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Myanmar Coup – Previous March Articles

March 31st 2021: The Guardian view on Myanmar’s generals: impunity has bred this ruthlessness
March 31st 2021: Myanmar coup: The monks divided over the deadly protests
March 31st 2021:  US embassy staff leaving Myanmar amid risk of civil unrest
March 31st 2021: Myanmar junta deepens violence with new air attacks in east
March 31st 2021: Analysis: Quiet Singapore turns up volume on Myanmar as regional fears grow
March 30th 2021: Myanmar: As Death Toll Crosses 500, Protesters Launch Garbage Strike
March 30th 2021: China, ASEAN calculate how to deal with Myanmar crisis
March 30th 2021: Myanmar’s Arakan Army, Allies Set to Resume Fight Against Tatmadaw Over Civilian Killings
March 30th 2021: The geopolitics of Myanmar’s black swan coup
March 29th 2021: Could Myanmar’s ethnic armed groups turn the tide against the junta, with a little help from Beijing?
March 29th 2021: ICRC statement on latest developments in Myanmar — 28 March 2021
March 29th 2021: Funeral held for 13-year-old boy shot by military in Myanmar – video
March 29th 2021: Myanmar – yesterday, today and a new tomorrow
March 28th 2021: ‘Day of Terror and Dishonor’ Sees More Than 100 Slain by Myanmar Military Regime
March 28th 2021: Myanmar junta is committing ‘mass murder,’ UN official alleges after 100-plus killed in one day
March 28th 2021: ‘Help me, Mother’– Mandalay resident shot and burnt alive by junta’s troops
March 27th 2021: Protests in Myanmar as junta chief marks Armed Forces Day
March 27th 2021: In Myanmar, cardinal urges protestors not to turn to violence
March 27th 2021: Lonely ‘Tatmadaw Day’ for Myanmar’s Unloved Armed Forces
March 26th 2021: Death toll in Myanmar protests surpass 300 but ‘likely much higher,’ group says
March 26th 2021: US and UK Sanction Myanmar Military-Owned Conglomerates
March 26th 2021: World Bank Forecasts 10 Percent Slump in Myanmar’s Growth
March 26th 2021: Video featuring Dr Sa Sa: Will civil disobedience turn into armed resistance in Myanmar?
March 25th 2021: Myanmar Military’s Notorious Foot Soldiers
March 25th 2021: Thousands hold street protests in Myanmar after paralysing strike
March 25th 2021:  Regime detains bank officials in latest bid to force private banks to reopen
March 24th 2021: Hundreds of prisoners freed in Myanmar
March 24th 2021: Terrified and uncertain, these families crossed mountains to escape Myanmar’s deadly junta
March 24th 2021: Lawlessness Threatens To Plunge Myanmar Into Protracted Civil War – Analysis
March 24th 2021: Myanmar’s No. 1 military leader’s son goes on party spree
March 23rd 2021: Should R2P Be Invoked in the Case of Myanmar?
March 23rd 2021: Fear of torture spreads among Myanmar protesters
March 23rd 2021: Myanmar Junta Fires Striking Ministry of Foreign Affairs Staff
March 22nd 2021: Bringing Myanmar back from the abyss
March 22nd 2021: Myanmar Charity Staff Detained in Yangon
March 22nd 2021: Myanmar activists plan new protests after weekend bloodshed
March 21st 2021: Myanmar’s UN envoy raises holding people accountable for the post-coup violence
March 21st 2021: Doctors’ dawn march kicks off Sunday protests in Myanmar
March 21st 2021: French Energy Giant Halts Myanmar Hydropower Project Over Human Rights Concerns
March 21st 2021: Myanmar protesters voice defiance as junta reminds of “external threats”
March 20th 2021: Myanmar Protest Death Toll Climbs As Regime’s Troops Keep Shooting
March 20th 2021: Audio: High-risk news coverage: Reporting the crackdown in Myanmar
March 20th 2021: UN envoy continues efforts to access Myanmar, amidst increasingly brutal crackdown
March 19th 2021: Factbox: Sanctions imposed against Myanmar’s generals since they seized power
March 19th 2021: ‘I never thought gangsters cried’: Hlaing Tharyar locals shaken but defiant
March 19th 2021: Myanmar protests: BBC journalist Aung Thura held
March 18th 2021: War Zone of Hunger and Fear in Yangon as Myanmar’s Last Independent Newspaper is Shut Down
March 18th 2021: Deadly Coup In Myanmar Is This Man’s Payday 
March 17th 2021: Open Society Myanmar accused of financing CDM movement 
March 17th 2021: Myanmar Regime Issues Arrest Warrant for CRPH Int’l Envoy on Treason Charge
March 17th 2021: Myanmar Buddhist group signals break with authorities after bloody crackdown
March 16th 2021: Myanmar Regime Seizes Bank Accounts of Soros’ Open Society Foundation
March 16th 2021: Appalled by Escalating Violence in Myanmar at Hands of Country’s Military, Secretary-General Urges Collective Action towards Ending Repression
March 16th 2021: Myanmar: Winter Is Coming For The Tatmadaw – Analysis
March 16th 2021: ‘Troubling’ signs of Myanmar food price rises since coup: U.N. agency
March 15th 2021:  At least 39 killed in Myanmar’s bloodiest day
March 15th 2021: Reporting from Myanmar: ‘The future has never been darker’
March 15th 2021: Security forces fire on Myanmar protests after deadliest day since coup
March 14th 2021: Myanmar: Protesters killed as police fire live ammunition
March 14th 2021: Myanmar protests: Civilian leader in hiding vows to continue ‘revolution’
March 14th 2021: Myanmar civilian leader says people should defend themselves as toll mounts
March 13th 2021: ‘A sea of blood in the church’: Survivors recount Myitkyina’s lethal crackdown
March 13th 2021: Myanmar’s Democracy Movement Hires International Lawyers
March 13th 2021:  Video: Two shot dead in Thaketa Township
March 13th 2021: Two killed in protests in Myanmar as U.S. and allies vow to restore democracy
March 12th 2021: Myanmar crackdown has led to likely crimes against humanity, Human Rights Council told
March 12th 2021:  Britain tells citizens to quit Myanmar as UN warns of ‘crimes against humanity’
March 12th 2021: Kingdom stands ready to assist Myanmar
March 11th 2021: The diplomacy behind the scenes of the UN Security Council’s Myanmar statement
March 11th 2021: 7 killed in Myanmar anti-coup protests as military accused of using battle tactics
March 11th 2021: Five protesters killed in central Myanmar town -witness, media
March 10th 2021: U.N. Security Council wrestles with threat of action over Myanmar coup
March 10th 2021: Myanmar coup: Envoy to UK recalled after pro-Suu Kyi remarks
March 10th 2021: Myanmar Cop Fled To India After Refusing “Shoot Till They Are Dead” Order
March 9th 2021: Instilling hope for female protesters, Myanmar and beyond: Dawn contributor
March 9th 2021: Myanmar Nun Describes Taking Brave Stand To Protect Pro-Democracy Protesters
March 9th 2021: Video: Friends of detained economist Sean Turnell say he was not trying to flee Myanmar before coup
March 9th 2021: Myanmar Regime Claims Australian Adviser Tried to Flee with Financial Information
March 8th 2021: Myanmar military occupies hospitals and universities ahead of mass strike
March 8th 2021: Shops and factories closed, sarongs waved as protests intensify in Myanmar
March 8th 2021: China raises three-point proposal on Myanmar situation
March 7th 2021: Disinformation campaign tries – and fails – to shift blame for protester deaths
March 7th 2021: Myanmar coup: YouTube removes channels run by army amid violence
March 7th 2021: Protesters in force on Myanmar streets after night raids by security forces
March 6th 2021: Saturday Read: Investors are fleeing Myanmar as coup grows more deadly
March 6th 2021: Myanmar garment unions call for fashion’s support
March 6th 2021: Hopes for UN Security Council action against Myanmar military coup ‘waning’ fast, warns Special Envoy
March 6th: Myanmar: The Killing of a Protester
March 5th 2021: UN rights expert calls for ‘urgent and decisive’ action to support people of Myanmar
March 5th 2021: How to end coup chaos in Myanmar peacefully
March 5th 2021: Myanmar: Six journalists charged for reporting at anti-coup protests
March 5th 2021: More Than 10 Myanmar Diplomats Refuse to Work for Military Regime
March 5th 2021: More Than 100 Myanmar Police Officers Join Anti-Regime Movement
March 4th 2021: How Myanmar coup has united Rohinyas and other ethnic groups to protest for Aung San Suu Kyi Channel 4
March 4th 2021: Exclusive: U.S. blocked Myanmar junta attempt to empty $1 billion New York Fed account – sources
March 4th 2021: UN: 38 killed in ‘bloodiest day’ since coup hit Myanmar
March 4th 2021: Myanmar: Protesters stand firm despite lethal crackdown
March 4th 2021: Video: Video shows dramatic escalation of violence in Myanmar
March 4th 2021: How the CDM can win
March 3rd 2021: Four dead in Myanmar as police fire to break up protests as diplomatic effort stalls
March 3rd 2021: 13 countries involved in training and cooperation with the Burmese Military
March 3rd 2021: Videos Show Extent of Myanmar Military’s Bloody Crackdown
March 2nd 2021: Myanmar situation an ‘enormous, tragic step back’, use of lethal force unacceptable: PM Lee
March 2nd 2021: Myanmar’s monthlong ‘phony war’ is over
March 2nd 2021: Communities rally against ‘pets of the junta’ in local administration
March 1st 2021: Myanmar: UN condemns escalating violence in deadliest day of protests so far
March 1st 2021: Allies of Aung San Suu Kyi to Form Interim Gov’t to Rival Military Leaders, Report Says
March 1st 2021: Woodside (Australia’s Energy Giant) stops Myanmar work after violence
March 1st 2021: Myanmar’s Bloody Sunday Sees Highest Death Toll So Far at Hands of Security Forces