Saturday 13th July 2024

Sky News Reports

Wednesday 26th July 2023.In support of our friends and students, Ahtutu has been posting daily updates concerning Myanmar since the military coup took place on 1st February 2021.During June and July 2023, Sky News shot a comprehensive and detailed series of reports from Myanmar, questioning the under-reporting of all that is happening there and the power of the military to subdue proper documentation of the current situation.
Aung San Suu Kyi’s son calls on governments to impose ‘tougher sanctions’ on Myanmar
Inside Myanmar: The hidden civil war and the hospital performing miracles
Sky’s Helen-Ann Smith explains Myanmar’s brutal civil war
Inside Myanmar: The country being torn apart by a hidden civil war
Inside Myanmar: Mother comforts injured soldier son
Myanmar: Baby found with crystal meth in mouth could have been human shield
Inside Myanmar: Why has the crisis lacked international focus?
Myanmar’s exiled minister of international cooperation, Dr Sasa, reflects on Sky’s report into Myanmar’s civil war
Sky News at Ten: Inside Myanmar’s secret jungle hospital
Myanmar: The UN’s James Rodehaver explains why he thinks the crisis in Mayanmar has lacked international focus
Sky News spends one month in Myanmar’s war-torn jungle
Inside Myanmar: Kay Burley speaks to chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay who says the team was ‘never safe’ inside the country
Daily Podcast: What leaders don’t want the world to see – Stuart Ramsay in Myanmar
What’s happening in Myanmar?
Stuart Ramsay in Myanmar: What leaders don’t want the world to see
Myanmar: Sky’s Stuart Ramsay takes you inside the hidden civil warInside a secret hospital in Myanmar