Thursday 13th May 2021

Myanmar Coup – Previous May Articles

May 12th 2021: Responding to Myanmar’s Junta: An Alternative to Sanctions and Boycotts
May 12th 2021: Myanmar Arrests 39 Over Blasts, Seeking Training With Rebels – Media
May 12th 2021: INTERVIEW | Myanmar’s UN Envoy Wants Japan to Cut Ties with Myanmar’s Military
May 12th 2021: Torture Suspected in Death of Myanmar Poet Called a Voice of Resistance
May 12th 2021: NUG supports sanctions against family members of coup leaders, human rights minister says 
May 11th 2021: Myanmar coup: ‘No sign’ of end to brutal crackdown on all fronts
May 11th 2021: Myanmar marks 100 days of junta rule with protests
May 11th 2021: China is walking a tightrope in Myanmar
May 11th 2021: Myanmar’s Generals Run a Nearly Sanction-Proof Business Empire
May 11th 2021: 100 Days Since Myanmar’s Coup: Looming Economic Collapse, Poverty and Hunger
May 10th 2021: A Myanmar poet died while in detention. His family says his body was returned with organs removed.
May 10th 2021: ‘People are living in fear’: One hundred days on, Myanmar counts the cost of its military coup
May 10th 2021: Myanmar coup latest: Gas exports suffer ‘sharp drop,’ state media says
May 10th 2021: Myanmar Junta Labels Shadow Government ‘Terrorists’
May 10th 2021: Aung San Suu Kyi to appear in court May 24, lawyer says
May 9th 2021: Myanmar junta designates shadow government as ‘terrorist’ group
May 9th 2021: Rakhine nationalist group joins KNU in fight against military
May 9th 2021: Myanmar junta says no to ASEAN envoy visit until ‘stability’ established
May 9th 2021: Japanese firms found to have had direct business links to Myanmar junta, probe finds
May 9th 2021: Chin resistance fighters torch police outpost as ‘warning’ to regime
May 8th 2021: Myanmar’s Military Junta Kills, Detains Youths in Crackdown on Protest Movement
May 8th 2021: Students Ignore Myanmar Junta’s Order to Return to Campus Amid Turmoil
May 8th 2021: No Love for Myanmar Junta Leader Min Aung Hlaing in His Hometown
May 8th 2021: Is Myanmar Headed for Collapse or Revolution?
May 8th 2021: Thai authorities meet with UN rep to discuss needs of Karen refugees
May 7th 2021: ‘They have guns but we have people’: Inside Myanmar’s Spring Revolution – BBC Video
May 7th 2021: Nearly 13% of companies have ceased all activities since coup
May 7th 2021: Attack on strategic pipeline in Myanmar threatens China’s investment
May 7th 2021: US orders departure of non-essential diplomats from Myanmar
May 7th 2021: No Holds Barred: Myanmar Junta Grabs Family Members to Get at Wanted Protesters
May 6th 2021: More than 200 NGOs call for United Nations arms embargo on Myanmar
May 6th 2021: Myanmar’s anti-coup bloc to form a ‘defence force’
May 6th 2021: Young males being disappeared by Myanmar security forces
May 6th 2021: Petition calls for removal of Yale-NUS Governing Board Chair over alleged business ties to Myanmar regime
May 6th 2021: Soldiers leaving Myanmar’s air force by the dozens, report says
May 5th 2021: Myanmar: UN Security Council must urgently impose arms embargo
May 5th 2021: Myanmar coup latest: UN Security Council urged to ban arms sales to junta
May 5th 2021: Myanmar’s Shadow Government Forms People’s Defense Force
May 5th 2021: Coup and Covid-19 put 16 years of Myanmar poverty reduction at risk
May 5th 2021: Prosecutions Being Prepared for Myanmar Military: NUG Human Rights Minister
May 4th 2021: Myanmar protesters stage ‘flash mobs’ to avoid bullets
May 4th 2021: Kachin rebels shoot down military helicopter as parcel bomb kills 5 in central Myanmar
May 4th 2021: Telenor swings to loss after impairing Myanmar ops
May 4th 2021: China’s UN envoy: Myanmar violence could lead to civil war
May 4th 2021:  ‘People in Myanmar have been totally brainwashed’: KNU official welcomes new solidarity
May 3rd 2021: At least 8 reported killed in Myanmar anti-coup protests
May 3rd 2021: Myanmar’s media under pressure from all sides
May 3rd 2021: Myanmar imposes ban on imports of five Thai drinking products
May 3rd 2021: At least 765 killed since Myanmar coup: Rights group
May 3rd 2021: Myanmar anti-coup activists threatened but not silenced, as military crackdown continues
May 2nd 2021: This revolution is about more than who governs Myanmar
May 2nd 2021: Myanmar’s Karen State Remains Defiant Amid Military Attacks
May 2nd 2021: UN warns Myanmar on the brink of economic disaster due to coup, COVID-19
May 2nd 2021: Renewed clashes displace thousands in Myanmar, UN reports
May 2nd 2021: Myanmar protesters raise voices to ‘shake the world’; more mystery blasts
May 2nd 2021: South Korea plans to spend billions of dollars on building safe zone for refugees on Thai-Myanmar borde
May 1st 2021: Myanmar cardinal asks prayers for peace, justice during May
May 1st 2021: UN Security Council Calls For ASEAN Myanmar Plan To Be Enacted
May 1st 2021: UN and Asean nations call for immediate access for Myanmar special envoy
May 1st 2021: Myanmar Junta’s Leadership Has No Idea What Forces Have Been Unleashed
May 1st 2021: Myanmar NGOs condemn UNODC decision to invite junta rep to narcotics meet