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July 31st 2022: Inside the life of a Pa-O ethnic man living in mainstream Myanmar
July 31st 2022: The Catholic Church speaks out against the death penalty in Japan and Myanmar
July 31st 2022: 4 injured in explosion near bus station in Yangon
July 31st 2022: Anti-Junta Forces in Myanmar Rely on Homemade Weapons
July 31st 2022: Myanmar tightens Covid rules for travelers
July 30th 2022: Malaysia’s top diplomat broaches junking ASEAN consensus on Myanmar
July 30th 2022: Executions in Myanmar, plight of Rohingya in Bangladesh reflect poorly on Asean diplomacy
July 30th 2022: Woman, 88, among three killed in junta raids on Sagaing villages
July 30th 2022: Drones bomb junta troops stationed in Sagaing’s Shwebo Township
July 30th 2022: Open Society Foundations Condemn Horrific Myanmar Executions
July 29th 2022: Students and teachers persevere despite dangers and limited funds
July 29th 2022: Dengue worsens under the junta’s watch
July 29th 2022: Myanmar Executions Should Be a Watershed Moment for ASEAN
July 29th 2022: Myanmar Junta Backers Rally in Support of Democracy Activists’ Executions
July 29th 2022: The struggles of Myanmar’s Karen refugees
July 28th 2022: Security Council condemns Myanmar executions of 4 activists
July 28th 2022: Execution of pro-democracy and opposition leaders in Myanmar: G7 foreign ministers joint statement
July 28th 2022: 176 Students’ unions reject any negotiations with the junta
July 28th 2022: The West looks to China to curb murderous regime in Myanmar. What chance of that?
July 27th 2022: The fight against the military heats up in the courtroom
July 27th 2022: U.N. Security Council condemns Myanmar executions
July 27th 2022: Calls amplify for ASEAN to punish Myanmar for dissidents’ executions
July 27th 2022: Myanmar After the Coup
July 27th 2022: First stage of China – Myanmar rail link opens
July 26th 2022: ‘I’m proud of what he did’: Phyo Zayar Thaw’s wife speaks out
July 26th 2022: Channel 4 Documentary: Myanmar: The Forgotten Revolution Dispatches
July 26th 2022: Myanmar: First executions in decades mark atrocious escalation in state repression
July 26th 2022: Myanmar’s neighbours dismayed over ‘highly reprehensible’ executions
July 26th 2022: Captured defence force fighter burned alive by junta
July 25th 2022: Myanmar’s junta hangs ex-lawmaker and three other political prisoners in country’s first executions for nearly 50 years
July 25th 2022: World condemns Myanmar junta for ‘cruel’ execution of activists
July 25th 2022: Myanmar Protesters March Against Execution Of Activists
July 25th 2022: Joint Statement on the Execution of Pro-Democracy and Opposition Leaders in Myanmar
July 25th 2022: Opinion – Even by the Myanmar junta’s standards these four executions are cruel
July 24th 2022: Myanmar junta soldiers defect to resistance groups in Chin State
July 24th 2022: In Myanmar, Young Men Face A Stark Choice: Join the Army Or Face Heavy Fines
July 24th 2022: Myanmar genocide case to go ahead as UN court says it has jurisdiction
July 24th 2022: Myanmar military prepares for election in bid for legitimacy
July 24th 2022: Myanmar building projects worth $1.3bn frozen since army took power
July 23rd 2022: Junta Watch: Regime in Fantasyland on Electric Cars, Economics
July 23rd 2022: World Court Greenlights Genocide Claim Against Myanmar
July 23rd 2022: Dozens of teachers killed, hundreds arrested by Myanmar junta for joining strike
July 23rd 2022: Joint statement of Canada and the Kingdom of the Netherlands regarding today’s decision of the International Court of Justice in the Rohingya genocide case between The Gambia and Myanmar
July 23rd 2022: Thai MP takes Thai PM to task over Thai-Myanmar relations
July 22nd 2022: ‘A slow-motion train wreck’: Junta’s policies worsen foreign currency shortage
July 22nd 2022: SAC leader promises a meet with Suu Kyi: FM
July 22nd 2022: ‘I can’t forget her’- Myanmar’s soldiers admit atrocities
July 22nd 2022: Myanmar: Junta troops kill at least 10 people, burn 400 houses during raid; 30 still missing
July 22nd 2022: Next Steps on the Road to Accountability and Security for Rohingya Refugees
July 21st 2022: The fight against the military heats up in the courtroom
July 21st 2022: Myanmar’s junta can’t win the civil war it started
July 21st 2022: In Myanmar’s Rakhine State, a Fraying Truce May Hold Key to Anti-Regime Fight
July 21st 2022: The Looming Catastrophe in Myanmar
July 21st 2022: The Situation on the Ground in Myanmar with Erin Murphy
July 20th 2022: Myanmar: Military’s use of banned landmines in Kayah State amounts to war crimes
July 20th 2022: US withdraws from ASEAN counter terrorism meeting
July 20th 2022: Myanmar military suffers ‘heavy casualties’ in fighting with Rakhine rebels
July 20th 2022: Supply problems causing cooking gas shortages in Naypyitaw
July 20th 2022: After the gold rush: How the junta created, and then crushed, a surge in smuggling
July 19th 2022: Myanmar marks 75th anniversary of killing of founding father
July 19th 2022: South-East Asia Textile and Apparel Trade and Production Trends 2022 with Focus on Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam –
July 19th 2022: US urged to boycott Myanmar-Russia counter-terror meet
July 19th 2022: With No Int’l Support, Myanmar Resistance Groups Seek Public Funds for Homemade Weapons
July 18th 2022: ‘Back to the Dark Ages’: The regime’s publishing clampdown
July 18th 2022: Seize and rescue: Karen forces ambush junta police station and free jailed PDF fighters
July 18th 2022: Myanmar central bank orders borrowers to stop repaying foreign loans
July 18th 2022: Catholic villagers flee as Myanmar military escalates attacks
July 17th 2022: ‘Top Guns’ in full control
July 17th 2022: Past week sees student demonstrations and garment workers’ strike in Myanmar
July 17th 2022: Myanmar PDF group seize illicit drugs in Sagaing’s Mawlu
July 17th 2022: Myanmar sees loss in confidence in financial sector post-coup: WB
July 17th 2022: Myanmar leader shops for support, weapons in Moscow
July 16th 2022: In absence of international justice, Rohingya face prolonged genocide plight
July 16th 2022: Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi: Former leader testifies in election fraud trial
July 16th 2022: Water levels of Thanintharyi’s Moekaung River rising
July 16th 2022: Junta rule may worsen the impact of climate change in Myanmar
July 16th 2022: Eight protesters arrested in Hpakant
July 15th 2022: She treated Myanmar’s resistance and paid with her life
July 15th 2022: Indian-Made Torpedo Found Washed-Up On A Beach In Myanmar
July 15th 2022: Junta Red Tape Sparks Medicine Shortages in Myanmar
July 15th 2022: EU diplomat in Myanmar accused of endangering activists’ lives
July 15th 2022: Myanmar Asks for Suspension of Foreign Loan Payments
July 14th 2022: British Embassy head refused entry to Myanmar
July 14th 2022: Myanmar Military Junta Expels United Kingdom Envoy
July 14th 2022: Implications of Wang Yi’s Myanmar visit
July 14th 2022: US ambassador-nominee to Bangkok promises to help Thais pressure Burmese junta
July 14th 2022: LGBT community feels the heat in Myanmar post-coup
July 13th 2022: Two dead, nine injured in Yangon blast
July 13th 2022: Myanmar junta launches airstrikes, artillery attacks on KIA bases
July 13th 2022: The PDFs marching to their own tune
July 13th 2022: Nuclear cooperation agreement between Russia and Myanmar
July 12th 2022: Blinken Calls on China, ASEAN Countries to Hold Burma Accountable
July 12th 2022: Myanmar junta leader to visit Moscow, plans space and nuclear meetings -RIA
July 12th 2022: Observers say inclusive dialogue unlikely in Myanmar without added pressure on junta
July 12th 2022: Blinken Meets With Burmese Youth Leaders in Bangkok
July 11th 2022: Exclusive: Myanmar’s junta rolls out Chinese camera surveillance systems in more cities
July 11th 2022: Blinken Says China, ASEAN Should Push Myanmar To End Violence
July 11th 2022: Tax Change to Challenge Myanmar Miners
July 11th 2022: Desperation drives some punters back to state lottery, but boycott still bites
July 11th 2022: An American Artist Who Stayed Behind in Myanmar
July 10th 2022: Blinken hails Thai help in US push to Asia
July 10th 2022: A party’s demise
July 10th 2022: ‘We Are Rohingya’ photo exhibition puts cameras in the hands of Bangladesh camp refugees
July 10th 2022: Teacher recruit call for educating IDP children in southern Shan State
July 10th 2022:  Intruding Myanmar fighter jet incident highlights brutal war against Karen
July 9th 2022: Pa-O junta militia forcibly recruiting seven adults from each village
July 9th 2022: Teachers at Risk from Both Sides in Post-Coup Myanmar
July 9th 2022: RTAF beefs up border security, adds jets
July 9th 2022: At least 132 religious buildings destroyed since Myanmar coup
July 9th 2022: DVB news service calls for release of their journalist sentenced to six years in prison
July 8th 2022: Myanmar activists observe 60th anniversary of military crackdown amid tight security
July 8th 2022: A Prolonged Refugee Crisis In South And Southeast Asia – OpEd
July 8th 2022: Myanmar, Thai militaries in cahoots
July 8th 2022: UN adopts resolution on Rohingya repatriation to Myanmar
July 8th 2022: Junta bid for Russian deal to address Myanmar’s energy shortages faces hurdles
July 7th 2022: Teenage medics ‘slaughtered’ in Myanmar amid mounting reports of atrocities
July 7th 2022: Myanmar receives first Su-30SME fighters from Russia
July 7th 2022: Junta airstrike on Arakan Army Karen State base kills six
July 7th 2022: Chinese Foreign Minister Snubs Myanmar Junta Chief
July 7th 2022: Displacement surge in Myanmar as fighting escalates
July 6th 2022: How the junta plunders Myanmar’s Natural Resources
July 6th 2022: ‘How Many Accents is it Normal to Have?’: An Interview with Pyae Moe Thet War
July 6th 2022: Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok rebuffs passport renewal rumours
July 6th 2022: Burmese-American Catholics gather for ordination of priest in western Kentucky
July 6th 2022: Opinion: We Must End Attacks on Hospitals in Conflict Zones
July 5th 2022: Factory workers ‘barely able to buy food’ under junta, union representative says
July 5th 2022: Myanmar Plans to Double Rice Exports With Focus on Quality
July 5th 2022: Myanmar’s Military Losing Ground to Rebels and Ethnic Armies: Part 1
July 5th 2022: Kirin Holdings to sell stake in Myanmar Brewery for JPY 22.4bn
July 4th 2022: ‘We are selling everything’: Resistance groups struggle to arm fighters
July 4th 2022: Myanmar’s military escalates attacks in Karen state
July 4th 2022: China calls on Myanmar junta to hold talks with opponents
July 4th 2022: Myanmar Military Atrocities Laid Bare in Gruesome Footage
July 4th 2022: Myanmar marks the 60th anniversary of the bloody 7th July Students Uprising
July 3rd 2022: China’s top diplomat visits Myanmar amid opposition protest
July 3rd 2022: Thai prime minister downplays Myanmar aircraft entering nation’s airspace
July 3rd 2022: China’s foreign minister visits Myanmar amid protest
July 3rd 2022: Strong mag. 5.3 earthquake – 39 km northwest of Thayetmyo, Thayet District, Magway Region, Myanmar (Burma), on Sunday, Jul 3, 2022 at 8:56 am (GMT +6:30) – 4 hours ago
July 3rd 2022: As Asean mulls its options on Myanmar, don’t lose sight of shifting military balance in the country
July 2nd 2022: New entreaty by ASEAN envoy to meet Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi
July 2nd 2022: Who is winning Myanmar’s civil war?
July 2nd 2022: Junta Watch: Military Bends Rules to Fill Ranks; Loyal Monk Promoted, and More
July 2nd 2022: Opinion: What a hip-hop star on death row has to do with dictators everywhere
July 2nd 2022: Dialogue with Suu Kyi ‘not impossible’ says Myanmar junta
July 1st 2022: The struggle to bring justice to Myanmar
July 1st 2022: Thailand says Myanmar apologized for airspace violation
July 1st 2022: After G-20 summit, Jokowi should shift focus to Myanmar: Jakarta Post contributor
July 1st 2022: Universities in Myanmar need more international help
July 1st 2022: Shocking toll on children in Myanmar, says UN rights expert