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September 30th 2022: ASEAN is frustrated by the junta, but how far is it willing to go?
29th September 2022: Bearing witness: The volunteers bringing news from the front line
September 29th 2022: Ousted Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi jailed for another three years
September 29th 2022: Sean Turnell: Australian adviser to Suu Kyi gets three years jail in Myanmar
September 29th 2022: Amnesty: Facebook owes reparations to Rohingya for Myanmar hate content
September 29th 2022: Midwives review – deeply moving study of sisterhood in Myanmar
September 28th 2022: Why Myanmar Military Won’t Be Able To Survive In The Long Run – OpEd
September 28th 2022: After being denied entry to Thailand, Myanmar beauty queen who criticized junta granted asylum in Canada
September 28th 2022: The Two Hands of Washington’s Myanmar Policy
September 28th 2022: The Meteoric Fall Of The Myanmar Military Junta – OpEd
September 28th 2022: Rohingya crisis side event at the 2022 UN General Assembly: Minister Ford’s statement
September 25th 2022: Drones level playing field for Myanmar’s armed opposition against powerful militar
September 25th 2022: Han Lay drama brings crisis home
September 25th 2022: Myanmar citizens would bear brunt of potential FATF blacklisting
September 25th 2022: Malaysian PM: Sad to see no serious Security Council action on Myanmar
September 25th 2022: ‘Verify job offers’: Govt issues advisory after Myanmar scam
September 24th 2022: Why Bangladesh shouldn’t fall into trap of war with Myanmar
September 24th 2022: UN: Life Under Myanmar’s Junta Has Become ‘Horrific’
September 24th 2022: ASIA/MYANMAR – Bishops, priests, religious: always and in all cases at the side of the people, with a strength that “only God can give”
September 23rd 2022: The junta’s sexual assault victims will not be silent
September 23rd 2022: UN Rights Expert: International Community Fails People of Myanmar in Face of Mass Atrocities
September 23rd 2022: Myanmar model Han Lay who criticised junta barred from entering Thailand
September 23rd 2022: Myanmar worst for state violence against civilians in first half of 2022
September 23rd 2022: Teenage boy incarcerated in Insein Prison dies days before his release
September 22nd 2022: Chinese energy companies lobby junta to import Russian gas
September 22nd 2022: Call for bids in Myanmar: Magna Carta Fund 2022 to 2023
September 22nd 2022: Myanmar spiralling ‘from bad to worse, to horrific’, Human Rights Council hears
September 22nd 2022: Fighting between AA and military spreads southward in Myanmar’s Rakhine state
September 22nd 2022: Myanmar Regime Torturing Political Prisoners Held in Mandalay Jail
September 21st 2022: Over 10,000 locals flee as military seizes township in Myanmar’s Sagaing region
September 21st 2022:  ‘Liking’ Opposition Content on Social Media Could Land You in Jail, Says Myanmar’s Junta
September 21st 2022: Troops kill 2 civilians as they raid villages across Myanmar’s regional borders.
September 21st 2022: Fighting in Maungdaw: A Strategic Turning Point in Western Myanmar?
September 21st 2022: Myanmar army helicopters fire on school, killing six
September 20th 2022: Exodus from Myanmar as cost-of-living crisis bites
September 20th 2022: Myanmar: Guterres strongly condemns army attacks which left 11 children dead
September 20th 2022: Myanmar: Burnt villages and rebel patrols in battle-scarred north • FRANCE 24 English
September 20th 2022: As UN mulls Myanmar action, Malaysia pushes Asean to review peace plan
September 19th 2022: Myanmar Resistance Rejects Junta Child Murder Claims
September 19th 2022: Over 100 Regime Troops Defect to Arakan Army in Western Myanmar
September 19th 2022: Aggressive Myanmar Military Along Bangladesh Border: Time To Take Steps To Stop War? – OpEd
September 19th 2022: Militia Allied to Myanmar Regime Kills Five in Southern Shan State
September 19th 2022: A Crisis of Faith Shakes the United Nations in Its Big Week
September 18th 2022: World Must Take Stern Actions Against Myanmar Military To De-Escalate Bangladesh Border Tensions – OpEd
September 18th 2022: Myanmar’s National Unity Government strengthens control
September 18th 2022: It would be foolish for Myanmar to think Bangladesh weak
September 18th 2022: Rise in smuggling activities in Mizoram due to Myanmar crisis: Officials
September 18th 2022: Myanmar’s arms trade, defence drills and energy deals with Russia show steady pace of ties
September 17th 2022: Myanmar: BBC Media Action presenter sentenced to three years hard labour
September 17th 2022: NGO report warns of dangers of Chinese outsourced rare earth mining in Myanmar
September 17th 2022: Myanmar’s Aggression At Bangladesh Border Is Escalating Tensions In South And Southeast Asia – OpEd
September 17th 2022: Imprisoned Monywa activist facing new criminal charge carrying death sentence
September 17th 2022: Myanmar to Express Solidarity with the People of Myanmar at 77th UNGA
September 16th 2022: Who represents Myanmar? UN faces credentials pressure at assembly
September 16th 2022: I reported on the military’s abuses, and then I became a victim
September 16th 2022: ‘This area has never experienced war before’: the fight for Tanintharyi
September 16th 2022: An illegitimate junta can’t fix Myanmar’s broken economy
September 16th 2022: Healthcare on the run
September 15th 2022: Leaked document suggests Myanmar military units are in disarray
September 15th 2022: Junta arrests 15 demanding UN extend term of Myanmar rep
September 15th 2022: Australian government reveals $2.5 million spend at Myanmar military-linked hotels in bloody aftermath of coup
September 15th 2022: Myanmar’s workers left vulnerable as junta crushes unions
September 15th 2022: International companies implicated in scramble for Shan State’s gold under Myanmar junta
September 14th 2022: Junta rice scheme grows farmers’ suspicions
September 14th 2022: Two journalists among more than a dozen arrested in Yangon protest crackdown
September 14th 2022: Jailed Myanmar Protest Leader Faces Possible Death Sentence
September 14th 2022: More than 18,000 residents flee township in Myanmar’s Bago region
September 14th 2022: The World Must Respond to Myanmar’s Civil War Rather Than Its Coup
September 13th 2022: Logistics of Queen’s funeral equivalent to hundreds of state visits, officials say
September 13th 2022: ‘This is robbery’: junta’s property seizure spree
September 13th 2022: Myanmar: Increasing evidence of crimes against humanity since coup
September 13th 2022: Myanmar: Military’s Real Weak Spot Is Economic Ineptitude – OpEd
September 13th 2022: Myanmar Junta Jails Former British Ambassador Vicky Bowman – OpEd
September 12th 2022: COVID-19 infections on the rise again as Myanmar’s medical system struggles
September 12th 2022: Blog: The last mobile greenfield fades, what is next?
September 12th 2022: Over 80 Regime Soldiers Reportedly Killed in Southeast Myanmar
September 12th 2022: Myanmar women’s drone force bombs junta forces in Sagaing’s Chaung-U
September 12th 2022: To Maintain Friendly Ties With Bangladesh, Myanmar Military Must Stop Shelling At Border – OpEd