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Myanmar Coup – August 2021 Articles

August 31st 2021: Russia Seeks Arms Market, Foothold in SE Asia in Courting Myanmar’s Isolated Junta
August 31st 2021: Soldiers arrest family of politician, 79, vowing to go out guns blazing against Tatmadaw
August 31st 2021: Armed resistance replaces anti-coup protests in Pauk township
August 31st 2021: International commercial flights suspended until end of September
August 31st 2021: Military seizes over 15 million kyat from NLD village chairman’s house
August 30th 2021: Mandalay’s third wave: Sirens, fear and defiance
August 30th 2021: Bomb goes off near military convoy in Mandalay
August 30th 2021: Nearly One Million Rohingya Continue to Live in Dire Conditions, Secretary-General Says, Marking Fourth Anniversary of Refugee Influx from Myanmar into Bangladesh
August 30th 2021: As Asean’s foot-dragging fuels anger in Myanmar, what next for ‘special envoy’ Erywan Yusof?
August 30th 2021: Bitter lessons learned, a former cadet joins the resistance
August 29th 2021: Bread vendor shot dead in Yangon neighbourhood by junta troops
August 29th 2021: Magway PDF group assassinate Military Council informant
August 29th 2021: Atrocious Myanmar Military at Risk of Splitting: Army Defectors
August 29th 2021: Indo-Myanmar border fencing: MDA team to undertake spot verification
August 29th 2021: Writer and journalist Tu Tu Tha spends her 50th birthday behind bars
August 28th 2021: More Than Three Dozen Civilians Dead Following Military Interrogation Since Coup in Myanmar
August 28th 2021: Luxury real estate sales increasing despite the coup
August 28th 2021: The Military DNA in Myanmar’s governance
August 28th 2021: Myanmar Regional Crime Webs Enjoy Post-Coup Resurgence: The Kokang Story
August 28th 2021: Myanmar Junta Troops Sick with COVID-19 After Sagaing Raids: Resistance
August 27th 2021: Six months on, pressure builds on NUG to turn talk into action
August 27th 2021: Arrests increase in Yangon
August 27th 2021: Politics first, economy second: a review of the 2021 Myanmar Economic Update
August 27th 2021: Four years on
August 27th 2021: Fate of detained Australian economist Sean Turnell may be tied to Aung Sung Suu Kyi
August 26th 2021: Fighting Seen Intensifying in Myanmar as Junta Deploys Troops to Ethnic Controlled Territories
August 26th 2021: European allies alarmed by UK’s ‘de facto recognition’ of Myanmar junta with new envoy
August 26th 2021: HOPE Telecare seeks volunteer doctors to join telemedicine task force, Offering free virtual medical consultation for the public
August 26th 2021: Myanmar authorities shut banks amid growing crisis, report says
August 26th 2021: Russia to deliver missile systems to Myanmar junta as scheduled
August 25th 2021: Russia offers weapons to Myanmar’s military junta
August 25th 2021: Coup, COVID take toll on young people’s mental health in Myanmar
August 25th 2021: Thirty Youths Arrested in Yangon Raids After Myanmar Shadow Govt Warns of ‘D-Day’ Operation
August 25th 2021: Marking the Fourth Anniversary of the Ethnic Cleansing in Rakhine State
August 25th 2021: New Film ‘EXODUS’ Provides Unique Window Into Lives Of Rohingya Refugees
August 24th 2021: The National Unity Government cannot afford to ignore past injustices if it truly seeks to free Myanmar from military rule
August 24th 2021: Junta cancels plan to put monks at checkpoints in Mandalay
August 24th 2021: ASEAN under fire for inviting Myanmar junta representative
August 24th 2021: NUG promises to take responsibility for soldiers and police who join them
August 24th 2021: Arakan Army Eclipsing Government in Administering Myanmar’s Rakhine State Amid Ceasefire
August 23rd 2021: The Kachin Insurgency Could Deal a Heavy Blow to Myanmar’s Military Junta
August 23rd 2021: Are We Out Of Options On Myanmar? – OpEd
August 23rd 2021: ASEAN progress on Myanmar slower than hoped for: Singapore FM
August 23rd 2021: Myanmar tightens grip on forex rates to combat kyat slippage
August 23rd 2021: Increased Controls on Myanmar’s Banking Sector Stokes Fears of Lender Defaults
August 22nd 2021: Japan refuses to issue visas for military-backed Myanmar diplomats
August 22nd 2021: Real power comes from service, says Myanmar’s Cardinal Bo
August 22nd 2021: Covid-19 vaccine was tested on Myanmar military personnel without their consent—sources
August 22nd 2021: Myanmar junta’s COVID-19 programme comes in for criticism
August 22nd 2021: Myanmar: Military arrest two more journalists
August 21st 2021: Facebook Campaign For Myanmar Shadow Government at UN Garners Millions of Supporters
August 21st 2021: 50 Myanmar Junta Soldiers Killed in Landmine Attacks
August 21st 2021: Yangon woman who provided oxygen concentrators for free arrested as ‘terrorist’
August 21st 2021: Myanmar dispatches: an open letter to our Afghanistan sisters-in-law
August 21st 2021: Increased Controls on Myanmar’s Banking Sector Stokes Fears of Lender Defaults
August 20th 2021: Around 40 Myanmar Junta Troops Abandon Posts with Weapons
August 20th 2021: Myanmar Junta Targets Mobile Banking in Bid to Cut Off Opposition Funding
August 20th 2021: In Myanmar, the State the Generals Seized Is Coming Apart
August 20th 2021: AA leader says group is ‘monitoring’ Myanmar military as fears of renewed conflict grow
August 20th 2021: Swimmer slams IOC for allowing junta-led Myanmar to compete at Tokyo Games
August 19th 2021: Myanmar security forces kill more than 1,000 people
August 19th 2021: Cambodia’s PM Hun Sen Acknowledges Myanmar Junta Chief Min Aung Hlaing as Head of State
August 19th 2021: Benedict Rogers: Hong Kong, Myanmar – and now Afghanistan. America and Britain have failed all three. Next, Taiwan?
August 19th 2021: Rohingya genocide survivor testifies against Myanmar military
August 19th 2021: Fifteen soldiers desert with weapons
See below for previous media articles on the coup by month.
August 18th 2021: Covid-19 super-spreader risk forces world to work with Myanmar’s regime
August 18th 2021: Karenni Army Marks Anniversary With Vow to ‘Fight to The End’ Against Myanmar Military
August 18th 2021: Junta collects 1 million kyats from each village-tract to buy oxygen generator in Tharpaung
August 18th 2021: KNDO Commanders admit to killing 25 men in June
August 18th 2021: NUG’s President says preparations are underway as fighting is imminent
August 17th 2021: Myanmar Rebels Damage Aircraft During Airbase Attack
August 17th 2021: Myanmar’s Junta Seen Moving to Dissolve NLD to Ensure Grip on Power
August 17th 2021: Biden’s South-East Asia Doctrine: Repairing Damage And Neglect From Obama And Trump Years – Analysis
August 17th 2021: ASEAN’s Hypocrisy is Fuelling the Crisis in Myanmar
August 17th 2021: The Ghosts of Sittwe
August 16th 2021: Moving Beyond The Politics Of Recognition In Myanmar – Analysis
August 16th 2021: Junta charges 63 artists, entertainers who changed their FB profile to ‘Accept NUG Reject Military’
August 16th 2021: Nearly 40 political prisoners moved to solitary confinement in Mandalay
August 16th 2021: Heavy rains trigger deadly flooding and landslides in Mogok
August 16th 2021: Five police officers shot dead in attack on Yangon train 
August 15th 2021: Deep Chinese inroads in Myanmar, Afghanistan worry for India
August 15th 2021: Myanmar Kyat reaches record high of 1,730 to the dollar
August 15th 2021: Commentary: The battle for Myanmar’s seat in the UN General Assembly
August 15th 2021: Moving beyond the politics of recognition in Myanmar
August 15th 2021: How to Cooperate Over the Burma Coup
August 14th 2021: Twenty military troops killed in Yinmarbin PDF bombing
August 14th 2021: 5th ASEAN Media Forum discusses multilateralism amidst the COVID-19 pandemic
August 14th 2021: Feeding the beast
August 14th 2021: Burmese Poets to Pen New Era as Lawmakers
August 14th 2021: Myanmar: The woman who jumped to her death while fleeing police
August 13th 2021: Junta tries – and fails – to use pandemic to tighten grip on power
August 13th 2021: More Than 80 Civilians Killed by Myanmar Forces in Sagaing Township
August 13th 2021: Contact lost with American journalist in Insein jail
August 13th 2021: Former Myanmar strongman Than Shwe hospitalised with Covid-19
August 13th 2021: Military apologizes to China for shells landing on its territory
August 12th 2021: Help that Counts: Hospital in Myanmar by a+r Architekten
August 12th 2021: CDF promises cash rewards to Myanmar military troops for defecting, surrendering weapons
August 12th 2021: Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, Venezuela and Latvia reported as hardest countries for crews to secure vaccines
August 12th 2021: COVID-19 numbers in SE Asia plateaued over past month: WHO
August 12th 2021: Halt the sale! Telenor exiting Myanmar risks human rights
August 11th 2021: Myanmar youths fleeing security forces jump from building -media
August 11th 2021: Facebook removes more Myanmar Accounts
August 11th 2021: Myanmar: Failed State or failed nation?
August 11th 2021: China to fund Myanmar projects in agreement with junta
August 11th 2021: U.S. to provide $50 million in aid to Myanmar
August 10th 2021: Pathein PDF warn two people who thanked military council for transporting oxygen generator
August 10th 2021: Japan’s Kirin not planning to exit Myanmar despite coup, losses
August 10th 2021: Chin militia offers Kyat 5m reward for defection from junta forces
August 10th 2021: Security forces seize huge cache of arms & ammunition from near Indo-Myanmar border in Manipur
August 10th 2021: Hundreds of Villagers Flee Myanmar Junta Raids
August 9th 2021: US prosecutors arrest two Myanmar citizens for plot to attack UN ambassador
August 9th 2021: Myanmar protestors mark anniversary of 1988 uprising
August 9th 2021: Number of COVID-19 cases increases to 329,516
August 9th 2021: Soldiers killed and injured as Tatmadaw convoy sets off PDF mine
August 9th 2021: Save Myanmar from a perfect storm
August 8th 2021: People in Myanmar wait hours to withdraw cash, but most ATMs are empty
August 8th 2021: Cardinal Bo offers requiem mass for COVID-19 victims in Myanmar
August 8th 2021: U.S. says plot against Myanmar U.N. envoy fits ‘disturbing pattern’
August 8th 2021: Myanmar’s unchecked epidemic threatens COVID-19 ‘tsunami’
August 7th 2021: Skepticism greets Myanmar junta offer to waive charges against protesters
August 7th 2021: COVID-19: ‘Rotting’ bodies of coronavirus victims pile up in Myanmar
August 7th 2021: UN seeks funds to feed 6.2m people in Myanmar
August 7th 2021: Myanmar junta drone operator spying on Shan PDF base shot dead
August 7th 2021: Two charged in US over plot to kill Myanmar’s UN ambassador, FBI received tip-off
August 6th 2021: ‘Voodoo dolls’ hurled at Myanmar embassy in Canberra amid calls for ambassador to reject military junta
August 6th 2021: Myanmar Citizens Reject Junta’s Immunization Plans and Chinese COVID-19 Vaccines
August 6th 2021: ASEAN Diplomatic Deftness on Myanmar is Claptrap
August 6th 2021: Myanmar Needs ‘People First’ Assistance
August 6th 2021: Myanmar’s Military Has Weaponized COVID-19. In My Village, We Did Everything We Could to Save Ourselves
August 5th 2021: How the owners of M1 Group, Myanmar’s newest telecoms operator, reaped huge profits under brutal regimes
August 5th 2021: Funeral Service Volunteers Lay Lives on The Line as Myanmar COVID Deaths Surge
August 5th 2021: Karen army peace council leader dies
August 5th 2021: Covid-19 Surge Plunges Myanmar Into Humanitarian Catastrophe
August 5th 2021: Myanmar’s UN envoy accuses military junta of township massacre
August 4th 2021: Interview: ‘We Have to Speak up for the Sake of the Country,’ Says Freed Monk
August 4th 2021: World Bank’s Proposal: Local Integration Of Rohingyas In Bangladesh Possible? – OpEd
August 4th 2021: Myanmar Junta’s Caretaker Government Follows in Footsteps of Former Dictator Ne Win
August 4th 2021: Myanmar about-face
August 4th 2021: CDF – Hakha issue statement regarding arrest of Catholic priest
August 3rd 2021: Myanmar’s Junta Releases Jailed Anti-Coup Activists And Government Employees
August 3rd 2021: US Says Burma Junta’s Election Plan Shows Need for ASEAN to Step up Efforts
August 3rd 2021: ‘Weapons, power and money’: How rare earth mining in Kachin enriches a Tatmadaw ally
August 3rd 2021: Death toll from COVID-19 in Myanmar has reached 10,061
August 3rd 2021: Diplomats: ASEAN waiting on Myanmar approval of envoy
August 2nd 2021:
August 2nd 2021:
August 2nd 2021:
August 2nd 2021:
August 2nd 2021:
August 1st 2021: Blinken, Southeast Asia Leaders to Meet Virtually Next Week
August 1st 2021: Fighting Myanmar’s regime with compassion and military skills
August 1st 2021: After months of failed talks, ASEAN under pressure to appoint envoy
August 1st 2021: Myanmar military ruler extends coup with promise of elections in 2023
August 1st 2021: Economic collapse in Myanmar spells wider regional trouble