Saturday 13th July 2024


31st October 2022: ‘They use it to find some relief’: Drug use on the rise
27th October 2022: Junta meddling removes shine from domestic gem trade
26th October 2022: ‘Ready to kill’: Inside the weapons factories of the resistance25th October 2022: Military airstrikes kill around 50: KIA spokesperson
October 24th 2022: Post-coup Myanmar flush with illegal gambling dens
October 20th 2022: Collapse in minerals exports robs junta of key revenue
October 15th 2022: Fortress Nay Pyi Taw: An anxious junta bolsters defences in the capital
October 14th 2022: The battle for Moebye
October 7th 2022: ‘I just want to know if he is dead or alive’: Armed group abductions in Shan
October 7th 2022: Junta weaponises digital banking transition to starve resistance funding
October 5th 2022: Junta trade policies spark a smuggling revival at Thai border
October 4th 2022: Yangon sex workers risk violence to feed their families
October 3rd 2022: Is Myanmar’s Military Junta Regime Going To Collapse? – OpEd
October 3rd 2022: Biden admin extends and expands TPS for Burma, citing ‘deteriorating humanitarian crisis’
October 3rd 2022: Intensifying Maximum Pressure On Myanmar Military For Regime Change – OpEd
October 2nd 2022: Foreign TV programmes and films now need to go to censor before broadcast
October 2nd 2022: Disaster Is Waiting For The Myanmar Military Junta – OpE
October 2nd 2022: Australia Calls for Release of Economist Jailed by Burma
October 1st 2022: Australia rejects Sean Turnell’s Myanmar conviction
October 1st 2022: Bearing witness: The volunteers bringing news from the front line
October 1st 2022: ASEAN is frustrated by the junta, but how far is it willing to go?
October 1st 2022: The gentle giants in service of the revolution
October 1st 2022: Suicides surge in post-coup Myanmar