Sunday 23rd June 2024


May 31st 2023: Japan yanking ODA for key project as part of Myanmar protest
May 31st 2023: Top Chinese intelligence official visits Myanmar for ‘cooperation’ talks
May 31st 2023: Myanmar coup: The soldiers refusing to fight
May 30th 2023: International Aid Urgently Needed in Cyclone-Hit Rakhine, Local Volunteers Say
May 30th 2023: Myanmar military arrests civil disobedience movement teacher in Ayeyarwady
May 29th 2023: Pope urges access for Cyclone Mocha relief
May 29th 2023: Myanmar junta adds 10-year hard labour prison term against journalist Hmue Yadanar Khet Moh Moh Tun
May 29th 2023: ‘Burma’s greatest gift to the world has been the Dhamma’
May 28th 2023: Global Affairs Canada engages international partners on Myanmar sanctions efforts
May 28th 2023: Humanitarian crisis worsens as fighting in Myanmar’s civil war ramps up
May 28th 2023: Cyclone Mocha damaged 60,000 acres of farmland, killed over 500,000 livestock, says junta
May 27th 2023: Burmese journalist sentenced to 10 years in jail by military junta court
May 27th 2023: Myanmar rapper Byu Har arrested for social media rant about erratic power supply
May 27th 2023: Borneo Announces Signing of Myanmar Wonderkid Win Naing Tun
May 26th 2023: NZ blocks Myanmar from Asean study tour
May 26th 2023: Myingyan prison authorities ‘torture’ political detainees suspected of keeping mobile phones
May 26th 2023: International coordination meeting on Myanmar sanctions efforts
May 25th 2023: The missing prisoners of Mandalay Palace
May 25th 2023: Sixteen NLD lawmakers have died in junta custody or evading arrest since Myanmar coup
May 25th 2023: Myanmar’s many forms of resistance
May 24th 2023: ‘Psychological violence’: Nationalist Dhamma schools make a comeback under junta
May 24th 2023:  Myanmar Junta Energy Minister’s Family Profiting from Fossil Fuel Companies
May 24th 2023: Third countries align with EU sanctions against Myanmar/Burma
May 23rd 2023: Karenni State’s eastern Demoso Township under siege by military
May 23rd 2023: Sexual violence in the fog of war
May 22nd 2023: In Myanmar’s New Security Institutions, Power Should Be Community-Owned
May 22nd 2023:Drug-Resistant Malaria Is Up 1,000 Percent in Myanmar
May 22nd 2023: Massacre in Myanmar’s Kalay Jail
May 21st 2023: UN Rights Expert Exposes $1 Billion ‘Death Trade’ In Arms For Myanmar Military
May 21st 2023:  Myanmar becomes notorious as human trafficking and scam hub
May 21st 2023:  Protest leader Wai Mo Naing convicted of high treason, receives additional 20-year sentence, totaling 54 Years
May 20th 2023: Cyclone Mocha death toll rises sharply in Myanmar
May 20th 2023: Continued instability brings mixed fortunes for rice growers
May 20th 2023: Signs of desperation as the Myanmar junta rotates commanders
May 19th 2023: UK announces humanitarian support for 175,000 affected by Cyclone Mocha in Myanmar
May 19th 2023: The Disappearance of Dil Mohammed: A Voice for the Rohingya Silenced
May 19th 2023: Myanmar enacts Weapons Law aimed at keeping guns away from resistance
May 18th 2023: Power play: PDFs target military’s electricity supply
May 18th 2023: Myanmar’s oldest ethnic armed group rejects junta’s offer for peace talks
May 18th 2023: China and Russia have sent at least $1.5 billion of weapons to Myanmar military
May 18th 2023: Myanmar junta travel restrictions are holding up vital aid to cyclone-hit communities
May 17th 2023: Solar energy grows in Myanmar despite junta restrictions
May 17th 2023: Myanmar: Cyclone Mocha – Flash Update #5 (as of 16 May 2023)
May 17th 2023: Dozens of Myanmar Junta Forces Killed in Five Days of Resistance Attacks
May 16th 2023: Many Myanmar Rohingya Muslims killed by cyclone – residents, aid group
May 16th 2023: Burma News International wins 2023 Hiroshima Prize
May 16th 2023: No easy solutions to Myanmar crisis
May 15th 2023: Cyclone Mocha causes damage to Yangon Region with falling trees on Sunday
May 15th 2023: Karen NGOs condemn Myanmar junta massacre of 18 civilians in Nyaung Pin Tha village
May 15th 2023: Rohingya Repatriation: All-Out Support From Stakeholders Is Required For Success Of Pilot Project – OpEd
May 14th 2023: Cyclone Mocha: Intense storm hits Bangladesh and Myanmar coast
May 14th 2023:  NGO welcomes European Parliament call for Burma aviation fuel sanctions
May 14th 2023: Temperature in Singapore soars to 40-year high: officials
May 13th 2023: Heavy rains and high winds expected as Cyclone Mocha hits Myanmar, Bangladesh
May 13th 2023: Myanmar soldiers kill and burn bodies of 19 villagers, including 4 children
May 13th 2023: In Thailand’s election, Myanmar isn’t on the ballot
May 12th 2023: Into the lion’s den: The failed attack on Shwe Kokko
May 12th 2023: Activists burn Chinese flag amid growing anger its support for junta
May 12th 2023: Hundreds of thousands to be evacuated as Bangladesh and Myanmar brace for severe cyclone threat
May 11th 2023:  Rising fears of inundation as northern Shan dam projects gather pace
May 11th 2023: 4,000 flee impending cyclone in Ayeyarwady
May 11th 2023: Australian doctor Rose McGready needs help to keep her life-saving clinics in Myanmar open
May 10th 2023: Tall order? Beer giants told to stop paying regime taxes in Myanmar
May 10th 2023: Myanmar military government offers cash rewards to defectors
May 10th 2023: Myanmar shadow government welcomes Asean peace talks but distrusts junta
May 9th 2023: Indonesia Rescues 20 from Traffickers in Myanmar
May 9th 2023: Alarm over Myanmar, sea feud under ASEAN summit spotlight
May 9th 2023: Great Escapes From the Clutches of the Myanmar Junta
May 8th 2023: Rising fears of inundation as northern Shan dam projects gather pace
May 8th 2023: Low-pressure area formed in Bay of Bengal, likely to move towards Bangladesh-Myanmar coast: IMD
May 8th 2023: Myanmar Short Film Opposing Junta Wins Three Awards at Int’l Film Festival
May 7th 2023: Mocha: Cyclone to miss Indian coast, likely to make landfall in Myanmar by May 13-14 say IMD models
May 7th 2023: State govt sees role of Myanmar-based militants in violence
May 7th 2023: Worsening Blackouts in Junta-Led Myanmar Put Economy at Risk
May 6th 2023: Rohingya say will not go home to Myanmar to be stuck in camps
May 6th 2023: Pomp and protests as UK holds first coronation in 70 years
May 6th 2023: Myanmar crisis to dominate ASEAN leaders summit
May 5th 2023: Myanmar coup two years on: neighbours’ pragmatism
May 5th 2023: Exclusive: Indonesia quietly engaging key stakeholders in Myanmar crisis, foreign minister says
May 4th 2023: Myanmar’s Military Is Smaller Than Commonly Thought — and Shrinking Fast
May 4th 2023: Rohingya, Bangladesh officials to visit Myanmar in repatriation effort
May 4th 2023: India’s Adani Ports sells Myanmar port for a discounted $30 million
May 3rd 2023: Adani proposed coal ventures to sanctioned Myanmar military despite public vow to cut ties, leaked documents show
May 3rd 2023: Zealot or Savior? This U.S. Minister Is Training Rebels in a Civil War
May 3rd 2023: Tracking War Crimes in Myanmar
May 2nd 2023: China says Myanmar’s sovereignty should be respected
May 2nd 2023: Humanity must chart new course on water use: UN chief
May 2nd 2023: Drone attack kills four Myanmar junta soldiers in Bilin Township, Mon State
May 1st 2023: Refugee family who fled Myanmar for Ireland in 2007 could face eviction
May 1st 2023: “Lucky boy”: Mother reunites with Myanmar Red Cross health worker who saved her baby’s life
May 1st 2023: Myanmar village turns into ghost town as villagers hide out in jungle