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Myanmar Coup – November 2021 Articles

November 30th 2021: Rashid Ahmed’s Family Fled Persecution In Myanmar. Now, He Is Chicago’s First Rohingya Refugee To Graduate College
November 30th 2021: Nine female medics arrested by military now in Kalay prison
November 30th 2021: Sri Lankan government to import 20,000 MT of rice from Myanmar
November 30th 2021: Myanmar court defers verdicts in Suu Kyi trial to Dec 6
November 30th 2021: Military deploys Russian-made fighter jets against KIA targets
November 29th 2021: Australia’s Future Fund invests $150m in companies linked to Myanmar’s military, FOI documents show
November 29th 2021: Russia to supply Pantsir-S1 mobile air defense systems to Myanmar
November 29th 2021: Argentinian judiciary opens case against Myanmar military
November 29th 2021: Courage of Myanmar women captured in photo exhibition
November 29th 2021: More than 200 people protest in Hpakant township to overthrow military dictatorship
November 28th 2021: Myanmar junta claims more than 11 million fully vaccinated against COVID-19
November 28th 2021: Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi due to hear first verdict in junta trial
November 28th 2021: Asian, European Leaders Snub Myanmar, Urge Return To Democracy
November 28th 2021: Myanmar junta to resume tourist welcome early 2022
November 28th 2021: Yangon shopping mall makes apology for security guards’ attack on protestors
November 27th 2021: Myanmar snubbed as Asian, European leaders urge return to democracy
November 27th 2021: Junta Watch
November 27th 2021: Myanmar needs space to return to normalcy: Sultan
November 27th 2021: Joint Statement on Increasing Violence in Myanmar
November 27th 2021: Australia, others warn on Myanmar violence amid concern for civilians
November 26th 2021: Church struck in Myanmar military attack on deserted town
November 26th 2021: Myanmar threatens jail for buyers of bonds issued by opposition
November 26th 2021: Yangon mall eerily empty after guards brutalize anti-violence campaigners
November 26th 2021: 6.1 magnitude earthquake hits Myanmar-India border area
November 26th 2021: Chin State Town Blames Myanmar Junta for Arson Attacks
November 25th 2021: Myanmar families fearing arrest cut ties with activist children
November 25th 2021: Stay-at-home order lifted in 28 more townships
November 25th 2021: Smart Peace: Myanmar
November 25th 2021: In Post-Coup Myanmar, Women Face Systemic Campaigns of Terror and Assault
November 25th 2021: Myanmar troops arrest 18 medics for treating members of anti-junta groups
November 24th 2021: A Year of Loss in Burma
November 24th 2021: NUG raises over six million dollars through bonds
November 24th 2021: Activist-diplomat supports victims of Myanmar takeover and trafficking
November 24th 2021: Myanmar Witness: organization collects social media content to document human rights concerns
November 24th 2021: Myanmar soldiers raid Catholic health clinic, arrest doctors and nurses
November 23rd 2021: Chinese-Owned Banana Plantations Fueling Exploitation in Myanmar
November 23rd 2021: Around 120 Myanmar Junta Troops Killed in Magwe Region: Resistance
November 23rd 2021: Rohingya Crisis: Won’t the Issue Be Resolved?
November 23rd 2021: Myanmar’s economy in shreds following military coup, pandemic
November 23rd 2021: China-ASEAN summit begins without a Myanmar representative
November 22nd 2021: Over 3 million kyats from a monastery stolen by Junta troops
November 22nd 2021: Discovery of bodies heightens concern for detained women
November 22nd 2021: Myanmar junta chief to be absent from China-ASEAN leader summit -sources
November 22nd 2021: COVID-19 infections rise to 517,922
November 22nd 2021: Suu Kyi housekeeper to testify in corruption case against ousted leader
November 21st 2021: As Soldiers Abandon Notorious Myanmar Army, a Morale Crisis Looms
November 21st 2021: Revenues from foreign companies keep Myanmar military in power, warns NGO
November 21st 2021: Myanmar Military Launches Crackdown on Urban Guerrilla Forces
November 21st 2021: For Myanmar’s top general, a maximum-security mansion, complete with its own telecoms tower
November 21st 2021: Rising tide kills at least 15 people in Myanmar
November 20th 2021: Women’s activist group outraged at Australian defense meeting with Myanmar military
November 20th 2021: Myanmar’s junta arrests former rapper for ‘terrorism’
November 20th 2021: Soldiers use civilians as ‘human shields’ during raids on villages in Magway Region
November 20th 2021: Scorched Earth And The Long Road to Justice for Myanmar | Opinion
November 20th 2021: Myanmar devotees climb ‘500 Duck Mountain’ for full-moon festival
November 19th 2021: Myanmar Coup Leader Min Aung Hlaing Barred From China-ASEAN Summit
November 19th 2021: Myanmar: Investors Should Act to Halt Funds to Junta
November 19th 2021: Myanmar dispatches: ‘Info on almost all members of the Yangon Underground is leaked now’
November 19th 2021: Mountain Tribes of the North of South Asia
November 19th 2021: Myanmar reports 587 new COVID-19 cases, 14 more deaths
November 18th 2021: UN committee adopts Rohingya resolution calling upon Myanmar to address the root causes of the crisis
November 18th 2021: Myanmar students boycott classes following school reopening
November 18th 2021: CDM teacher dies during interrogation
November 18th 2021: Journalist Danny Fenster returns home to Huntington Woods after Myanmar ordeal
November 18th 2021: China Warms Up to Myanmar’s Generals
November 17th 2021: Myanmar Regime Looks to Diplomacy to Gain Legitimacy
November 17th 2021: Bomb explodes in Electric Power Corporation (EPC) office in Kalaw township
November 17th 2021: Myanmar: Totalitarian terror shouldn’t fly on our watch
November 17th 2021: Myanmar eyes international border reopening in early 2022
November 17th 2021: Ousted Myanmar MP Vows to Continue Anti-Junta Struggle to Which Her Father Gave His Life
November 16th 2021: Myanmar: how Bill Richardson used despot diplomacy to secure US journalist Danny Fenster’s release
November 16th 2021: Myanmar’s Suu Kyi to face new charges of electoral fraud
November 16th 2021: Military announces if two men travel on the same motorcycle they may be shot
November 16th 2021: ‘We are warriors’: Women join fight against military in Myanmar
November 16th 2021: India: Breathing Space For Rebels In Manipur? – Analysis
November 15th 2021: ‘What Happens Next Depends On Myanmar Military, AA Spokesman Says
November 15th 2021: US journalist jailed in Myanmar ‘cared a lot about truth’
November 15th 2021: The elderly revolutionary who gave his life to Myanmar’s fight for freedom
November 15th 2021: 3 million across Myanmar in need of humanitarian aid, warns UN
November 15th 2021: Chairman of Nippon Foundation visits Myanmar
November 14th 2021: Myanmar political standoff leaves economy in tatters
November 14th 2021: Shock as Myanmar junta’s broadcast law amendments return criminalization, threaten internet freedoms
November 14th 2021: Turkey to continue sending humanitarian aid to Rohingya until peaceful repatriation: Envoy
November 14th 2021: Fire breaks out at market in central Myanmar
November 14th 2021: Army on Alert, Keeping Close Watch on Myanmar Border After Manipur Attack Sends Shockwaves Across India
November 13th 2021: Myanmar junta detains 10,000 since coup: AAPP
November 13th 2021: I met my dad for the first time when I was 4, and he was behind bars
November 13th 2021: NUG puts 20 religious staff serving Myanmar junta on a blacklist
November 13th 2021: More Chinese COVID-19 vaccines arrive in Myanmar
November 13th 2021: UN rights chief deplores persecution of journalists in Myanmar after military jails editor
November 12th 2021: Danny Fenster: Myanmar court gives US journalist 11 years jail
November 12th 2021: Myanmar junta seizes home of UN envoy it accuses of ‘terrorism’
November 12th 2021: Editorial Leadership Award – 2021 Laureats announced
November 12th 2021: UN under fire for weak response to Myanmar crisis
November 12th 2021: Myanmar: Junta further constricts media with amendment to broadcasting law
November 11th 2021: NUG announces temporary formation of All Myanmar Judicial Employees Association
November 11th 2021: Myanmar’s junta blocked from attending global climate summit
November 11th 2021: U.N. Security Council urges end to Myanmar violence
November 11th 2021: Counselor Chollet’s Meeting with International Partners on Burma
November 11th 2021: UN’s ‘deep concern’ at Myanmar fighting between Rakhine rebels and military
November 10th 2021: Myanmar military accused of blocking aid to displaced civilians
November 10th 2021: Growing Chinese Investments In Myanmar Post-Coup – Analysis
November 10th 2021: U.S. journalist held in Myanmar charged with terrorism, sedition – lawyer
November 10th 2021: Myanmar Junta’s Shelling, Burning of Civilian Buildings Are War Crimes: Shadow Govt
November 10th 2021: Seven policemen killed in Hakha attack
November 9th 2021: Local Resistance Forces use landmines against Tatmadaw infantry battalion
November 9th 2021: 80% of Htilin civil servants join CDM after facing ultimatum
November 9th 2021: US ex-diplomat says Myanmar junta ‘open’ for progress
November 9th 2021: Myanmar is planning to reopen to tourism in early 2022. But who will go?
November 9th 2021: Telenor sale of Myanmar unit stalls as junta seeks local buyer participation -sources
November 8th 2021: One-Year Anniversary of November 8 General Elections in Burma
November 8th 2021: NUG hits out at Japanese government for funding junta via lucrative gas project 
November 8th 2021: Moderate magnitude 4.8 quake hits 113 km east of Imphal, Myanmar (Burma) in the morning
November 8th 2021: I fear for the lives of my family and friends, says Myanmar maid who has not been home since 2017
November 8th 2021: As Suu Kyi stands trial, her judge—and Myanmar’s judiciary—come under scrutiny
November 7th 2021: Myanmar junta’s attacks on civilians were ‘crimes against humanity’: UN investigator
November 7th 2021: Virus threat dying? American VIP visitor Bill Richardson pledges COVID-19 aid as pandemic subsides
November 7th 2021: Myanmar’s shadow government launches plan to tax business owners
November 7th 2021: Mytel loses millions of dollars and subscribers since coup
November 7th 2021: Myanmar military operation underway in Pekhon, PDF says
November 6th 2021: Myanmar’s shadow government to issue $1bn in zero-interest bonds
November 6th 2021: Global brands called on to exit Myanmar
November 6th 2021: Myanmar: Systematic attack on civilians, rights mechanism reveals
November 6th 2021: Almost 100 Myanmar Junta Soldiers Killed in Two Days: Resistance
November 6th 2021: ABSDF confirms that all Myawaddy detainees released
November 5th 2021: Bill Richardson wraps up Myanmar visit
November 5th 2021: Rogue Burmese Military Attacks on Christians Facilitated by China and Russia
November 5th 2021: Myanmar jade traders squeezed between junta and rebels
November 5th 2021: Call for UN to act as Myanmar crisis worsens
November 4th 2021: Hundreds of millions in COVID aid vanished down the junta hole: IMF
November 4th 2021: A New Myanmar Forum Aims to Unite Democratic Forces
November 4th 2021: US journalist detained in Myanmar hit with third charge
November 4th 2021: Military arrests wife and 2-year-old child
November 4th 2021: Increasing figures of all-round attacks in Myanmar from 19 to 25 October – NUG
November 3rd 2021: Myanmar defies international pressure, rejects Suu Kyi visit
November 3rd 2021: Satellite Data Raise Fears Myanmar’s Army Setting Towns Ablaze
November 3rd 2021: US Hopes Richardson’s Quiet Visit Can Produce Results
November 3rd 2021: Extreme Weather Worsens, Myanmar’s Armed Forces Day, and More
November 3rd 2021: 37,000 People Displaced In Northwestern Myanmar, Many Have Fled To India: United Nations
November 2nd 2021: Kayan Township hit by wave of resignations, as junta struggles to retain control
November 2nd 2021: Myanmar soldiers torch hundreds of homes in restive Chin state
November 2nd 2021: ‘Information combat’: Junta defectors reveal online fight for Myanmar’s soul
November 2nd 2021: Myanmar villagers tear down Chinese fences built along the border
November 2nd 2021: Telenor estimates 800,000 customers unable to access mobile and data services due to damage
November 1st 2021: Can ASEAN overcome the ‘Myanmar curse’?
November 1st 2021: Former US ambassador Bill Richardson heads to Myanmar
November 1st 2021: Ma Ba Tha holds rally to support military
November 1st 2021: Myanmar’s no-show at ASEAN takes heat off both
November 1st 2021: Priest threatened with death by Myanmar military