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October 31st 2021: New ASEAN Chair Cambodia Urged To Maintain Bloc’s Firm Stance On Myanmar – Analysis
October 31st 2021: Telenor awaits Myanmar approval of business sale
October 31st 2021: Video: Myanmar: 160 buildings destroyed by fires in town of Thantlang after ‘government shelling’
October 31st 2021: United Nations Must Stop The Myanmar Military From Ongoing Genocide And Persecutions Of Its Own People
October 31st 2021: Farewell, Myanmar: Corporate exodus grows, from Europe to India
October 30th 2021: More than 100 houses in Chin State’s Thantlang set on fire by junta forces
October 30th 2021: New ASEAN chair Cambodia urged to maintain bloc’s firm stance on Myanmar
October 30th 2021: Myanmar Civilian Government Forms Military Command Structure
October 30th 2021: Junta officials coerced people into attending pro-military rallies, residents say
October 30th 2021: Myanmar junta sentences Suu Kyi aide Win Htein to 20 years for treason
October 29th 2021: Military burns down 10 houses of people affiliated with NLD in Kanbalu, Sagaing
October 29th 2021: A Southeast Asian strategy of denial?
October 29th 2021: Myanmar military junta sentences Suu Kyi aide to 20 years for treason
October 29th 2021: Inside the brutal Myanmar military jails where prisoners are beaten and tortured
October 29th 2021: Another 25 Myanmar Junta Soldiers Killed in Upcountry Clashes
October 28th 2021: Bombing in Myanmar city highlights escalating violence
October 28th 2021: More than 40 junta-appointed administrators resign in one Bago Region township
October 28th 2021: Myanmar: Military Unity Under Unprecedented Pressure – Analysis
October 28th 2021: Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi pleads not guilty to incitement as junta muzzles lawyers
October 28th 2021: New UN Myanmar envoy prompts hope for breakthrough
October 27th 2021: Asean should suspend Myanmar’s membership: The Jakarta Post
October 27th 2021: ‘You have the power,’ US President tells worried Burmese girl
October 27th 2021: Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi testifies in court but a gag order prevents her defense from being made public
October 27th 2021: Military Crackdown Reported in Myanmar’s Chin State
October 27th 2021: Duterte to Asean: ‘Stand with Myanmar’
October 26th 2021: Top US official meets Myanmar’s shadow government
October 26th 2021: Two policemen killed and four people injured in Meikhtila township
October 26th 2021: Hun Sen set to attend ASEAN summits without Myanmar
October 26th 2021: The abandoned Rohingya
October 26th 2021: Hundreds of job seekers crossing border into Sai Yok
October 25th 2021: ASEAN leaders hold summit with Myanmar´s general shut out
October 25th 2021: QUAD Regional Bloc May Hold Key to Myanmar Crisis
October 25th 2021: Opinion – Saving Myanmar?
October 25th 2021: The anguish of Myanmar: Jakarta Post contributors
October 25th 2021: Schools to remain closed until end of October
October 24th 2021: Myanmar says it’s committed to ASEAN peace plan, despite general’s snub
October 24th 2021: Upcoming ASEAN conference will be closely watched by international community
October 24th 2021: Outgoing UN envoy says return of democracy disappearing in Myanmar
October 24th 2021: ‘China’s foray into Myanmar, Bangladesh is not in India’s interest’, says Bipin Rawat
October 24th 2021: Myanmar Junta torches churches as violence escalates
October 23rd 2021: UN Envoy Calls for Myanmar Junta Chief to Step Down 
October 23rd 2021: UN fears new atrocity in Myanmar as troops gather in restive northern states
October 23rd 2021: Without Myanmar in attendance, ASEAN must still do what’s best for the Rohingas
October 23rd 2021: Myanmar’s shadow government to file with ICC over hundreds of junta rights abuses
October 23rd 2021: Junta Troops Killed Across Myanmar in Resistance Ambushes
October 22nd 2021: Myanmar headed for ‘full-blown’ conflict, UN envoy says
October 22nd 2021: ASEAN finds its voice as a military offensive looms in Myanmar
October 22nd 2021: Give Asean seat to Myanmar opposition
October 22nd 2021: PDF attack Tatmadaw killing at least 10
October 22nd 2021: Myanmar junta rearrests more than 100 released in amnesty: Monitoring group
October 21st 2021: Families ruptured by Myanmar’s junta observe Harvest Moon Festival with heavy hearts
October 21st 2021: Multiple casualties reported in landmine attack on army trucks in Htigyaing
October 21st 2021: US, Thailand discuss using Myanmar border to supply humanitarian aid
October 21st 2021: Red Cross: Myanmar Twitter Takeover
October 21st 2021: ASEAN summit without Myanmar leader significant, but not enough – U.S.
October 20th 2021: Myanmar to send ‘non-political, high-level’ envoy to ASEAN Summit
October 20th 2021: Chin resistance fighters destroy half a military convoy amid buildup of junta forces
October 20th 2021: Myanmar: Mass release of political prisoners
October 20th 2021: 11 detained NLD members, including one MP, rearrested minutes after their release
October 19th 2021: The Centrality of the Civil Disobedience Movement in Myanmar’s Post-Coup Era
October 19th 2021: Video: See emotional reunion as Myanmar frees hundreds of anti-coup protesters
October 19th 2021: Myanmar seeks to reopen tourist sector
October 19th 2021: Tradition vs credibility: Inside the Asean meet that snubbed Myanmar
October 18th 2021: ‘Even if you support them, they won’t spare you’ – junta forces arrest pro-USDP civilians after suffering heavy casualties
October 18th 2021: Myanmar protesters freed as military says 5,600 prisoners will be released
October 18th 2021: Myanmar to release 5,000 people imprisoned for protesting coup
October 18th 2021: ‘Dire’ Myanmar situation a threat to regional stability
October 18th 2021: Myanmar Capital Hit by Another Bomb Blast at Local Administration Office
October 17th 2021: Myanmar junta ‘extremely disappointed’ over leader’s exclusion from ASEAN summit
October 17th 2021: Myanmar junta blames ‘foreign intervention’ for ASEAN summit exclusion
October 17th 2021: Kempinski Hotel in Nay Pyi Taw ceases operations
October 17th 2021: ASEAN To Invite ‘Non-Political’ Myanmar Rep Instead Of Coup Leader To Summit
October 17th 2021: Myanmar junta ‘extremely disappointed’ over ASEAN summit snub: Official
October 16th 2021: ASEAN to exclude Myanmar junta chief from leaders’ summit – sources
October 16th 2021: Myanmar Junta Chief’s Personal Hatred of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi Runs Deep
October 16th 2021: U.S. Journalist Jailed in Myanmar Over Working for Media Outlet He Left 7 Months Earlier
October 16th 2021: International call for Myanmar to let envoy meet Aung San Suu Kyi
October 16th 2021: 4 million doses of Chinese COVID-19 vaccines arrive in Myanmar
October 15th 2021: A Quad-led effort could help the people of Myanmar
October 15th 2021: Myanmar bars Suu Kyi’s lawyer from talking about her cases
October 15th 2021: Myanmar Military Defectors Accuse Coup Leader of High Treason
October 15th 2021: Facebook Objects to Releasing Private Posts About Myanmar’s Rohingya Campaign
October 15th 2021: ASEAN Emergency Meeting to Discuss Barring Myanmar Junta Chief From Summit
October 14th 2021: Facebook Fights Release of Records in Myanmar Genocide Case
October 14th 2021: ‘A living hell’: Churches, clergy targeted by Myanmar military
October 14th 2021: Senior Minister Tharman, US security adviser Jake Sullivan discuss Myanmar crisis, COVID-19 action
October 14th 2021: Myanmar Military Preparing Major Offensive Against Chin State Rebel Group
October 14th 2021: Myanmar military won’t allow ASEAN envoy to meet Suu Kyi
October 13th 2021: Junta accused of using human shields as it steps up its efforts to crush Sagaing uprising
October 13th 2021: British American Tobacco Pulls Out Of Myanmar
October 13th 2021: Access Now to Telenor’s Board: Stop the sale in Myanmar
October 13th 2021: Two Power Plants in Myanmar’s Biggest City Shut Amid Coup’s Financial Fallout
October 13th 2021: Militia group threatens possible deadly consequences at Mandalay gem market
October 12th 2021: Plunging Currency, Dollar Drought Worsen Myanmar Economic Crisis
October 12th 2021: Aung San Suu Kyi, Win Myint plead not guilty to violating COVID-19 restrictions
October 12th 2021: General Staff College in Kalaw township on COVID-19 lockdown
October 12th 2021: Myanmar faces falling currency, dollar crunch as economy worsens
October 12th 2021: Dual task: Save Asean, save Myanmar
October 11th 2021: Helping the People of Burma
October 11th 2021: The currency crisis, and why we should brace for stagflation
October 11th 2021: Indian PSU Sold Air Defence Station to Myanmar Junta in July: Activists’ Forum
October 11th 2021: South Asian countries should stop relying on ASEAN to solve Myanmar’s crisis
October 11th 2021: UN, Bangladesh sign deal to aid Rohingya relocated to island
October 10th 2021: ASEAN could bar Myanmar general from leaders’ summit
October 10th 2021: No defence witnesses at Aung San Suu Kyi incitement trial: Lawyer
October 10th 2021: Myanmar: Additional charges levelled against jailed American journalist
October 10th 2021: India allowing export of 10 lakh Covishield doses to Bangladesh this month
October 10th 2021: Myanmar central bank sees currency stabilising on new measures
October 9th 2021: Myanmar army plans worry UN human rights office
October 9th 2021: Myanmar Junta Suffers Bloodiest Month with 1,562 Soldiers Killed: NUG
October 9th 2021: Charity activist Ko Aung Aung dies in junta captivity in Yangon
October 9th 2021: Remembering a History of Brotherhood, Mizoram Is Welcoming Chin Refugees From Myanmar
October 9th 2021: South East Asia’s Media Outlets Can Play Significant Role In Solving Rohingya Refugee Crisis – OpEd
October 8th 2021: Fresh clashes in northern Shan open old wounds and displace thousands
October 8th 2021: Will ASEAN Invite Myanmar’s War Criminals to Its Summit?
October 8th 2021: Myanmar relying on digital healthcare and telemedicine to deal with COVID-19
October 8th 2021: Kyat stabilising after new measures introduced
October 8th 2021: Clashes occur between Tatmadaw and Kokang in northern Shan State
October 7th 2021: World powers need to stop Myanmar civil war before it is too late
October 7th 2021: French Senate Recognises Myanmar National Unity Government
October 7th 2021: Myanmar central bank sees currency stabilising on new measures
October 7th 2021: Malaysia: Will Talk With Myanmar’s Shadow Govt If ASEAN Efforts Fail
October 7th 2021: World Bank’s Ridiculous Suggestions on Rohingya Issue
October 6th 2021: ASEAN ministers weigh not inviting Myanmar junta leader to summit: Envoy
October 6th 2021: New US legislation provides critical support for the people of Myanmar in their struggle against the illegal military coup
October 6th 2021: ‘Terrifying’: Facebook whistleblower cites violence in Myanmar and Ethiopia, spying by China and Iran
October 6th 2021: Why Myanmar’s current democracy movement lacks global support
October 6th 2021: Myanmar artists draw on creative arsenal
October 5th 2021: Yangon Businessman Acts as Go-Between for Belarus Arms Sales to Myanmar Military
October 5th 2021: ASEAN ‘disappointed’ with Myanmar military’s peace commitment
October 5th 2021: Eyewitness Gives Chilling Account of Rohingya Leader’s Killing in Bangladesh
October 5th 2021: Myanmar Junta Could be Excluded From ASEAN Summit: Malaysia
October 5th 2021: Myanmar refugee influx blamed for Covid surge in Mizoram
October 4th 2021: Myanmar: More than 76,000 children displaced by violence since coup, with pregnant women forced to give birth in forest
October 4th 2021: Pope makes new appeal for peace in Myanmar
October 4th 2021: Against oppression
October 4th 2021: The train driver who died defying Myanmar’s dictators
October 4th 2021: Myanmar actress Mya Hnin Ye Lwin on her decision to join the anti-junta resistance
October 3rd 2021: The bleak outlook for Myanmar’s farmers
October 3rd 2021: ‘The world has ignored us’: Myanmar resistance leader urges more support from Australia
October 3rd 2021: Quad Can Flex Its Geopolitical Muscles In Myanmar – OpEd
October 3rd 2021: More batch of Chinese COVID-19 vaccines arrive in Myanmar
October 3rd 2021: Over 10,000 Chinese waiting at China-Myanmar border city to turn themselves in: official
October 2nd 2021: The coup united the people of Myanmar against oppression
October 2nd 2021: Former NLD chief minister testifies against Suu Kyi in corruption case
October 2nd 2021: Karen Armed Group Ambushes Myanmar Junta Regional Commander
October 2nd 2021: Tortured, executed, shot: a junta’s way of death in post-coup Myanmar
October 2nd 2021: Myanmar Ambassador calls on the Foreign Minister
October 1st 2021:The economics behind Min Aung Hlaing’s grand delusions
October 1st 2021: Myanmar anti-coup resistance drags military into bloody stalemate
October 1st 2021: UN official says Myanmar’s people are in ‘a severe crisis’
October 1st 2021: Military uses heavy artillery during Karenni battle
October 1st 2021: Eight Months After Coup, Myanmar Must Fend For Itself Amid Muted Response to Junta Abuses