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March 31st 2023: Does the World Care About Crimes Against Humanity in Asia?
March 31st 2023: Myanmar economy to remain “severely diminished” amid conflict -World Bank
March 31st 2023: Myanmar: FCDO statement on the dissolution of political parties
March 30th 2023: Intensifying Pressure on Myanmar Military
March 30th 2023: New Myanmar bishop urged military not to fire on civilians
March 30th 2023: Dissolving Aung San Suu Kyi’s NLD party makes junta’s election plans less credible: Analysts
March 29th 2023: Nearly 30 Myanmar Junta Forces, Five Resistance Fighters Killed in Last Four Days of Fighting
March 29th 2023: At least 1,113 Deaths in Myanmar Junta Detention Since Coup
March 29th 2023: Airbnb Suspends Listings in Myanmar Amid Political Unrest
March 28th 2023:  U.S. Sanctions Dealer for Israeli Arms Makers in Myanmar
March 28th 2023: Karen rebels seize large Myanmar military camp on Thai border
March 28th 2023: Aung San Suu Kyi’s party disbanded by Myanmar authorities ahead of election
March 27th 2023: More than 180 Rohingya Muslims arrive by boat in Indonesia’s Aceh
March 27th 2023: Myanmar army chief vows to crush resistance in rare speech
March 27th 2023: ‘No one can stop it’: Illegal logging surges in Myanmar’s conflict zones
March 26th 2023: When a coup chases you into a corner: The lives of Burmese refugees in Thailand
March 26th 2023: US weighs energy sanctions on Myanmar hurting allies
March 26th 2023: Humanity must chart new course on water use: UN chief
March 25th 2023: Myanmar’s Junta-Linked Cronies and Firms Donate to Armed Forces Day
March 25th 2023: Bomb explodes near to Yangon Courthouse
March 25th 2023: UN Warning About Alarming Scale of Violence by Myanmar’s Junta Forces
March 24th 2023: Myanmar faces 80% decrease in students taking matriculation exam
March 24th 2023: United States Imposes Additional Sanctions on Jet Fuel Suppliers and Military Cronies to Address Burma Military Regime’s Atrocities
March 24th 2023: Q&A: NUG’s Lashi La says military leaders ‘don’t want peace’
March 23rd 2023: Lights out: Myanmar’s junta dreams of electric cars
March 23rd 2023: Women’s Peace Network releases report on Rohingya situation
March 23rd 2023: More than 100,000 displaced by Myanmar conflict in two weeks
March 22nd 2023: One Year On, Rohingya Path Out of Genocide Remains Unclear | Opinion
March 22nd 2023: Indonesia is charting a new course on Myanmar, but is it working?
March 22nd 2023: US to announce more sanctions against Myanmar junta – State Department official
March 21st 2023:United Nations Human Rights Watch Report of the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review* Myanmar
March 21st 2023: Displaced dig to safety from junta air strikes in Kayah State
March 21st 2023: ASEAN’s Myanmar paralysis underlines its illiberal skew
March 20th 2023: Should Myanmar Be Declared a Failed State?
March 20th 2023: UN Participating in Pilot Rohingya Repatriation Project, Despite Safety Concerns
March 20th 2023: Myanmar Conflict: ASEAN needs to be wise to avoid interference by outside powers – Zambry
March 19th 2023: UN says helped Myanmar junta officials travel to Bangladesh for Rohingya return talks
March 19th 2023: Myanmar: Will The Junta Come Out From Their Cocoon To Accept Rohingyas? – OpEd
March 19th 2023: My Dangerous, Lonely Life in Myanmar’s Resistance
March 18th 2023: Vietnam calls for end of violence in Myanmar
March 18th 2023: How China Prolongs Myanmar’s Endless Internal Conflicts
March 18th 2023: Unmarked UN boats used to ferry junta officials to refugee camps, email shows
March 17th 2023: The worsening situation in Myanmar means conditions for the voluntary, safe, dignified, and sustainable return of the Rohingya are not in place: UK Statement at the UN
March 17th 2023: In Myanmar, Atrocities Rise as Army Comes Under Pressure
March 17th 2023: UN Envoy Sees ‘No Prospect’ for Political Settlement in Myanmar  
March 16th 2023: Exploitation and abuse await rural migrants pouring into cities
March 16th 2023: Understanding The Military Coup In Myanmar, Two Years Later – Analysis
March 15th 2023: Resistance armies fight post-coup drug scourge with harsh methods
March 15th 2023: In India’s Mizoram, ethnic ties drive response to Chin conflict
March 14th 2023: Talks Underway to Resume Work on Trans-Myanmar Railway Linking China to Bay of Bengal
March 14th 2023:  UN closed-door meeting excludes Burmese women’s voices, says Norway UN rep
March 14th 2023: A window to the world for children with disabilities in Myanmar
March 13th 2023: A Land Lost in Conflict
March 13th 2023: Myanmar: Concrete UN Security Council Action Needed
March 13th 2023: Myanmar army kill more than 30 in monastery attack – insurgent group
March 12th 2023: documentaries look behind the scenes at the Myanmar crisis
March 12th 2023: Two young Thai political activists end hunger strike
March 12th 2023: Thousands Flee Fighting in Southeast Myanmar
March 11th 2023: Report on Buddhist monks in Myanmar since the coup
March 11th 2023: Is Myanmar Junta Finally Going To Repatriate Rohingyas From Bangladesh? – OpEd
March 11th 2023: Residents too scared to return to resort town in southern Myanmar amid junta shelling
March 10th 2023: Students of war: Myanmar’s potent but fractured student movement takes up arms
March 10th 2023: Lawyers, Activists Say Smuggled Note Exposes Violence Against Women in Myanmar Jail
March 10th 2023: Myanmar’s NUG Rebel Government Needs Money
March 9th 2023: ‘I miss home’: One couple’s story of crossing the border
March 9th 2023: Crackdown, Financial Constraints Limit Myanmar Protests
March 8th 2023: Women’s equality and empowerment in Myanmar: A bird’s flight with a broken wing
March 8th 2023: Myanmar’s Grieving Mothers Pray for Revolution’s Success
March 8th 2023: To punish or pardon? CDM policy stirs debate

March 7th 2023: Close viral relative to Covid detected in humans in southeast Asia
March 7th 2023: Human Rights Council Hears that the People of Myanmar Continue to Suffer Profound Human Rights Harms and that Serious and Systematic Human Rights Violations and Abuses in Nicaragua are Crimes against Humanity
March 7th 2023: New universal jurisdiction case filed in Germany for crimes committed in Myanmar before and after the coup: On complementarity, effectiveness, and new hopes for old crimes
March 6th 2023: Why Inclusion Matters for Myanmar’s Resistance
March 6th 2023: Myanmar challenge
March 6th 2023: Bangladesh fire: Thousands shelterless after blaze at Rohingya camp
March 5th 2023: PROFILES IN TRAGEDY: Lives snuffed out by Myanmar’s junta
March 5th 2023: Assessing Possible Military Developments in Myanmar This Year
March 5th 2023: Atrocities in Myanmar: Documenting the Junta’s Attacks on Civilians
March 4th 2023: Myanmar: ‘I’m angry when someone calls me a soldier’s wife’
March 4th 2023: Over 6,000 US troops in Thailand for war games
March 4th 2023: Kem Sokha: Rights groups condemn Cambodia opposition leader’s 27-year sentence
March 3rd 2023: Myanmar’s capital hit by 3 days of blasts
March 3rd 2023: From Hope to Despair in Myanmar
March 3rd 2023: ‘A gift from God’: Tanintharyi fishing community rejoices in rare jellyfish haul
March 2nd 2023: Myanmar Diaspora in US Calling for No-Fly Zone Over Myanmar
March 2nd 2023: Mines and martial law taking a “devastating toll” on people in southeastern Myanmar 
March 2nd 2023: ‘Cheats and moneygrubbers’: Journalists for hire in Myanmar
March 1st 2023: Myanmar: New shipments of aviation fuel revealed despite the military’s war crimes
March 1st 2023: ‘They are preparing for war’: Forced recruiting by Pa-O militia in Shan
March 1st 2023: Min Aung Hlaing visits troops in Rakhine State