Wednesday 27th January 2021

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UK to Myanmar 2021

We are pleased to be presenting a series of videos of interviews with friends and supporters talking about their experiences of inspirational walks.

James Gallois – Camino de Compostela


The blogs are Mary’s very personal perceptions and views from the trips she has done to Pathein.  She has left the spellings etc as they were, in the older two blogs, even though she now knows better!

January 2019 Video (by Mat Lucky)

January 2019 Blog 

June 2018 Blog

See the ‘articles’ section for descriptions of the work Ahtutu did in 2017 and January 2018 – sorry, too busy to blog!

2016 Blog

2014 Blog


Spring 2019, pp14-15 Edinburgh Napier University Magazine

July 2019 Interview on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire at 40.51

September 2018 Edinburgh Reporter Article

Spring 2018 See pp10-11 Edinburgh Napier University Magazine

February 2018 From My Parish to Pathein

January 2018 Tony and Mary Talking FreELY

Our Children’s World by the Class of 2018

Commentaries on the political and social situation in Myanmar kindly sent to Ahtutu by the wonderful Benedict Rogers:

December 2017  Christmas 1

December 2017 Christmas 2

July 2017 Diocese of East Anglia Website and Newspaper

Spring 2017  See p5, Edinburgh Napier University Magazine