Saturday 13th July 2024

Sacred Heart and St Margaret’s

My lovely former school parish in Penicuik and its neighbour in Loanhead, both served by Fr Tadeusz Majcher, listened today, Sunday 26th May, as we thanked them for the generous grant of £1500 which we took in January, through the auspices of Friends of Sacred Heart and St Margaret’s. With this money we built 12 bunk beds in Family Home Orphanage and funded our nutrition programme for one year in the ECCD School at Phan Khar Gone. Trustee Kate and supporter Eileen talked to parishioners about our work, distributed prayer cards and showed a Grifaid filter and a Days for Girls Kit in the porch, once Mary had spoken from the altar about Ahtutu’s aims and objectives. Thank you, everyone, for your interest, and for a totally unexpected collection of £151.12. So wonderful to be back again with former pupils, colleagues and parents!