Wednesday 27th March 2019

Why Give to Us?

Ahtutu prides itself on its complete transparency and accountability.  ALL of the money and goods donated to us go directly to benefit young people in SW Myanmar.  We use none for travel, accommodation or personal expenses and, at present, none for administration expenses either – all photocopying and other costs being donated or borne by Ahtutu trustees, members and friends.

Whilst we work through a Roman Catholic NGO, KMSS Pathein, they and we work to support everyone in the area, irrespective of religion or ethnicity.

So please donate to us because:

  • we never take any of our personal costs from your gifts and donations
  • we will always tell you exactly how your money is used
  • we can always account for every dollar and kyat (pronounced ‘chat’) we use in Myanmar
  • our team members always fund their own travel, accommodation and personal costs (other than those whose travel and/or accommodation costs are specifically donated by Edinburgh Napier University or another independent source or who raise their own funds under separate cover: this money never comes from Ahtutu funds or Ahtutu fundraising).

We were able to use our Business Plan and other evidence of our activities to show HMRC that we are a bona fide small charity, which works solely for the benefit of those in need, in order to gain our Charitable Company status.  We have a bank account dedicated to Ahtutu, monitored by our Finance Manager which will be audited independently.

If you wish to donate, please visit our Give / Donate Page.  Thank you.

For more fundraising ideas, see Helping Ahtutu – five top tips.