Monday 19th April 2021

Myanmar Coup – Previous April Media Articles

April 19th 2021: MYANMAR CRISIS: Stand with the people and protect them, urges UN rights expert
April 19th 2021: Outcry in Myanmar as military airs images of ‘tortured’ detainees
April 19th 2021: Myingan ‘like a war zone’ as regime troops destroy protest stronghold, locals say
April 19th 2021: EU allocates an additional €9 million to support the most vulnerable in Myanmar following the coup d’état
April 19th 2021: India-Japan Partnership in Third Countries: A Study of Bangladesh and Myanmar
April 18th 2021: Myanmar’s military leader willing to join ASEAN summit, says Thailand’s foreign ministry
April 18th 2021: Australia’s Government Is Refusing to Support Myanmar’s Anti-Coup Movement
April 18th 2021: Bomb Blasts Injure at Least Three Myanmar Regime Troops in Yangon
April 18th 2021: Myanmar Regime’s Forces Kill at Least Three Protesters on New Year’s Day
April 18th 2021: More job-seekers from Myanmar arrested
April 17th 2021: Myanmar could be Asia’s next failed state
April 17th 2021: Coup hangover: How Myanmar’s national brew went stale overnight
April 17th 2021: Who’s Who in Myanmar’s National Unity Government
April 17th 2021: Myanmar pardons prisoners, unclear if activists among them
April 17th 2021: US firm Chevron under pressure over Myanmar junta involvement
April 16th 2021: The children fleeing Myanmar as the army forcibly recruits young soldiers
April 16th 2021: Amplifying South Korea’s Response To The Myanmar Coup – Analysis
April 16th 2021: Military intervention in Myanmar is the worst of all worlds, Britain must resist its imperial urges
April 16th 2021: EU imposes sanctions on MEHL and MEC
April 16th 2021: The ‘Tumi’ Revolution: Protesters fight back in Sagaing Region
April 15th 2021: Thingyan takes a revolutionary turn, as nation refuses to celebrate under a hated regime
April 15th 2021: United States, European Union and United Kingdom Intensify Sanctions on Burma
April 15th 2021: Myanmar coup: security forces open fire on medical workers protesting in Mandalay
April 15th 2021: Myanmar’s lost generation: nation’s youth sacrificing futures for freedom
April 14th 2021: Junta uses control over military families to prevent defections, say army insiders
April 14th 2021: Myanmar heading towards a ‘full-blown conflict’, UN human rights chief warns
April 14th 2021: Authorities claim night guard whose body showed signs of torture died in a ‘motorbike accident’
April 14th 2021: Open Letter to Secretary of State Blinken on the Public Health and Human Rights Crisis in Myanmar
April 13th 2021: Kyat depreciates after military takeover
April 13th 2021: Myanmar activists vow week of protests during new year holidays
April 13th 2021: Thousands flee Myanmar town after crackdown leaves 100 protesters dead
April 13th 2021: Bloodshed won’t end if world recognizes Myanmar’s junta
April 12th 2021: Wings over Mandalay: Myanmar’s junta deploy Chinese-made CH-3A tactical UAVs (Ahtutu: drones) to observe protest movements
April 12th 2021: Still I Rise: A tribute to my brave friend Thin Thin Aung, now arrested by the Myanmar army
April 12th 2021: Myanmar’s military is charging families $85 to retrieve bodies of relatives killed in crackdown
April 12th 2021: Myanmar’s youth demand their future
April 11th 2021: Scores killed in Myanmar’s Bago as UN envoy calls for ‘strong action’
April 11th 2021: Myanmar youth fight internet outages with underground newsletter
April 11th 2021: ‘Piles of bodies’ seen in Myanmar as violence escalates: reports
April 11th 2021: Commentary: Singaporean companies are not spared the impact of Myanmar’s political woes
April 10th 2021: Myanmar Junta Kills Scores of Protesters in Bago, Decrees Death Penalty for 19 in Yangon
April 10th 2021: Myanmar’s military has underestimated the strength, will and bravery of its own people
April 10th 2021: 5 ways to help anti-coup protesters on the ground in Myanmar right now
April 10th 2021: Myanmar military crackdown death toll passes 600
April 9th 2021: In Myanmar, military matters are a lucrative family affair
April 9th 2021: UK makes safe haven offer to Myanmar ambassador forced to sleep in car
April 9th 2021: These Myanmar Coders Built a Website To Spread Anti-Military Propaganda
April 9th 2021: UN envoy to Myanmar still barred from visit during Asia tour
April 8th 2021: Myanmar Embassy in London ‘seized’ by military 
April 8th 2021: Myanmar’s brutal violence spurs ASEAN diplomacy: 5 things to know
April 8th 2021: Myanmar crisis sounds death knell for garment industry, jobs and hope
April 8th 2021: Myanmar celebrity model arrested as military targets public figures
April 7th 2021: Myanmar Junta Accused of Extra-Judicial Executions and Human Rights Abuses
April 7th 2021: Myanmar security forces kill seven protesters, Chinese-owned factory set ablaze
April 7th 2021: Japan could leverage ODA to broker Myanmar peace
April 7th 2021: I Was Dodging Bullets To Water My Plants: How It Felt Living Under Military Rule In Myanmar
April 6th 2021: ‘Silence not an option’: ANZ refuses to sign letter condemning Myanmar violence
April 6th 2021: Myanmar pleads for the world to honour the responsibility to protect
April 6th 2021: Myanmar junta suspends all wireless broadband networks until further notice
April 6th 2021: Weekend Crackdown Kills Six Protesters as Local Media Report Ten Soldiers Killed
April 5th 2021: Pope lauds Myanmar youths’ commitment to democracy
April 5th 2021: ‘We are winning’: Democracy protesters on surviving Myanmar’s brutal prisons
April 5th 2021: 550 civilians dead, including 46 children, in Myanmar coup violence: Advocacy group
April 5th 2021: Myanmar Regime Forces Stop Buses, Beat Passengers in Yangon
April  4th 2021: Is Myanmar the new Syria? Rising violence threatens a repeat tragedy
April  4th 2021: Sydney football players stand in solidarity with the people of Myanmar
April 4th 2021: Myanmar protesters take up Easter eggs; junta hunts celebrities
April 4th 2021: Fresh Myanmar conflict keeps Thai village on edge
April 3rd 2021: The Junta Is Dragging Myanmar Into Full-Blown Civil War
April 3rd 2021: Myanmar ‘heading for state collapse’ with banks and ports paralysed
April 3rd 2021: Myanmar death toll mounts as brutal military crackdown continues
April 3rd 2021: Russia’s Gamble in Post-Coup Myanmar
April 2nd 2021: Opinion: Financial institutions must stand with the people of Myanmar
April 2nd 2021: At least 43 children killed in Myanmar since military coup
April 2nd 2021:  Thailand has serious policy problems on two fronts in Myanmar
April 2nd 2021: Protect all those fleeing Myanmar, UN offices urge countries in the region
April 1st 2021: We know how to cut off the financial valve to Myanmar’s military. The world just needs the resolve to act
April 1st 2021: German company halts supply of Myanmar bank note components 
April 1st 2021: Myanmar junta may scapegoat insurgents to ‘rain hell’ on civilians, warns UN rights expert
April 1st 2021: Myanmar junta declares 1-month cease-fire