Saturday 13th July 2024


30th November 2022: Rohingya caught dangerously in the middle of Rakhine war
29th November 2022: ‘This small flame’: Hunted and cash-strapped Yangon guerrillas vow to continue struggle
28th November 2022: Released journalist urges Japan to pressure junta
25th November 2022: ‘Fear causes more hate’: Beheadings haunt Myanmar’s heartland
24th November 2022: Junta blockade starving Rakhine of medicine, say residents
23rd November 2022: Min Aung Hlaing follows former dictators down path of economic ruin
22nd November 2022: Dancing with dictators: The humanitarian dilemma in Myanmar
22nd November 2022: Turnell tells of jail squalor, torture fears
17th November 2022: Political prisoners including Bowman and Turnell walk free on National Day
16th November 2022: Myanmar’s FATF blacklisting will do little to unseat the generals
15th November 2022: Tourism: COVID-19, then a coup de grace
14th November 2022: Myanmar’s desperate families are sending their children out to work
11th November 2022: Electricity boycott buckles in Yangon but powers on in the Dry Zone
10th November 2022: Myanmar’s ‘leaderless’ uprising is a break from the past
9th November 2022: In photos: Praying for the dead in Kayah State
9th November 2022: In Myanmar, tackling climate change means confronting military rule
6th November 2022: Market frenzy sees real estate prices soar
4th November 2022: The military is the main obstacle to Myanmar’s energy security
3rd November 2022: ‘The safest way’: Generations of Kayan Lahwi find security as a tourist attraction
2nd November 2022: ‘Our hearts are on fire’: Hpakant airstrikes fuel Kachin revolutionary spirit