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Myanmar Coup – July 2021 Articles

July 31st 2021: How The Kindness Of Strangers Helped Me Overcome Unimaginable Grief
July 31st 2021: Pa-O National Defense Force (PNDF) issues warning letter to PNO
July 31st 2021: Myanmar junta accused of crimes against humanity six months on from coup
July 31st 2021: Myanmar coup 6 months on: Strike holdouts keep up junta defiance
July 31st 2021: Guardians of Paradise: An Intimate Short Film Peers into Life in Burma
July 30th 2021: Japan to hold meeting with Mekong states including Myanmar next week
July 30th 2021: US urges UN Council to press Myanmar to return to democracy
July 30th 2021: Covid and a coup: The double crisis pushing Myanmar to the brink
July 30th 2021: Dozens of Myanmar Resistance Fighters Seized in Sagaing Region
July 30th 2021: Myanmar democracy movement moves out of jailed Suu Kyi’s shadow
July 29th 2021: ‘No Fewer Than 10’ Bodies Discovered in Graves in Myanmar’s Kani Township
July 29th 2021: First images of Sean Turnell inside Myanmar jail as he receives jab
July 29th 2021: Desperate COVID Families Hoist Flags For Donations in Myanmar’s Cities
July 29th 2021: Myanmar could become Covid ‘super-spreader’ state, says UN expert
July 29th 2021: Commentary: Should the UK recognise a new Myanmar diplomat appointed by the junta?
July 28th 2021: ‘I was struck by the sheer freedom of speech displayed in Ireland’
July 28th 2021: 6 Rohingya killed, thousands relocated in Bangladesh landslides
July 28th 2021: Two Killed as Myanmar Junta Forces Open Fire on Mandalay Protest Column
July 28th 2021: Myanmar junta seeks international cooperation over COVID-19 crisis
July 28th 2021: With tales of torture, campaign seeks to divide armed resistance
July 27th 2021: COVID-19: The EU mobilises additional financial support to help the population in Myanmar
July 27th 2021: Myanmar’s Junta Annuls 2020 Election Results, Citing Voter Fraud
July 27th 2021: Myanmar: Junta Escalates Media Crackdown
July 27th 2021: Floods Add to Misery as Myanmar Struggles to Control Third Wave of COVID-19
July 27th 2021: Russia delivers consignment of multi-role fighter jets
July 26th 2021: Economy of coup-wracked Myanmar to contract 18%: World Bank
July 26th 2021: China and Myanmar After the Coup
July 26th 2021: Myanmar facing economic calamity from coup and COVID: World Bank
July 26th 2021: 4,998 new COVID-19 cases reported
July 26th 2021: Flooding in Karen state, Mon state and Tanintharyi region
July 25th 2021: Myanmar’s lights go out as bill boycott fuels cash crunch
July 25th 2021: Suu Kyi at the ICJ: when the personal is political
July 25th 2021: Uganda model can be an option
July 25th 2021: Alarm grows as researchers warn of dangers of the COVID-19 shots
July 25th 2021: World must mobilise support to hold Myanmar to account
July 24th 2021: ICRC statement on latest developments in Myanmar — 24 July 2021
July 24th 2021: Myanmar selects new representative to UK
July 24th 2021: Myanmar’s Junta Must be Made to ‘Feel There is no Alternative But to Stand Down’: UN Expert
July 24th 2021: Prisoners of Conscience Stage Rare Protest in Myanmar’s Insein Prison
July 24th 2021: China Closing County Near Myanmar for Mass Coronavirus Testing
July 23rd 2021: Doctors treating COVID-19 patients arrested in Myanmar
July 23rd 2021: Why Is The Myanmar Junta Suffocating The People? – OpEd
July 23rd 2021: As Myanmar battles Covid-19 surge, calls arise for urgent aid that is not co-opted by junta
July 23rd 2021: Military Council troops reinforced in Mindat
July 23rd 2021: Myanmar’s parallel government grapples with foreign investment dilemma
July 22nd 2021: Video: Myanmar doctors in hiding and hunted by the junta as Covid crisis ravages the country
July 22nd 2021: How To Prevent Civil War In Myanmar – OpEd
July 22nd 2021: ASEAN’s Response to Myanmar Coup Is Failing
July 22nd 2021: Myanmar on Brink of COVID-19 Catastrophe Due to Junta’s Lack of Leadership: Medical Experts
July 22nd 2021: Anatomy of a Massacre: How Myanmar’s Military Killed Dozens of Pro-Democracy Protesters
July 21st 2021: Myanmar’s military again seeks to replace its UN ambassador
July 21st 2021: Myanmar Detains Three Soldiers for Alleged Rape and Murder of Kachin Woman
July 21st 2021: Veteran Myanmar Politician Nyan Win Dies in Detention of COVID-19
July 21st 2021: Two Mandalay doctors arrested, as junta’s assault on medical workers continues
July 21st 2021: Myanmar: Junta Tribunals Impose 65 Death Sentences
July 20th 2021: UN convoy arrives in Mindat to provide assistance for refugees
July 20th 2021: Myanmar targets higher vaccinations as COVID-19 cases soar
July 20th 2021: After Italian bullets discovered in Myanmar, legislators focus on arms loopholes
July 20th 2021: Karenni resistance fighters open new front against junta
July 20th 2021: Detained Myanmar Leader Aung San Suu Kyi Excluded From Martyrs’ Day Observance
July 20th 2021: ‘I no longer fear death,’ says teen tortured by regime
July 19th 2021: Video: Myanmar ruling junta blamed for denying health care amid Delta variant surge
July 19th 2021: Detained Australian Sean Turnell ‘at tremendous risk’ in Myanmar prison as Delta variant spreads
July 19th 2021: Japanese supporter of Myanmar orphanage forced to watch turmoil from afar
July 19th 2021: ‘Dead body carrier’: Covid surge overwhelms Myanmar burial volunteers
July 19th 2021: Junta turns phones against their owners in a bid for total control
July 18th 2021: Drop your guns, Myanmar cardinal pleads
July 18th 2021: Chinese crackdown on online fraud forces citizens to leave Myanmar’s ‘Little China’
July 18th 2021: Myanmar military violence warrants world focus
July 18th 2021: Doctors accuse Myanmar’s military junta of hoarding oxygen as COVID-19 crisis deepens
July 18th 2021: Myanmar junta struggles to keep foreign investors in the country
July 17th 2021: Nearly Two Dozen Killed Amid New Clashes in Myanmar’s Beleaguered Sagaing Region
July 17th 2021: 75 children killed, 1,000 detained since Myanmar coup: UN experts
July 17th 2021: Nearly 50 Held in Myanmar’s Insein Prison Now Infected With COVID-19
July 17th 2021: Two killed, seven injured in bomb blast at Mandalay electricity office
July 17th 2021: Myanmar ‘Hate speech’ committee threatens more censorship, says NGO
July 16th 2021: The Myanmar military is hoarding oxygen amid a deadly surge of COVID-19 and the ongoing coup, doctors say
July 16th 2021: Report: The UK Government’s Response to the Myanmar Crisis
July 16th 2021: An Australian perspective – “Not doing something is itself a statement”
July 16th 2021: Global Treasure Bank (GTB) robbed
July 16th 2021: Myanmar: Sanctions Are the Key to a Democratic Future
July 15th 2021: Telenor Withdrawal Will Hobble Myanmar’s Economy, Protections on Privacy: Experts
July 15th 2021: Rights groups urge Japan to stop real estate project in Myanmar
July 15th 2021: Myanmar to receive 6 million COVID-19 vaccine doses from China
July 15th 2021: Israeli-Canadian lobbyist stops working with Myanmar Junta
July 15th 2021: Myanmar Church lends a hand as Covid crisis worsens
July 14th 2021: Crematoriums Overflow in Myanmar’s Biggest City as COVID Deaths Spike Amid Oxygen Shortage
July 14th 2021: Blinken urges Myanmar action in ASEAN meeting with its envoy
July 14th 2021: Intruder enters courtroom of Aung San Suu Kyi and takes photo
July 14th 2021: Yangon’s shuttered British Club sends a message
July 14th 2021: A View from the Borderlands: An Interview with Lieutenant Colonel Tar Parn La
July 13th 2021: Burma’s Suu Kyi Hit by New Charges in Mandalay Court
July 13th 2021: Aung San Suu Kyi faces more charges as UN urges reconciliation
July 13th 2021: Oxygen Shortage Killing COVID-19 Patients in Myanmar as Junta Restricts Sales
July 13th 2021: VIDEO: Fears millions of people in Myanmar are going hungry
July 13th 2021: Persecution worsens for Christians in post-coup Myanmar, experts say
July 12th 2021: Myanmar military says to ramp up oxygen supply as COVID-19 cases surge
July 12th 2021: Telecom surveillance orders just a part of growing digital authoritarianism in Myanmar
July 12th 2021: Covid crisis deepens in junta-ruled Myanmar
July 12th 2021: Ayeyarwaddy Times reporter re- arrested
July 12th 2021: Commentary: After the coup, Myanmar’s garment industry hangs by a thread
July 11th 2021: Over 9,000 new Covid-19 cases reported for second consecutive day
July 11th 2021: Walking with Myanmar’s anti-junta fighters
July 11th 2021: Escalation of inter-ethnic conflict in the midst of Myanmar’s Spring Revolution
July 11th 2021: Delivering the dead and helping the living in Myanmar virus spike
July 11th 2021: China tightens Covid-19 controls on Myanmar border amid Delta variant fears
July 10th 2021: Video: Desperate for aid: Inside Myanmar’s Karen State
July 10th 2021: Geostrategic importance of Dawei Port in Myanmar for India
July 10th 2021: A Call to End Violence Against Healthcare Professionals in Myanmar
July 10th 2021: Myanmar Junta to File Corruption Charges Against NLD Vice Chairman
July 10th 2021: Three Yangon electricity offices bombed in one morning
July 9th 2021: Jewellery store owned by junta minister bombed in Yangon
July 9th 2021: Major coronavirus outbreak looms in Myanmar as vaccine drive stalls
July 9th 2021: BIS adds more Burmese entities to Entity List
July 9th 2021: Families of Victims of Crackdown Call on ICC to Prosecute Myanmar Junta Leaders
July 9th 2021: 40 Myanmar soldiers reportedly killed in clashes with anti-junta forces
July 8th 2021: Hundreds March in Myanmar to Honor Protesters Killed in a 1962 Massacre and to Oppose Today’s Junta
July 8th 2021: Video: Inside the Myanmar mountain camp where rebels train to fight for freedom from the junta
July 8th 2021: General Yawd Serk’s resignation as interim leader of PPST accepted
July 8th 2021: Gem industry leaders attend meeting with junta officials 
July 8th 2021: ASEAN working to expedite five-point consensus towards resolving Myanmar crisis
July 7th 2021: Myanmar dispatches: ‘even in this critical time, legal education in Myanmar should go on’
July 7th 2021: Video: The police defecting as a new civil war looms in Myanmar
July 7th 2021: Japan grants visas to 300 Myanmar nationals due to political unrest
July 7th 2021: Myanmar’s Orwellian New Order
July 7th 2021: Nearly 500 people die from COVID-19 in Northwestern Myanmar
July 6th 2021: UK-funded task force to investigate Myanmar human rights violations
July 6th 2021: In Myanmar, the military and police declare war on medics
July 6th 2021: Russia backs ASEAN plan on tackling Myanmar crisis
July 6th 2021: Restrictions put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic in KIO-controlled area
July 6th 2021: Junta steps up phone, internet surveillance – with help from MPT and Mytel
July 5th 2021: Exclusive: After pressuring telecom firms, Myanmar’s junta bans executives from leaving
July 5th 2021: Myanmar military kills at least 25 people in raid on central town
July 5th 2021: Japan urges Myanmar to prevent repeat of raids on embassy and aid staff
July 5th 2021: A case of Myanmar’s defiant response to ICJ ruling
July 5th 2021: Myanmar records all-time high 2,318 new cases in a single day
July 4th 2021: AMA joins World Medical Association’s condemnation of attacks on health workers in Myanmar
July 4th 2021: Factors Shaping The World’s Soft Policy Towards Myanmar Junta – Analysis
July 4th 2021: Married Couple Belonging to Myanmar’s NLD Slain in Their Home
July 4th 2021: Myanmar anti-junta guerrillas claim their armed struggle is not for political power
July 4th 2021: Bangladesh should engage with Myanmar’s friends after ICJ ruling
July 3rd 2021: Myanmar records 1,877 new COVID-19 cases
July 3rd 2021: OPINION: Japan lends hand to injustice in Myanmar
July 3rd 2021: US adds new sanctions against Myanmar junta
July 3rd 2021: Accountability essential for combating impunity in Myanmar: UN envoy
July 3rd 2021: Why are Chinese troops assembling on the Myanmar border?
July 2nd 2021: Chinland Defense Force ‘kills 40 police and soldiers’ in fresh clashes 
July 2nd 2021: Comedy Troupe Exchanges Jokes For Arms in Fight Against Myanmar’s Junta
July 2nd 2021: Myanmar rights advocates blast Australian inertia on sanctions
July 2nd 2021: Divide and rule in Kachin State
July 2nd 2021: U.N. to Myanmar military: Now release Aung San Suu Kyi
July 1st 2021: Coup regime orders foreign correspondents to stop calling it a ‘junta’
July 1st 2021: Five Months After Coup, What Has Myanmar Junta Chief Accomplished?
July 1st 2021: Myanmar’s junta wants to build a surveillance state. Western companies must not help them.
July 1st 2021: American journalist Nathan Maung describes alleged abuse during Myanmar imprisonment
July 1st 2021: Report: Corrupt Myanmar Jade Industry Causes Armed Conflict and Enabled Coup