Saturday 13th July 2024


August 31st 2023: Unrelenting Violence in Burma Condemned
August 31st 2023: Myanmar Junta Rallies Support to Defend Capital as Resistance Gets Closer
August 31st 2023: At Least 50 Myanmar Junta Forces, 15 Resistance Fighters Killed in Three Days of Clashes
August 30th 2023: Kidnappings leave Dry Zone residents living in fear
August 30th 2023: Myanmar’s Female Political Prisoners Still Committed to Struggle
August 30th 2023: Tiny ethnic Ta’ang army is a bellwether for opposition fight against Myanmar junta
August 29th 2023: It’s time to re-think the CDM
August 29th 2023: Children of Notorious Ex-Myanmar Junta Minister Continue Corrupt Legacy
August 29th 2023: Myanmar’s striking civil servants: Displaced, forgotten, but holding on
August 28th 2023: The mobile game funding a revolution in Myanmar
August 28th 2023: Two Singaporeans admit role in illegal $2 million sale of sonar which ended up with Myanmar Navy
August 28th 2023: Myanmar expels Timor Leste’s top diplomat
August 27th 2023: East Timor condemns Myanmar’s expulsion of top diplomat
August 27th 2023:Burmese hip-hop artist sentenced to 20 years for criticising Myanmar’s military leadership
August 27th 2023: Ex-PM jailed, new PM chosen: What just happened in Thailand?
August 26th 2023: ‘You must all die’: The military’s war on Sagaing Catholics
August 26th 2023:The Mon dilemma: Can a state riven by divisions join the resistance?
August 26th 2023: What are the implications of retailers ‘responsibly exiting’ Myanmar?
August 25th 2023: Rohingya: Gang violence stalks world’s largest refugee camp
August 25th 2023: The Sixth Anniversary of Genocide Against Rohingya
August 25th 2023: Singapore Called On to Stop Feeding Myanmar Junta’s War Machine
August 24th 2023: Death highways: Driving in Myanmar’s conflict zones
August 24th 2023: UN Security Council, minus China and Russia, condemns Myanmar military’s killing of civilians
August 24th 2023: Statement by Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield on the Situation in Burma
August 23rd 2023: Myanmar’s future is not a foregone conclusion
August 23rd 2023: Civil Society Statement on the Head of OCHA to Myanmar
August 23rd 2023: The Myanmar Military Wants the World to Give Up
August 22nd 2023: Myanmar army launches week-long arson attack on Sagaing Region village
August 22nd 2023: Myanmar Junta Threatens to Punish Those Holding Foreign Currency
August 22nd 2023: Junta threatens unauthorized foreign currency holders as Myanmar kyat tanks
August 21st 2023: Myanmar’s junta arrests Swiss filmmaker, 13 cast members for defaming Buddhism
August 21st 2023: Alleged child rape case in Ayeyarwady orphanage sparks outrage
August 21st 2023: A Chin Village’s Unique Protest Against the Military Junta in Myanmar
August 20th 2023: Ex-PM Thaksin to return to Thailand Tuesday: daughter
August 20th 2023: Rock-loaded train hit by mine explosion in southern Myanmar
August 20th 2023: Suu Kyi’s son urges young Burmese to ‘never give up’ on democracy
August 19th 2023: Exclusive: British police investigate exiled former Myanmar envoy for trespass
August 19th 2023: Myanmar junta commander fatally shot by careless soldier in Bago
August 19th 2023: Myanmar junta arrests Swiss national over film ‘harming’ Buddhism
August 18th 2023: Myanmar Shadow Government Official Apologizes to Rohingya
August 18th 2023: H&M will ‘phase out’ operations in Myanmar after more worker abuse allegations
August 18th 2023: Indonesia’s Myanmar Dilemma – Analysis
August 17th 2023: H&M investigates Myanmar factory after 20 cases of reported abuse
August 17th 2023: Reappraising Myanmar Military Statecraft
August 17th 2023: In Myanmar Prisons, Showing Solidarity With Martyrs Leads to Solitary Confinement
August 16th 2023: Child Killed by Burmese Troops Guarding Chinese-Owned Copper Mine 
August 16th 2023: UN humanitarian chief holds talks with Myanmar junta leaders amidst humanitarian concerns
August 16th 2023: New hope for Myanmar’s mangrove forests
August 15th 2023: Baby elephant bank note shakes property market foundations
August 15th 2023: The State of Democracy in Southeast Asia Is Bad and Getting Worse
August 15th 2023: More than 50 officers and family members desert Myanmar military
August 14th 2023: War and economic upheaval leave the weaving industry in tatter
August 14th 2023: Non-EU countries align with EU human rights, Burma, and Russia sanctions
August 14th 2023: Myanmar landslide: At least 30 missing at jade mine
August 13th 2023: UN warns Myanmar labour market remains fragile
August 13th 2023: The Explainer: A forgotten crisis – what is happening to the Rohingya minority fleeing Myanmar?
August 13th 2023: Myanmar junta struggles to repay $400 million Chinese bank loan due to jump in dollar price
August 12th 2023: Waiting to go home: 48,000 evacuated in Myanmar floods
August 12th 2023: Life and death on the front lines of fighting in Myanmar
August 12th 2023: Expanding settlement prompts rise in croc attacks in Myanmar’s Ayeyarwaddy Delta
August 11th 2023: At least 23 Rohingya die after their boat sinks during attempt to flee Myanmar
August 11th 2023: Refugee photographers fight to raise awareness about plight of Rohingya in Bangladesh
August 11th 2023: Junta’s Nighttime Airstrike Kills Civilians Sleeping in Monastery in Myanmar
August 10th 2023: Can the NUG reform itself?
August 10th 2023: Military reshuffling aims to keep Myanmar’s ruling junta in place for the long term
August 10th 2023: Improving nutrition in Myanmar and Zambia with local fish-based solutions
August 9th 2023:U.N. rights envoy voices concern over S. Korea as Myanmar ambassador attended arms event
August 9th 2023: ‘Dramatic increase’ in Myanmar war crimes, UN probe finds
August 9th 2023: Key Singapore bank UOB moves to cut off Myanmar
August 8th 2023: War crimes by Myanmar’s military ‘more frequent and brazen’, UN probe finds
August 8th 2023: Myanmar junta reducing Aung San Suu Kyi’s sentence is an empty gesture from a failing state
August 8th 2023: Myanmar junta kills 21 women and detains 19 in July
August 7th 2023: Myanmar General Blamed For Massacre Gets Promotion
August 7th 2023: Expiry of US general licence for transactions with Burma/Myanmar banks
August 7th 2023: Inside the Resistance Camps in Myanmar
August 6th 2023: ‘No remedy’: A broken public health system fosters neglect and corruption
August 6th 2023: Military raid on union office kills three student leaders
August 6th 2023: Myanmar junta grants partial pardon to detained leaders amid continuing crisis and resistance
August 5th 2023: Joint Statement of Chiefs of Defense Condemning Military-Sponsored Violence in Myanmar
August 5th 2023: Myanmar junta burned down 2,741 houses in July
August 5th 2023: US warns enforcement to begin against sanctioned Myanmar banks
August 4th 2023: Traitor or victim? The two arrests of Win Myint Aung
August 4th 2023: Myanmar’s military said it bombed ‘terrorists.’ It killed children.
August 4th 2023: Myanmar poet turned rebel leader seeks new base to confront junta
August 3rd 2023: A lurking threat: Landmines await Lay Kay Kaw returnees
August 3rd 2023: Sunset in Golden Valley: The rise and fall of Yangon’s high-end rental market
August 3rd 2023: Myanmar crisis highlights limits of Indonesia’s ‘quiet diplomacy’ as it sets sights on becoming a ‘great regional power’
August 2nd 2023: Aung San Suu Kyi receives partial pardon from Myanmar’s military junta but to stay under house arrest
August 2nd 2023: Aung San Suu Kyi pardoned for five offences – but doubts remain over whether she will ever be released
August 2nd 2023:  ‘It’s time to free my mother completely’: Aung San Suu Kyi’s son slams her partial pardon
August 1st 2023: One dead, 10 injured in explosion at junta bridge checkpoint in Karen State capital
August 1st 2023: Rum and coke and automatic rifles: Myanmar’s Gen Z guerrillas
August 1st 2023: Burma Military Regime’s Ongoing State of Emergency