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May 31st 2022:  Passing the Buck? The UN Security Council’s Undue Reliance on ASEAN to Defuse the Myanmar Crisis
May 31st 2022: Myanmar: 150,000 displaced and hundreds killed during military attacks in Eastern States – new report
May 31st 2022: As donations dry up, some in resistance stake everything to stay in the fight
May 31st 2022: How Myanmar’s Junta Chief Grabbed His ‘Other’ Inya Lake Home
May 30th 2022: Why UNHCR Should Start Releasing Funds For ‘Relocated’ Rohingyas In Bhashan Char – OpEd
May 30th 2022: China, Russia Again Veto UN Statement on Myanmar Conflict
May 30th 2022: Four people found decapitated after junta assault on southeastern Myanmar villages
May 30th 2022: Myanmar junta tightens screws on foreign exchange
May 30th 2022: UNHCR’s Grandi appeals to redouble support efforts for Rohingya refugees, host communities in Bangladesh
May 29th 2022: Can Myanmar be the next Sri Lanka? 
May 29th 2022: House of former vice-chairman of Kachin State Hluttaw in Puta-O town confiscated
May 29th 2022: ASEAN envoy briefs UNSC on Myanmar state of affairs
May 29th 2022: Independent media understand the severity of the Myanmar crisis
May 29th 2022: Myanmar Foreign Minister may not get ASEAN meet call
May 28th 2022: Period pain: Women in Myanmar struggle with menstrual hygiene
May 28th 2022: Two men arrested with weapons on Ayeyarwady’s Higyi Island
May 28th 2022: Myanmar Junta Detains Petrol Tycoon With Corruption Charge
May 28th 2022: ASEAN special envoy to make second trip to Myanmar in June
May 28th 2022: Russia and China block UN statement on Myanmar crisis
May 27th 2022: Dancing with the enemy in the Bamar heartland
May 27th 2022: Lawyer facing life sentence on terror charges sent to Obo Prison
May 27th 2022: Myanmar Junta Jails Man for 10 Years for Alleged Ties to People’s Defense Force
May 27th 2022: Inside Myanmar’s strategic ‘land of jade’
May 27th 2022: Myanmar prohibits foreign currency in local payments
May 26th 2022: Is the NUG ready for the world stage?
May 26th 2022: Migrants face arrest and exploitation in Thailand’s shadow economy
May 26th 2022: Myanmar’s ethnic organisations plan a new democratic federation
May 26th 2022: Threatened on multiple fronts, Myanmar junta calls on young women to join its armed forces
May 26th 2022: A tale of two genocide cases: International justice in Ukraine and Myanmar
May 25th 2022: Ethnic Karen Fighters Take Control of Lower Myanmar Townships
May 25th 2022: Thousands of homes burned by soldiers in Myanmar’s Sagaing region
May 25th 2022: Please, Don’t Forget the Rohingya Refugees
May 25th 2022: ‘Judicial kidnapping’: Aung San Suu Kyi’s family files detention complaint with UN watchdog
May 25th 2022: Japan-Trained Myanmar Air Force Officer Took Part in Bombing Raids: Activists
May 24th 2022: More Than 9,000 Civilians Flee Myanmar Junta Raids
May 24th 2022: At Least 17 Perish as Refugee Boat Capsizes Off Myanmar Coast
May 24th 2022: Little Myanmar’s Burmese Pancake Is Street Food Worth Sitting Down For
May 24th 2022: NZ ‘legitimising’ abusive regimes through defence ties
May 24th 2022: Mobile phone service cut amid heavy fighting in Myanmar’s Sagaing
May 23rd 2022: Losing the freedom to protect: The shattered dreams of environment defenders
May 23rd 2022: Myanmar Military Rulers’ Excellent Works
May 23rd 2022: UNHCR shocked at Rohingya deaths in boat tragedy off Myanmar coast
May 23rd 2022: Junta armed forces target villages along Irrawaddy River in central Myanmar arson campaign
May 23rd 2022: Mandalay medical student shot dead by military
May 22nd 2022: Myanmar junta begins talks with ethnic armed groups
May 22nd 2022: Engaging with Myanmar’s military based on strategic calculations
May 22nd 2022: Dr Cynthia Maung: Decades of medical support for Myanmar exiles recognized in new award
May 22nd 2022: Myanmar junta suffers heavy casualties in fighting with resistance groups in May
May 22nd 2022: NUG Ministry of Planning, Finance and Investment receives $42 million from fundraising
May 21st 2022: A flood of need overwhelms humanitarian response in conflict-affected areas
May 21st 2022: Junta bunker bombed in Yangon’s Mayangone Township
May 21st 2022: Myanmar exports over 144,034 metric tons of rice in April
May 21st 2022: Myanmar army columns set fire to multiple villages along Chindwin River
May 21st 2022: Shan journalist reportedly sentenced to five years in jail
May 20th 2022: Junta threatens to downgrade Australia ties over diplomatic snub
May 20th 2022: Myanmar poets speak out from the front lines of protest
May 20th 2022: Myanmar Junta Reinforcements Spark Heavy Attacks
May 20th 2022: Myanmar’s resistance is at risk of believing its own propaganda
May 20th 2022: Farmers in Myanmar’s Kayin State Face Indiscriminate Attacks
May 19th 2022: Fears of disease outbreaks as child vaccination rates plummet
May 19th 2022: Secret History of Myanmar Junta Chief’s Inya Mansion
May 19th 2022: Myanmar’s resistance is at risk of believing its own propaganda
May 19th 2022: Farmers in Myanmar’s Kayin State Face Indiscriminate Attacks
May 19th 2022: Myanmar: Women who code — breaking boundaries
May 18th 2022: Inside the junta’s war on student unions
May 18th 2022: An uneasy truce is under threat in Myanmar’s Rakhine state
May 18th 2022: Displaced locals witness ‘whole village’ burn following junta occupation in southern Shan State
May 18th 2022: Cardinal Bo: Organ trade is the new ‘organised crime’
May 18th 2022: ASEAN’s Failed Consensus on Myanmar: A Year of Broken Promises
May 17th 2022: Myanmar shadow government seeks to engage Japan despite geopolitical issues
May 17th 2022: Myanmar resistance urges West to provide arms for fight against junta
May 17th 2022: Saifuddin meets Japan’s special envoy for national reconciliation in Myanmar
May 17th 2022: Myanmar’s National Unity Government and the Arakan Army hold talks
May 17th 2022: VIDEO: Australia to downgrade diplomatic ties with Myanmar
May 16th 2022: Myanmar’s Cardinal Bo calls for prayers for arrested HK Cardinal Zen
May 16th 2022: NGOs express concern over plan to deliver aid to Myanmar junta directly
May 16th 2022: Unlocking More Potential For Myanmar-Bangladesh Ties – OpEd
May 16th 2022: Female creatives under threat in Myanmar as film maker Ma Aeint goes to jail
May 16th 2022: Việt Nam face Myanmar, Thailand take on Philippines in women’s football semi–final
May 15th 2022: Second World War veteran served in Burma in Bomber Squadron
May 15th 2022: Myanmar junta organises huge religious event
May 15th 2022: Saifuddin, Myanmar’s NUG Foreign Minister meet in Washington
May 15th 2022: Low college and university enrollment under Myanmar Military Council
May 15th 2022: Myanmar NUG FM raps attitude of ASEAN chair, claiming pro-junta bias
May 14th 2022: Myanmar´s gaming stars face barriers in tough eSports journey
May 14th 2022: 27 charred bodies discovered in Sagaing after Myanmar junta’s latest arson attack
May 14th 2022: Junta Watch: Summit Snub Stings Regime Boss; Tech Giants Shun Junta App, and More
May 14th 2022: Myanmar shadow foreign minister meets US deputy secretary of state
May 14th 2022: Biden touts ‘free and open’ Indo-Pacific in summit with ASEAN rulers
May 13th 2022: Myanmar political crisis takes center stage on day 1 of US-ASEAN Summit
May 13th 2022: Traffickers exploit Myanmar migrants entering Thailand
May 13th 2022: Insurgency and the Narcotic Chain in India and Myanmar
May 13th 2022: Interview: ‘It’s time for ASEAN to move forward,’ urges NUG’s foreign minister
May 13th 2022: Moderate mag. 4.6 earthquake – 46 km northwest of Myitkyina, Myitkyinā District, Kachin State, Myanmar (Burma), on Friday, May 13, 2022 at 12:43 pm (GMT +6:30) – 22 minutes ago
May 12th 2022: Rice exports dry up due to forex restrictions, rising prices
May 12th 2022: The Deputy Secretary’s Meeting with NUG Representatives
May 12th 2022: Myanmar junta brings charges against former deputy governor
May 12th 2022: Myanmar to resume issuing tourist visas after 2-year hiatus
May 12th 2022: Sourcing from Myanmar: Updated ETI Position Statement
May 11th 2022: Hungry and homeless: IDPs in Rakhine just want to go home
May 11th 2022: Female creatives under threat in Myanmar as film maker Ma Aeint goes to jail
May 11th 2022: Deaths and arrests rise in Myanmar’s heartland
May 11th 2022: Guns, not monks, at monastery on Myanmar’s Thai border
May 11th 2022: Activists face new threats as pro-junta militias spread in Myanmar
May 10th 2022: Myanmar’s junta is blocking pathways for transitional justice
May 10th 2022: Terrorism by any other name
May 10th 2022: PDF clashes with junta troops guarding mines in Myanmar’s Sagaing region
May 10th 2022: Soaring fuel prices hit transport sector as living costs jump
May 9th 2022: Sale of Myanmar Coup Leader’s Mansion Raises US$2 Million in Three Days
May 9th 2022: HRW Letter to President Joe Biden Re: Human Rights and the US-ASEAN Special Summit
May 9th 2022: Aid for Myanmar: ASEAN should abide by humanitarian principles
May 9th 2022: What to Expect From the U.S.-ASEAN Summit
May 9th 2022: ASEAN foreign ministers to meet in Washington before summit with US
May 8th 2022: Asean MPs slam ‘disgraceful’ exclusion of UN special envoy to Myanmar
May 8th 2022: Myanmar goes from ‘rice bowl’ to ‘basket case’ as humanitarian crisis worsens
May 8th 2022: Future Remains Cloudy for Exiled Myanmar Journalists in Thailand
May 8th 2022: Early signs of cracks in the Myanmar junta?
May 8th 2022: PM to focus on economic recovery at US-Asean summit this week
May 7th 2022: Heavy fighting in Chin State’s Matupi Township kills 12 junta soldiers
May 7th 2022: Myanmar Junta Propaganda App Ditched by Apple and Google
May 7th 2022: Soldiers steal goods from 88 Generation member’s confiscated house
May 7th 2022: Auction of activists’ homes seen as revenge for sale of junta assets
May 7th 2022: Malaysia‘s call for informal engagement over Myanmar in line with Asean Five-Point Consensus, says foreign minister
May 6th 2022: Fewer than 500 left: why saving Spoonie is a race against time
May 6th 2022: Dr Cynthia Maung, founder of Mae Tao Clinic, receives Gwangju Prize for Human Rights
May 6th 2022: How the Karen became crucial to Myanmar’s anti-coup resistance
May 6th 2022: Is the US Senate Republican leader genuine about his support for Burma?
May 6th 2022: Northern Shan State conflict leaves lives and livelihoods in ruins
May 5th 2022: Myanmar civil war: ‘I saw my son’s body on Facebook’
May 5th 2022: Soldiers shoot three youths dead at Mandalay guesthouse
May 5th 2022: Russia’s War in Ukraine Poses Problems for Myanmar Military
May 5th 2022: New video reveals Thai military destroying a cross border footbridge used by Myanmar refugees
May 5th 2022: Myanmar dispatch: ‘we’ve time-traveled back to a dark past’
May 4th 2022: Northern Shan State conflict leaves lives and livelihoods in ruins
May 4th 2022: Myanmar junta rejects ASEAN outreach to NUG shadow government
May 4th 2022: Little to celebrate on Press Freedom Day amid worsening media crackdown in Myanmar
May 4th 2022: Interview: ‘It has become very risky for me to do the job.’
May 3rd 2022: Aung San Suu Kyi on trial in fresh bribery case against ousted Myanmar leader
May 3rd 2022: More than a dozen senior NLD officials sentenced for ‘graft’ in Myanmar in April
May 3rd 2022: Fear Rising Among Myanmar Military Elite
May 3rd 2022: Myanmar Regime Detains Child Relatives of Student Protester 
May 3rd 2022: Education breakthrough for Rohingya refugee children in Bangladesh
May 2nd 2022: Can the Arakan Army achieve its confederacy dream?
May 2nd 2022: Coup creates public healthcare emergency
May 2nd 2022: Over 11,000 Houses Burned Down in Myanmar Junta Attacks Since Coup
May 2nd 2022: Philippines planning to give Myanmar 5 million Sputnik V vaccines
May 2nd 2022: Political prisoners tortured following Monywa Prison riot
May 1st 2022: Defecting online: How Myanmar’s soldiers are deserting the army
May 1st 2022: Future disappears for Myanmar women post-coup
May 1st 2022: KNLA commander killed in attack on Myanmar junta base in Karen State
May 1st 2022: NGO warns that Total Energies continues to fund Myanmar junta
May 1st 2022: Critics rap Japan for training Burmese military cadets