human Flesh’: Inside the Myanmar Junta Wedding Day Massacre
June 10th 2024: Airstrike targets insurgent meeting in Myanmar, 16 killed
June 9th 2024: Tin Oo, Myanmar activist and confidante of Aung San Suu Kyi, dies
June 9th 2024: Arakan Army treatment of Rohingya minority poses challenge to Myanmar opposition
June 9th 2024: Rohingya teacher and student killed in Bangladesh
June 8th 2024: Myanmar’s junta halts passport conversion as Thailand mulls worker amnesty
June 8th 2024: Deadly landslide at rare earth mine in Myanmar – Global Witness reaction
June 8th 2024:Arakan Army Inches Closer to Seizing Airport Near Myanmar’s Premier Beach
June 7th 2024:  The devastating cost of fighting Myanmar’s military dictatorship
June 7th 2024: NUG: Myanmar’s Junta Must Face Justice for Killing Medics
June 7th 2024: Secretary-General Deeply Concerned by Increasing Violence across Myanmar
June 6th 2024:  Conscription in Myanmar drives insurgent recruits: civilian government
June 6th 2024: Myanmar soldiers cut off tattoos and gave detainees urine to drink, witnesses tell BBC
June 6th 2024: ‘No confidence’: UN paralysis in Myanmar
June 4th 2024: A fledgling Mon resistance spreads its wings
June 3rd 2024: ‘We were the Kula’: Cambodia’s missing Myanmar community