Thursday 23rd September 2021

Myanmar Coup – September 2021 Media Articles

September 23rd 2021: Foreign Affairs Committee publishes Government response to Myanmar
September 23rd 2021: Myanmar Could Be Heading Towards Open Conflict: UN Warns
September 23rd 2021: Myanmar’s resistance movement is turning violent
September 23rd 2021: Detained Australian economist appears in Myanmar court
September 23rd 2021: US court compels FB to release records of anti-Rohingya content – report
September 22nd 2021: Helping the Taliban but not Myanmar detrimental to Western interests
September 22nd 2021: Gunmen in Sagaing kill entire family, including 12-year-old boy, accused of helping junta
September 22nd 2021: Amid education boycotts, ethnic schools help to fill the gap
September 22nd 2021: Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi pleads not guilty in incitement trial
September 22nd 2021: Myanmar Junta Offers COVID-19 Vaccines to Arakan Army
September 21st 2021: Time for consensus on recognizing Myanmar NUG
September 21st 2021: Myanmar shutdown marks grim year for web freedom
September 21st 2021: Former State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi Will Not Oppose Armed Rebellion in Myanmar
September 21st 2021: American journalist ordered to remain in prison
September 21st 2021: Myanmar’s extreme Buddhist nationalists
September 20th 2021: Larry Dohrs: Myanmar Military Acting Like Occupying Force in Own Country
September 20th 2021: Baptist pastor shot dead in Myanmar
September 20th 2021: Myanmar reports 1,702 new COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours
September 20th 2021: More illegal Myanmar border crossers arrested
September 20th 2021: The Burmese artist making paintings to fight against Myanmar’s military junta
September 19th 2021: Myanmar sets October 1 for Aung San Suu Kyi corruption trial
September 19th 2021: NCRB data belies government claim that Myanmar refugees are threat to national security
September 19th 2021: Myanmar military convoy hit by roadside bomb near Yangon
September 19th 2021: Myanmar flexing its muscles at the United Nations
September 19th 2021: Myanmar junta aims to sell illicit timber for hard currency
September 18th 2021: Junta steps up raids and arrests in effort to stamp out Yangon guerrilla attacks
September 18th 2021: Three junta soldiers desert security post in Yangon
September 18th 2021: No one has ever returned from this ‘local Bermuda Triangle’ – All about ‘Lake of No Return’ near Arunachal Pradesh
September 18th 2021: International Community Urged to Help Myanmar with More Vaccination Supplies – IFRC
September 18th 2021: Kyat Falls to Historic Low, Signaling Lack of Confidence in Myanmar’s Stability
September 17th 2021: Regime seeks economic recovery, but drops NLD reform agenda
September 17th 2021: Military Council instructs wives of soldiers to take up arms and fight if PDFs attack
September 17th 2021: Anti-Junta Townships in Myanmar Fear Internet Shutdowns Signal Imminent Military Offensive
September 17th 2021: Myanmar Is Collapsing, and Threatens Its Entire Neighborhood
September 17th 2021: Finding fault lines within the Tatmadaw
September 16th 2021: Video – China Removing Landmines Along Burmese Border
September 16th 2021: Norwegian communications firm Telenor is selling Myanmar unit to avoid EU embargo breach
September 16th 2021: Three Myanmar women among ‘most influential’ of 2021: Time
September 16th 2021: Myanmar Villagers Destroy Chinese Fence Amid Border Dispute
September 16th 2021: Junta loses 2 trillion kyats in revenue from non-payment of electricity bills
September 15th 2021: The Myanmar Military’s Politicization Of COVID-19 – Analysis
September 15th 2021: More Than Seven Dozen Reporters Arrested Since Myanmar Coup
September 15th 2021: Date set for sentencing of Suu Kyi
September 15th 2021: Will Myanmar’s Press Crackdown Muzzle Reporting on Environmental Crimes?
September 15th 2021: U.S. trade chief urges ASEAN envoy to visit Myanmar soon, promote dialogue
September 14th 2021: Myanmar’s Suu Kyi back in court after absence, still ‘somewhat dizzy’ -lawyer
September 14th 2021: China Online Meeting Including Myanmar’s NLD Seen as Recognition of Ousted Myanmar Party’s Influence
September 14th 2021: U.S. and China Reach Deal to Block Myanmar’s Junta From U.N.
September 14th 2021: Myanmar’s UN Ambassador to Stay On: UN Sources
September 14th 2021: Myanmar: Thousands stranded and displaced by floods receive support from UNICEF
September 13th 2021: UN urged to retain Kyaw Moe Tun as Myanmar ambassador
September 13th 2021: Myanmar limits number of foreign staff allowed to work in domestic banks
September 13th 2021: Rohingya rescued from human traffickers in Tak
September 13th 2021: More Chinese COVID-19 vaccines arrive in Myanmar
September 13th 2021: Thailand Could Benefit From Myanmar-Bangladesh Ties – OpEd
September 12th 2021: How Myanmar’s junta used a coup to settle old scores
September 12th 2021: Deadly unrest in Myanmar as opposition urges ‘defensive war’
September 12th 2021: Michelle Yeoh wants to reprise Aung San Suu Kyi role
September 12th 2021: Cambodia And Bangladesh Ties: Possibilities Of Economic Cooperation – OpEd
September 12th 2021: US FDA’s sins of omission allegedly lead to massive COVID-19 vaccine death toll
September 11th 2021: Can Singapore’s home cleaning scheme reduce maid abuse?
September 11th 2021: Anti-Junta Militias Destroy Four Dozen Towers of Telecom Run by Military
September 11th 2021: ASEAN’s Lilliputian progress in Myanmar
September 11th 2021: Myanmar: Villagers killed as military clashes with civilian fighters
September 11th 2021: Myanmar Faces COVID Vaccination Woes as Health System Under Threat
September 10th 2021: ‘Workers have lost all their rights’: Coup and third wave leave factory workers at risk
September 10th 2021: Junta Troops Killed Across Myanmar as Resistance Steps up Operations
September 10th 2021: Video: Battle for Myanmar’s UN Seat
September 10th 2021: Yangon bombings add to air of unease as junta moves to tighten hold over city
September 10th 2021: Myanmar’s Junta, Opposition Headed for Faceoff Over UN Seat
September 9th 2021: Myanmar Citizens Voice Support For Uprising Against Junta Despite Risks
September 9th 2021: NUG’s battle cry triggers panic shopping, but no immediate escalation of violence
September 9th 2021: U.N. human rights experts express regret over NUG call for “people’s defensive war”
September 9th 2021: Call for ‘defensive war’ against Myanmar’s junta sparks alarm, even as young citizens cautiously back revolt
September 9th 2021: KNLA General Saw Pila Sein dies
September 8th 2021: Pakistan Defense Delegation Made Unannounced Visit to Myanmar Capital
September 8th 2021: Foreign minister to consult Asean Special Envoy over Myanmar shadow govt’s call for uprising against junta
September 8th 2021: Myanmar Junta Forces Desecrate Churches and Destroy Refugee Food Stocks
September 8th 2021: Why Should Myanmar Strengthen Its Relations With Bangladesh? – OpEd
September 8th 2021: Myanmar cell towers attacked after shadow government ‘war’ call
September 7th 2021: NUG announces start of ‘D-Day’
September 7th 2021: Myanmar shadow government launches ‘people’s defensive war’
September 7th 2021: S. Korea to provide $3 million worth of humanitarian aid to Myanmar
September 7th 2021: UN to Discuss Myanmar Representation at General Assembly
September 7th 2021: American Journalist’s detention extended
September 6th 2021: China Tests New Myanmar Trade Route in Boost to Ties: Post
September 6th 2021: Myanmar’s Opposition Is Forming Fragile Alliances With Armed Ethnic Groups
September 6th 2021: ASEAN Envoy to Myanmar Says Military Agrees to Four-Month Ceasefire to Deliver Aid
September 6th 2021: Three Brotherhood Alliance urges groups to avoid affecting the security of the people
September 6th 2021: Danger ahead
September 5th 2021: Asean envoy to Myanmar calls for 4-month cease-fire
September 5th 2021: Cash shortages bug businesses and consumers in Myanmar
September 5th 2021: China donates second batch of anti-pandemic supplies to Myanmar
September 5th 2021: Anonymous Myanmar photographer bags top photojournalism award
September 5th 2021: How COVID-19’s third wave crashed over a delta village
September 4th 2021: Karenni youths form a new, and eager, fighting force
September 4th 2021: Myanmar’s COVID-19 response mismanaged as deaths hit 15,000
September 4th 2021: Under military rule, young Burmese speak of destroyed dreams, futures snatched away
September 4th 2021: Myanmar: Sky News investigates abuse and killings in custody
September 4th 2021: Danny Fenster: Jailed for telling the truth in Myanmar – with no end in sight
September 3rd 2021: Attackers in Yangon kill suspected military informant then detonate bombs when junta forces arrive to investigate
September 3rd 2021: UK announces sanction against Tay Za, Htoo group
September 3rd 2021: Thousands of Myanmar Soldiers and Police Have Joined Anti-Junta Forces Since Coup
September 3rd 2021: Attendees draw lots for People’s Military training
September 3rd 2021: Who Will Win the Battle for Myanmar’s UN Seat?
September 2nd 2021: Months After Coup, Myanmar Accelerates Toward Surveillance State
September 2nd 2021: Churches bear the brunt under Myanmar junta
September 2nd 2021: A Dozen Myanmar Militias Form Alliance to Overthrow Junta
September 2nd 2021: Justice in the balance as UN considers recognition question
September 2nd 2021: Myanmar parallel government to challenge regime with $700m budget
September 1st 2021: China’s Embrace of the Taliban Has a Painful Resonance in Myanmar
September 1st 2021: Dozens of Top NLD Officials Detained on Corruption Charges Since Myanmar Coup
September 1st 2021: Myanmar’s shadow government calls out ‘illegal investments’ in the country
September 1st 2021: Hundreds Flee During Four Days of Fighting in Myanmar’s Shan State
September 1st 2021: Italy flouts EU sanctions to trade in Myanmar’s illegal timber