Sunday 23rd June 2024


September 9th 2023: China and Myanmar eye closer agricultural cooperation
September 9th 2023: The junta turns the screws on smuggled booze
September 9th 2023: ASEAN Sleepwalking Into Perpetual Limbo – Analysis
September 8th 2023: UN chief spotlights worsening rights in Myanmar as journalist jailed for 20 years over cyclone coverage
September 8th 2023: Two years on, Myanmar’s resistance is a formidable adversary to the junta
September 8th 2023: Q&A: Karenni leader Khun Bedu is ‘determined to restore the people’s government’
September 7th 2023: ‘Who the f*** is Bill Richardson?’: Frontier’s Danny Fenster pays tribute
September 7th 2023: Photojournalist in Myanmar sentenced to 20 years of hard labor
September 7th 2023: Myanmar’s Seat Empty as Harris Speaks to ASEAN Leaders
September 6th 2023: Sources reveal Israeli shipments to Myanmar military after coup
September 6th 2023: Election ‘likely’ in 2025, says Myanmar military’s proxy party
September 6th 2023: Myanmar junta condemns ‘one-sided’ ASEAN statement on violence
September 5th 2023: Families of political prisoners find comfort in the occult
September 5th 2023: Myanmar’s jailed ex-leader Aung San Suu Kyi ailing – source
September 5th 2023: G20 Summit: Modi Must Face Pressure Over Arming and Support for Myanmar Military
September 4th 2023: Southeast Asian leaders are besieged by thorny issues as they hold an ASEAN summit without Biden
September 4th 2023: Myanmar: Bomb Attack on Thailand Border Hub Kills 5 Officials, Wounds 11
September 4th 2023: Myanmar: Post-Coup Economy Comes Crumbling Down – Analysis
September 3rd 2023: ASEAN to hold air force chiefs meeting chaired by Myanmar war criminal
September 3rd 2023: Myanmar’s post-coup economy comes crumbling down
September 3rd 2023: Myanmar’s Battle-Scarred Junta Replaces Five Security Ministers
September 2nd 2023: Heritage held hostage: Conflict and cronyism threaten World Heritage Sites
September 2nd 2023: Myanmar junta to increase tax on migrant workers
September 2nd 2023: Movie Exposes Chinese Cybercrime in Burma
September 1st 2023: Myanmar’s High Court declines to hear Suu Kyi’s appeals in 5 cases where sentences already commuted
September 1st 2023: Buddhist Nationalism and Extremism in Myanmar and North America
September 1st 2023: Myanmar’s landmine clearers working with pliers and bare hands